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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

Comment 177-01

Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Nateland | Ep #177 - Toys

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Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries Mentioned People Mentioned (Including Comedians) Places Referenced (Including Comedy Clubs and Restaurants) Products, Brands, Books, Events, Musicians Mentioned Main Topics, Themes, or Unique Facts Discussed
  • Conditions of a nightclub, including the sticky floors and lack of towels
  • Comparisons of different realities and alternate versions of movies
  • Personal childhood memories of toys and games
  • Process of creating jokes and finding humor
  • Importance of questioning information and beliefs
  • Nostalgic discussions about books, TV shows, and toys from childhood
Sponsors Mentioned (Including URLs/Promotional Codes) Jokes or Humorous Moments
  • Various jokes and humorous comments related to Legos, sweaty performances, emergency situations, traffic problems at a show, sticky nightclub floors, and more
Potential Comedy Sketch Ideas
  • The Sticky Nightclub
  • The Towel Issue
  • Nate's Sweaty Performance
  • Latecomers at the Show
Let me know if you need any other changes or have additional questions!


Full Transcript

today’s episode of the Nate land podcast is brought to you by Zach do

ag1 better help and Game

Time hello folks and hey bear we are here in the nland podcast Studios joined

as always by my friends Dusty slle all right Brian Bates and Nate baretti is

not here but in his absence we’ve brought an old pal of ours first time on

the podcast but a longtime friend of the Nate land family give it up for our buddy Johnny W all right in the studio

what’s going on man that was a great intro thanks dude yeah you said that as it to say I’ll take it from here no it

was I wanted you to know good job your work is done I mean let’s let Johnny W get in here I’m sorry oh it’s great to

be here I you know what’s funny is I have a lot of people who listen to my podcast or like my comedy but they always say like when are you going to go

on nand like it’s up to me oh I was like when I’m invited I don’t just like barge in I get told that from time to time

yeah from people when are you gonna be on when are you gonna be on N yeah people just not familiar with I think

people think it’s up a lot of things are up to us in our career that are not up to us like I literally had somebody ask when are you going to do a Netflix

special and I was like I don’t think you understand how Netflix youever thought no but they yeah I’m just waiting for

them to get bigger yeah have you ever thought about doing the Rhyman I thought about it I just you

know yeah don’t be afraid to just shoot an email and see what happens I think I’m gonna do give my Veils I’m gonna do

bridg next year I think it was fun when we did it yeah I’m just GNA do it you know I’m just going to be like hey I’d

like to you remember me right I’d like to do it again you got your foot in the door you’re supposed to follow up hey I

was there before I’d like to come back yeah yeah visit you know sometimes people will say to me I like when you

guest on the nland podcast they’ll say that to me all right well they missed

the announcement yeah get off for 100 episodes now well you’re fresh off the tour with

Nate yeah this is uh he did uh a couple Arenas uh or he did a theater in Savannah and then we did uh the Civic

Coliseum in Knoxville Tennessee which is where I’m from so uh yeah so that was a

blast and also terrifying I don’t know if you guys have ever done like shows with Nate in your hometown or whatever

where you’re just like people are like you got and they’re all excited and you’re like this is gonna this could be so fun or like I’m gonna

have all my high school friends be like well dude you’ll get them just keep plugging away oh yeah I don’t know that

Nate’s done opala before but uh weren’t you homeschooled well I

went like I see some discrepancies here yeah there’s some holes in my story I was hom School my last two years of high

school okay yeah but you getting junior senior year no it’s it’s complicated but

yeah it’s it was just like oh this is a way to get out of high school it’s like four hours a day I just wanted to get out I was ready to be done and so after

sophomore year you’re like I’m done with high school well I was just like ready to like hit the fast forward button and launch myself into like real life yeah

it more like a pause button though huh it was a pause button for a long time but now you know I’ve been I’ve got some

avails out to the Ryan so we’ll see what happen do you ever hear that that’s the best that’s funny I stepped on it but

that was funny uh that the best time of your life High School is the best time of your life he not heard ever I’ve

heard it the people with like that are in their 40s still have like the tassel from their you know or like their I

don’t those aren’t my people it that is sad though if it is was the best time of

your life it’s like not sad but I mean because it could have been really great but if it just never improved after that

that’s not good or you’re still you still meet those people that are still kind of playing by high school rules about friends and you can see them like

they’re hazing in that same way you go this is just you not matured it’s sad uh

so and I was the people they hazed so got sad for me I was like you made them

their best best time of their life yeah I was they were like remember when we gave that guy a swirly that’s made him

go to home school that’s why you’re worried about doing those shows with Nate you’re worried they’re coming to the show yeah like we were wondering

