Solo Stove, a company driven by the mantra of creating good, specializes in innovative outdoor products including fire pits, camp stoves, pizza ovens, grills, and accessories. These products are designed to help customers connect with whatever is “good” for them, emphasizing a bond with the outdoors and quality time spent in nature​​.

Founded in 2011 by brothers Jeff and Spencer Jan, Solo Stove started as a venture to combine their passion for business with their love of the outdoors. The company has seen remarkable growth, with a compounded annual growth rate of 132% over the past five years. This growth was particularly notable with the launch of their fire pit product​​. By 2020, Solo Stove’s sales soared from $39.9 million in 2019 to $133.4 million, indicating a significant market demand for their products​​.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Solo Stove operates within a small employee range of 11-50 people. Despite its modest size, the company has made a substantial impact in the outdoor equipment market, particularly with its wood-burning stoves and backyard fire pits​​. In addition to its product offerings, Solo Stove has joined the family of brands under its parent company, Solo Brands, further expanding its reach and influence in the outdoor and lifestyle product market​​.

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