what happened to you after sophomore year a swirly that really happened no I

I didn’t get a swir I never gave a swir they were going on swires were happening that’s not a myth that’s not an Legend I thought that was

like a a Disney invention no kind of a caricature of a high school bully but swi really Happ swies are real my school

they were stabbing people oh that’s a different that’s a stabby Alabama swirly

right there punched in the bathroom stall hey what’s an Alabama swirly well you take a knife you puncture someone

yeah I got stabbed I got stabbed with a pencil and I got punched in the face in the bathroom stall before yeah wow you

know this is a tough School number two pencil I like to think it’s a mechanical pencil they can just keep add keep going

just keep it becomes that’s a deep stabbing one that you twist it’s an adjustable adjustable stabbing they keep

twisting just twist the knife hold on a second I’m not Doney

yeah stab it and then twist it to borrow lad from a friend you can make out any of these filaments hang TI I’ll be right

back ug well well it’s good to have you here man yeah it’s great to be here strap in dude this episode’s gonna be a

wild ride dude okay uh looking forward to it yeah it’s a Hot Topic at the wheel

I don’t know if I’m I’m a little self-conscious about it now why don’t you go ahead and take it I don’t you

know I don’t where were you this weekend what’ you do where you been where you going you know I just flew in this

morning I flew home and um and uh picked up my kids and then brought them here

we’ve been sitting downstairs with with my kids and then I left them down there yeah it’s strangers um no I was in uh

how long did it take to get comfortable doing that what I just did yeah I’m still not okay you’re still thinking

about it yeah yeah uh but I feel fine about it okay and uh you consider Laura a stranger no no I would not leave my

kids with strangers for sure

okay no dayc carees or anything you’re never going to do the daycare thing no yeah no I mean as long as I’m have the

ability to not do daycare we won’t be doing it right were you homeschool um no

no my parents were like get out of here no I mean your kids oh oh will I homeschool I don’t know yet I don’t

think Hannah wants to do it but I don’t want them to go he said your parents are like get out yeah I’m about de with you

another eight hours a day than I need to yeah man I did some daycare but I was also you know I was outside playing I

was in the woods and stuff yeah I mean I I was playing in a way that I can’t ever see myself letting my kids play just the

freedom of we were just gone just go wherever till the street light comes on and even after I don’t want to see you

until that street light he he didn’t have streets certainly not lights

yeah yeah be back by supper time right yeah my mom had a whistle she could okay

oh man get that whistle you could hear that across the tree you could recognize it as her yeah I never could do that

whistle wh I was so jealous of people that could do whistle can you do you can do it no I can’t even I can’t whistle in any way I can’t really whistle

either it skips the generation that’s what they say yeah I can’t really do it can you do it yeah I’m doing it now yeah

just breathe a little bit it’s a recessive gene it’s on it’s on the Father’s Side that’s true just breathe through your nose yeah I’ve whistled

numerous times on this podcast that’s funny but I was in uh Phoenix Arizona I was in uh on uh

Thursday I was at CB live the week I was there changed to Desert range improv desert range oh boy

uh oh hey Sam got a cameo son’s coming I think um she shut but uh she take a page

out of Johnny’s book hit the pause button and wife my wife’s on the way she want to tell them Hannah said she’s on

the way I don’t know but um uh you don’t have to I don’t but if you want to tell them uh but they changed it to Desert

range improv desert range I had a Thursday night there really great and then Dustin Nickerson was there on

Friday and Saturday and then I was in uh at the 10 pmov really great I love that

club so many people came out everybody’s so nice um the people working at the

club really remarked on how nice all of my fans were that came oh that’s they

were like this is some of the best shows that we’ve had and I was like what makes it good and they were like I don’t know

the the comedy’s good but you’re also you just have really nice audiences oh and I thought that was great that is

great you’re not bringing in the riff ra you never want to be that guy yeah you never want to be the guy cuz I go to clubs and you say like who you got

coming up and they’re like it’s gonna be an annoying weekend you know yeah I mean I think that I

don’t think that it’s ever been like that for me I think there were times where the Audi where the club might be like yeah we’re not gonna make a lot of

money this weekend but he’s nice super nice yeah

and uh yeah and I think that you know I’ve always been nice but I think part of it is that I’ve done clubs for a long

time where I’ve not really sold a lot of tickets and it’s like you just feel like I’m just happy to be here right you know

so you just kind of so I think it’s good to work your way up that way you can stay humble pay your dues yeah you were

I’m sorry you were there Dustin was there John Chris was there he was in Phoenix somewhere yeah yeah so it’s a I

was gonna say a Nate land Trifecta Dustin never been on never mind won’t come on the podcast oh look at

that refuses I beat Dustin on the podcast it’s a good instinct to just be nice if you’re like if you because I was

in Albany New York the staff was like here’s the Green Room you know if you guys want to smoke or anything you just

do it right in here in the green room and I was like I don’t think sold 30

tickets don’t know they that guy came in uh was a nightmare ruined the green room

and he sold 30 tickets so we made no money so i’ve smoked in two green rooms

and uh one uh cigars one at the Chicago zanies and I

sold out all the shows oh there you go and they they were like yeah you can it was real cold outside they were like

yeah you just do it in here and I was like all right this feels good yeah you know cuz if you don’t do it inside there’s just a little fire escape right

out there and you’re like I’m not staying it out there for a whole cigar yeah so it’s like a privilege once you sell enough it’s like Sharon Stone she

was hot enough in Basic Instinct she lights up the cigarette during the interrogation like what are you going to do arrest me that’s what you were there

that your sharing Stone of ComEd exactly that’s exactly right people call me that

yeah yeah I’ve often thought that yeah yeah I was on the I’m on the uh

Christmas party circuit all Christmas part that time of year I made more in one hour than you losers made all

weekend so probably true for me yeah that’s probably

true uh this is a good uh good year though the way the calendar Falls usually the first two weekends in

December Christmas parties and then by that third weekend is getting a little too close to Christmas but this year the way the calendar Falls we got three

weekends December so yeah putting in the swimming pool all right nice do you have

Christmas jokes Brian you do some Christmas material um no I used to have one about do you wear a Santa hat you go

this you sell it as a Christmas show then you show do the same jokes in a Santa hat hey I’m Brian the

elf it’s the same show people just go home sad yeah you ruin Christmas uh I

had a joke in my early days about um uh there was no room in the uh the

holy day in yeah I wasn’t sure what you’re were

going for where the shingle ladies at know yeah I was trying to do I was

trying to put together like some Christmas jokes and then like have a I’ll pitch this to places for like this is my Christmas it’s like 15 minutes of

Christmas material one thing I did last year I didn’t do it any this year and I’ve got a couple left so I may try it

but it’s almost like a play on Carnac the great you know with the envelopes but it’s boxes that are pre-wrapped and

I just hold one to my head and I have somebody from the audience read the slip that’s inside with the the you know the

the setup for the joke and I have the punch line I say the punchline so oh that’s fun like I’ll be like I’ll hold up one box and shake and I’ll go

Goodwill Hunting and then they’ll open the box and they’ll say like describe your last minute Christmas shopping okay

oh yeah that’s a good it’s like the reverse you have to learn to write in that format it’s good H oh yeah that’s

interesting that that’s the name of that movie I never really put it together like that cuz his name was Will Hunting

yeah and he was good yeah but like Goodwill Hunting would be like you go to Goodwill Hunting you’re hunting for last

minute you do thank you if you have to explain it it’s clearly a great joke so I’m going to keep it in I’m keeping in

the show it took me a minute but uh just because I don’t get it doesn’t mean no no it’s got broad appeal just because a

professional comedian didn’t get it right away well no I was more just impressed by it like that they actually

name the movie Goodwill Hunting but that is something you could be doing yeah Goodwill Hunting you might just be

hunting for a good good what if you found that movie In The Bargain Bin at Goodwill yeah that’s a weird that’s a

it’s like Inception what if you found Inception next to okay never mind yeah

Goodwill and the Goodwill yeah while you were hunting yeah peace on Earth Goodwill Hunting towards the holy day in

they were just hunting for Wheels there you go all right like a good a good will like you’re like yeah I never been in a

will maybe you’re like an estate attorney I’m a if you’re hunting for a good will you guys ever been in a will like Will

Forte have you been in a will no no one’s ever willed me anything no my family’s been pretty broke I’ll put you

some I’ll put you in my will Dusty yeah like we’re not anything of M you’d like you want any of my ACT I what I’d like

is yeah I would like a lot of your jokes but I would like a uh I’ll take anybody’s jokes though I will good I got

one about the holy day in oh yeah and shingle ladies that one’s up up for grabs shingle ladies that one really

turn up but holy day in we’ll leave the light on for you that’s Motel

sex yeah Motel where were you at Motel 8 now what did that joke you had you had one about uh what what were the other

five Motel Six I don’t know what happened to the first five that was a hot joke for me at the

time that was a good joke well I had a fun run through the Carolinas North Carolina than South

Carolina and uh I do like one of them better oh one of the states

you can probably guess I was in uh Charlotte North Carolina at the comedy zone and then I did the Greensboro

Comedy Zone and then we were in Greenville all weekend in South Carolina and then Charleston and then we drove

back through the night last night I got in at about 6:00 a.m. it was a very fun week a lot of people came out thank you

to everybody who came you were in Charleston I was yeah yeah your old

stomping ground house house that Dusty Bill uh yeah I mean I the sparrow was

not really around when I was there that’s where you were at so you uh had a choice to go to Hyman’s or Fleet Landing

to and you went for Fleet Landing yeah which is you know some would argue is a better better restaurant but uh I wanted

you to go to himman just so you could see what was going on I know I’ve seen the outside of the building and I thought about going in and just saying

you know I know Dusty that’s what I did yeah and did they know who Dusty was not at first but then I found the woman I

guess Miss Heyman I well I don’t know lady I don’t know who’s there now the legend

of is there miss Hyman she was the first one well their mom Phyllis uh has passed

away so that would not have been her how long ago it could have been Eli’s wife but I don’t okay she passed away a long

time ago would it be great if it was the Ghost of Miss Hyman and haunting she’s been dead for four years Scooby-Doo on

this very night yeah I think it’s been a while at least 10 years okay okay all right well I went in there and there was

a older lady I think she had an accent named Rita I don’t know she Rita the grea she used to be there she knew you

she knew you describe her she seemed like she had uh an accent what kind of

accent charest am like New York no well

for did you say I do declare a bunch of times leorn be honest with us yeah uh

well now I’m questioner I think I may have just seen a ghost wow that’s pretty fun I thought I told you about this when

I met her and you knew who it was but maybe not maybe it’s Rita Rita the Gita

the G yeahman I think is she knew you we talked a little bit and she said that

she’ kind of kept up with there’s a busman too I think that’s R oh is oh I start say there another guy like Gus the

busman like everybody’s got to play on their name they give you jobs based on what rhymes with your name yes there was

a greeter named Rusty I was a big fan of Rusty nater the waiter that’s right

that’s how they do it sorry this is how we do it here we’re not a very successful company yeah you gota yeah you gotta

have a rhyme in there yeah but Charleston’s fun yeah had some great shrimping grits right on the water Fleet

Landing I ate like one really good meal in every city and and then you know then

I goofed off later in the night but like in terms of an actual meal just one per City and I we ate really good all

weekend so thank you for all the recommendations thank you I like all those cities that you went to though they’re all fun there’s stuff going on

everywhere man and one of the last shows at the sparrow one of the last shows they’re moving to a different location

it’s called witsen now it’s gonna be a like a brick and mortar comedy club in

in Charleston so that’s exciting yeah all right all right what about you what were you up to well I did the shows with

Nate uh in uh yeah in uh Knoxville which that was great and we had a day off too

so I got to kind of like goof around in Knoxville and see my in-laws and stuff did anybody from your school come up to

you after the show or anybody contact you yeah uh I met a a few school friends they contacted me were’re like oh we’re

going to be at the show and and then I was thinking like okay well I’ll let’s see we’ll see if they want to come down

and like so there was time and so I went down to the front of the stage with like 30 minutes before Showtime I was like

I’m first yeah I’m like I was very first on that 3 P.M show and so it school 3 p.m. yeah there was a 3 p.m. wow yeah he

sold out a 3 p.m. arena show all right that’s really he’s doing well huh he’s doing okay this Nate I don’t care what

you say this guy I doubted him too but it’s taken off in a way that I couldn’t perceive I

don’t understand it that what Graham K one of the other openers he was he was

trying to like hype me up and then he goes like you’re gonna do he goes you know what these people are gonna love you he goes I don’t get it I’ve never

understood your appeal it confounds me I was like thanks and that was the last thing I heard before I went on stage but

no uh no but I had a and he came he came down to the front of the stage and I went out like 30 minut I was like I got to go on soon but it was great catching

up and so it was cool he was like you look great you know and he looked great too so that was good I was able to go

you look great too wasn’t that whole awkward thing of like thanks man yeah yeah no we both looked we both looked

we’ve both had surprising glow ups I was really chill you lost a ton of weight yeah I lost a ton of weight so he was like man you look great he like yeah

thanks you know so that was cool but uh I like to tell people like that that they look great when we both know they

don’t and it’s likeing great set to another comedian great set I go you look good too you just you look him right in

the you look good too you grit your teeth and say it yeah you hope they’re buying it really get in there I like to

really get in there yeah yeah I remember you said that once to me and I thought it was real yeah so this hurts well now

you do look good though oh thanks yeah he didn’t mean it then yeah yeah just some serious but you might need a Zach dog oh

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doctor today that is zo Nate Zach that’s that is fun lot spelling yeah

Rhymes do gets it I’d like to say I’ve I’ve used Zach do really really this is

not not related not a not a paid sponsor not paid me thanks for jumping in that

that ad read it was a good it was a good experience well I didn’t want to had a flow going I appreciate it is weird

though when you go to the doctor and they’re like oh we don’t accept your insurance and you’re like what yeah I have insurance here you just you take it

you just take you make it awkward for them yeah just take the inurance you come out of surgery and they’re like oh we made a mistake we take the insurance

yeah just take it take it it’s right go ahead and take it here’s the card yeah

just keep pushing it how about now yeah you don’t have to take it I I’ll give it to you it’s laminated

here well we’ve got a bunch of comments here oh from our old friends comments come

from Twitter Instagram YouTube Apple podcast reviews and the greatest email on Earth nand Nate bargy outcom first

comment comes from Tristan Lee he says I know Nate’s busy but I’d rather he just not put an episode out if he isn’t there

well all right oh wow sorry about that thanks Tristan for your it’s some job where ah I still got to listen to it

yeah yeah that’s it Tristan you can uh you know you you don’t have to listen I don’t know if you’re strapped down in a room or something but uh trapped under

something heavy yeah you’re you don’t have to listen I mean I don’t know what your thing is against comedy but uh Like

Clockwork Orange things on his eyes whatever another one I love this this guy’s like I’m gonna comment this yeah

man Tristan seems like a guy we should all hang out with Tristan Lee well sorry about that Tristan hope you uh you

probably not listening to this one he’ll never know okay Brian Massie me and my wife had a blast at Aaron show in

Greenville all right even though he stopped the show for two minutes begging for a towel okay few things to address

here 2 minutes i’ had not known about this I not know about towel a 2 minutes is a gross exaggeration of how long it

Tak there’s more like 45 seconds of me being like I need a towel so I get up

there it’s cold outside it was cold all weekend right so I step into the club feels fine I get on stage within 30

seconds I’m like oh no oh yeah oh no dude I’m drenched and sweat and I’m

wiping it with the sleeve of my shirt and then like this is becoming like I can tell they see me glistening on the

stage right and I didn’t have a sweat towel so I go hey sorry CU somebody just throw me a dowel and then like some guy

in the the front row gave me like a napkin and I like well this feels I just

wipe a cloth nap like not they CL like a paper leave little residual lenties on your head yeah so then somebody the

server was nice they were like they found one and they threw it up on stage and it was like a dish rag that they

used in there oh man well they didn’t have anything else but they gave me a dish rag that was clean but it just

looks like a dish Rag and I wiped my forehead with it and you can see all like the dish rag Dust In The Light it

was a bit of a mess but two minutes it wasn’t two minutes you know yeah I mean

and the thing you could do is just berate the club you know you just come hard at the club then the audience

wouldn’t even think that you stop the show you just come hard at the club and you go what kind of Club is this doesn’t have any towels in

here I didn’t know you were bringing that kind of energy maybe like well the last two guys didn’t sweat I’m just like

well you know I’m doing I’m more physical up here thank you thank you for coming Broadcast News you ever seen that

movie uh with Joe Rogan Bo no oh that was news radio news

radio what is Broadcast News it’s a movie about from the 80s okay about TV news yeah it’s very good movie Academy

Award nominated Albert Brooks uh is in it and he gets to finally fill in on the anchor desk when

the Anchor’s not there and he mely just breaks out into a sweat and as he’s reading the news like water dripping

down his face during the first commercial break they have to bring in a fresh shirt he has to change it’s just a

very funny scene that’s exactly what later on he’s describing it because the other person’s like surely it didn’t go

that bad something had to go right he goes I lost six pounds that’s what he say I might have lost six pounds during

that set but I KN the rest of the shows that weekend I brought a towel of my own up there I do like that they said it

took two minutes and you go oh that’s way too long it took 45 seconds and then

it took you two minutes to tell the story about it I think they were being generous your

account of your account of the towel story half my set was trying to find the to 45 seconds and then they gave me they

gave me a napkin and then a dish towel I mean there’s a whole nightclub below

this club they couldn’t find one towel that wasn’t a dish towel no did you go downstairs to where that dance club is

no that’s where the green room’s right over there the floor that’s how we would come in each night was through there the floor was so sticky that you would like

almost lose your shoes walking through there if you had flipflops on you wouldn’t make it only one show on the

the whole week was four shows there I didn’t grieve only one show that nightclub kicked in oh yeah and as the

end of my set and you just oh yeah and and it’s like you’re

line it’s like it’s tough when you hear people having more having a better time did you have to reference it did you

finally have to just oh yeah you had to be like we all I mean everybody heard it it was a nightclub yeah sharing a wall

with the with the comedy club the floor you can feel it in the floor yeah there was uh at the Nate show in the Coliseum

the first one on Friday night I’m up there and I was most nervous for that one because I just needed to get it under my belt because it was the first

of three and I was like this my hometown crowd and I went second and they had these the arena is so old they were

having to heat it with these those big forced air propane deals in the backstage and they’re pushing it through

the old vents in the thing literally that’s what they were doing so it took all day and they’re still going and I’m hearing the hum of them back like surely

this crowd’s hearing a little bit of this and so we’re they’re wandering around backstage and evidently somebody

was back there in front of those one of those heaters one of the crew and leaned up against the fire alarm oh jeez so the

fire alarm went off for like half a second before he could shut it off during my set and I you can’t like I

know people hurt right start it was doing this Buzz thing and I

was like is that is everybody hearing that or am I having a stroke like that’s my kind of go-to line like everybody see

that light flicker am I having a stroke yeah and so that was a and luckily it stopped right after I said that line I

was able to keep going but if it had kept going like I don’t have a backup line to the stroke line and also you’re

like that’s my go-to it’s my closer and at that point you know the place is being heated with propane tanks I mean

there could be fire right yeah yeah that’s the thing is what if it’s an actual emergency yeah that would have

been yeah like am I having a stroke or is this place burning down

yeah the one thing about the 3pm show was there were people coming in late because just traffic issues which I was

teasing now I was like that’s when you know you’ve reached a level in your career when your comedy causes traffic problems in a major city yeah but we’re

the 3M show and people just didn’t give themselves enough time to get there so the doors to the upper level were opening and light is flooding in when

Graham was on stage finally he just had to go like Stop opening that door you’re letting all the light in and it got a

laugh it was true like he was just also like hey cut it out because it was weird seeing is like it was like that scene in

Raiders where the light comes in through the rod and he knows where to dig like it was like that beam coming down like

an extra Spotlight but was on everybody’s in everybody’s eyes he like cut it out God giving you the light yeah

it was got to be tough that’s the great best thing about headlining a show when I’m headlining a show and they’re like

hey do you want to hold cuz people are still coming in I’m like n it doesn’t affect a man yeah let’s get the show going the

other guy’s got to deal with this let them sweat it out it’ll be dark by the time I get up there your opener goes out there for

eight people yeah do whatever people still getting seated Jared Cooper I was

on Auburn’s 2010 National Championship team that’s amazing Jared a year later I

was visiting my hometown and walked into a store a man I’d never met walked straight up to me and said I bet you’re

glad you won that National Championship Ring last year huh not knowing that he was setting me up I said yes sir he

replied well if you’d gone to Alabama you’d have two rings right now he turned around and walked away if Auburn fans

are poor winners it’s not exactly like arama neighbor set a great example for us that’s true that’s a funny story that

is true and you know and maybe this and I don’t know Jared Cooper’s situation here but maybe this is much like how we

started this podcast where it’s like well if you’d gone to to Alabama you know who knows what kind of options

Jared had Jared picked a college he got accepted he’s playing football he wins a

national championship and you win a ring and still hear some random Yahoo trying

to bring you down out here I don’t like it because maybe Tristan Lee uh is trying to bring that guy down out here

maybe it was Tristan Lee it could have been your dad it’s like we don’t know what do we

know that like if he had been on the Alabama a team maybe he’s the thing he’s the reason they don’t win the

championship he’s so bad that they don’t win maybe you don’t know but if he can win a championship at Auburn he could

have probably brought three rings to

Alabama when I saw the Music City Bowl announcement your mom was the first person I thought of my mom has already

said she wants to get some tickets oh that’s cool who are they playing Marilyn oh it’s interesting bar burner did she

come might be on TV did she come to Nashville when they played

Vanderbilt uh I don’t think so okay no she’s got season tickets to the home

games Okay and she will come to some away games but she tried to get I think

she was I tried to see if anybody had some free tickets for that Vanderbilt game yeah they were pretty pricey uhuh I

was like I was gonna get her some tickets and then I was like N I don’t know that’s not the vanderbel fans

driving up the price I’ll tell you that Eric T Peterson the rule of the Midwest

is if it’s cooked inside the turkey it’s stuffing and can be pretty dangerous if undercooked if it’s baked on its own

it’s dressing and if anyone under the age of 60 offers to make it they are assigned green bean casserole the Auburn

of the Thanksgiving table oh that’s funny I like I like that joke I like everything about this except for the

parenthesis it can be pretty dangerous if undercooked you don’t believe in that I just feel like you don’t believe in

undercooked I just feel like that was an unnecessary warning to us hey just know that if you’re going to put things in the carcass of a bird

you’re going to be pretty careful watch your steps my friend yeah make sure yeah but I do think he’s

right but I think there’s more differences to it than that I feel like I don’t know well this is just in the midwest yeah I people all over said this

but but I feel like it became a Twitter thing like a trending topic of like arguing over dressing versus stuffing

and what’s better and what are the protocols I saw it on Twitter this week I just feel like stuffing is is just a

whole different thing alog together dressing is I got I’ve been people have been sending me dressing recipes I’d

like to bake a bunch of different dressings yeah a taste off taste off you got to wait till Thanksgiving next year

I don’t see I’ve always been I’ve always wondered why we do that like dressing when done right is like the best of all

the sides I think of stuffing as like fluffy and dressing is like wet you can almost lice dressing like a cake and why

is it that dressing you not had good dressing then yeah I is yeah because I’m

just saying the best of all the sides no dressing is the best of all why can’t we have it a little more often than once a

year out here and what is eggnog fre to make it for yourself eggnog eggnog is the opposite eggnog is once like people

get so excited about eggnog I’m like if it’s so great why can you only get it one month I never had and I’ll tell you

why because it’s flavored mucus that’s the reason that is true that we don’t have it about one month a year flavor

you know interestingly people say Dairy gives your body more mucus so you could really be on to something here

yeah you’ve cracked the code am sorry eggnog not a spor beond sometime okay

Jason Williams Oh you think it’s the same Jason Williams as the basketball

player yeah white chocolate might be unfortunately Thanksgiving

dressing is now part of the Mandela effect now that we call stov Top

Stuffing that we now call stov Top stuffing yeah yeah um I don’t know

Mandela effects no Stove Top Stuffing is a real thing and so is dressing now what’s not a real thing is stoer Stove

Top Stuffing Oh I thought you about to segue into an ad just what was not a real thing I do like

I do like that he that he brings up the Mandela effect though that’s fun but uh yeah I still think I just think the

dressing’s gone because the older I mean I’ve been getting some recipes people are saying it’s still alive out here but

when you’re older relatives are gone the good stuff’s gone they’re taking it with

them they’re taking it to the Grave yeah well you got a lot of recipe I mean it was hard for me to find a comment you had already commented back to but uh but

it’s imp I don’t know why you can’t use those though even though I’ve commented well you can I just like a little element of I mean include my

response you think part of it too Dusty is like the stuff you grew up with it’s not like it’s gone it’s just you grew up

with a standard for dressing and so like somebody may make make dressing that’s their whatever their family heritage and

you go that’s not you call this dressing because your mom put more Sage or whatever in hers yeah you like chili

people will argue about chili but it’s because they grew up with a certain chili right of course that locks in it’s like a it’s like gets in your brain like

this is real chili you ain’t got beans in your chili yeah you freak out the the type of milk you grow up with I think

that’s imprinted on people for sure uh and you very few people venture out and

try different stuff try to give skim milk to who drank whole milk as a kid oh yeah they’ll spit in your face this used

to be a great country something like that you skim milk yeah I agree with

that but I also think that it’s like you know that it’s like so what happens is in the family when the older relative is

gone other relatives try to replicate that to keep it going but it’s not it’s

like making a copy of a copy of a key yeah but your kids your kids will think that’s the best and when they gone

they’ll say oh my kids will be like a that don’t even think dressing’s good oh man these youngsters you can only hope

wow what do you eat for Thanksgiving that’s so great that you can give up well look I think green bean casserole

gets an unfair unfair treatment Eric T Peterson called it the Auburn of the Thanksgiving table I mean what does that

even mean maybe he likes Auburn maybe I’m projecting a little bit

onto that spring Whitney I get what Dusty’s saying about how the food tastes

different than that the older people make my dad has a theory that the cookwar they have used to make the food

in for years has something to do with how it tastes might be a crazy idea but I thought it was an interesting the I

like asbes yeah I think she’s right though I’m I think that’s it tasting the

carcinogens but yeah I mean that could be it too I mean you know the old stuff was dangerous and there’s an element to

that yeah and nobody’s using very few people are using cast iron yeah Skillets

and things that have been in the family for 100 years like they used to you know yeah they throw them out they go these

old pots you know I saw one thing on line the other day do you know because this

is true for me brussel sprouts I remember them as a kid they were horrible right they were like the the

go-to example of bad food your kid won’t eat this right and now they’re good at

least I think but aren’t they preparing them in like a way they’re they’re pan frying these things they’re making them

brussel sprouts have been genetically modified over the past couple decades to

remove the bitterness for it all right so they don’t taste like they used to so

they taste better so we think well I’ve matured and i’ my tastes have been refined but it’s genetically different

the current day brussels sprouts like a lab dooodle it’s just been they bred out all the bad stuff and who knows if that’s true but I saw that probably all

the health of Brussel sprouts was in the bitterness and now we’re like oh this is

delicious and it’s just poisoning us yeah gmo’s running through our veins out here we’re all genetic I think modern

day broccoli is a GMO like broccoli as we know it now is genetically modified

wow like I think old broccoli didn’t look like that or taste but they did a good job modifying it I guess but you

gota slather it in cheese to make it edible do you think that’s true though or or or is it have you matured I don’t

think I’m matured because I like broccoli I didn’t like as a kid but there’s a whole wide variety of things I

wouldn’t eat as a kid that I eat now a little of both cuz I mean it’s like I

think we’ve grown just from this episode I’ve grown just since I’ve been 40 minutes in yeah we briefly mention the

Mandela effect you guys think everybody knows what that is well you want to do a run through well I just ifak if you

don’t it’s uh basically something you sure happened right that but I think

it’s a it’s a collective misremembering right not just you I Mass hysteria but

in like a it’s almost like pre Snopes pre whatever before these sites could kind of like nope this is not actually

true yeah you just hear these things spread like one of the ones that I like is The Bernstein Bears is actually The

Bernstein Bears but everybody thinks it’s Bernstein I’m still with thein that it’s

not I don’t it was not stain when I was growing up it’s bar stain bear that’s the only one the that’s the only one

that really I’m like nah it there’s no way what what’s to be gained exactly I

don’t know okay just a a mispronunciation of it that we they kind

of took off there’s some things that just like Sinbad being in the genie movie just never even yeah Shazam which

we’ve I mean maybe the big one for me is the Monopoly guy having a monore okay

yeah that would be one of the main characteristics of the Monopoly guy I agree with that is he has a monole on

his eye but he never did but for some reason we all think that he did uh one

of my favorite ones that I just uh read about was that Ed McMahon was with Publishers Clearing House and gave out

checks at people’s houses yeah he never did he was with another Clearing House

publisher thing and they had a contest but Ed McMahon was not Publishers Clearing House check guy according to

according to mainstream media unpublished Clearing House yeah he was with he was with un much more yeah it’s

called the Mandela effect because a lot of people think Nelson Mandela died in prison right which he did not

according to current reality yeah so you think we’re on a different timeline well

that’s the idea right is that Multiverse in a different reality when did that happen uh I forget the thing I’ve been

trying to think of the thing but there’s a a machine that was created in um I

don’t know I can’t I don’t know collider yeah yeah the ham Smasher yeah and when they turned it

on it it like you know and I’m not saying I believe this I’m just saying this is what’s being said that it it you

know it put us on a different reality and we occasionally just glitch back and forth between well we have memories

because we’re from that Old reality so it’s our memory but in the current

reality that never existed then the the other reality like the main differences

is like the Monopoly guy doesn’t have a monocle on his eye mhm well it’s not everything else is kind of the same it’s

not necessarily the main difference it’s just like those are differences you know things are different we’re pretty lucky

those are the only things right yeah I just want to say that in the other

reality I don’t think the genie movie opened well I don’t think you think did

well I don’t think it was a hit you think sh a better even in the alternate reality I think it didn’t bomed I think

Sinbad was great I love Sinbad but gu was strong Phil Hartman it’s a

great performance yeah Chuck jger was a big deal in the other reality remember him I don’t remember him but I think in that

other reality some of these people from Instagram are from that reality and they’re like Chuck Jagger how do you not

know chucker the amount of heat we’ve been taken for not knowing everything about Chuck Jagger’s life is staggering

it’s as if we’ve never read a history book it’s like every history book that you buy Chuck Edgar’s on the front and

and they’re like you you never read you don’t know anything about history this one guy he goes he goes uh if you don’t

if you don’t remember history you’re doomed to repeat it and I go like uh I go you mean like uh breaking the sound

barrier again he’s like I said do you think we might break the sound barrier again he goes daily and I go so you

would say remembering history in this case helped us repeat it and then he blocked me I think he did yeah yeah cuz

that comment’s still up I can see it he can’t handle it these people he can’t handle the he he metant he went over the

other reality I thought about it and I have to I think on some level it is disrespectful of us oh I agree that we

don’t know about this guy who’s never ever referenced in the world ever yeah

and um and we were not taught about little disrespectful that we don’t know his whole life story well I’m sorry I

don’t know him I would wish I could have known Chuck better yeah I think chuck would have liked hanging out with me and

I think just based on the name yeah yeah Dusty and Chuck Chuck yeah Chuck and Dusty slay and joerger slay and jger

have spent some time together though you your bombs you know what I mean it’s a different it’s a different kind of

barrier you broke yeah remember Steve Jer the blood alcohol barrier some other realities

yeah I think he was a catcher for the Dodgers oh okay was he related to Chuck I don’t know I don’t know Abby Wayne

Wright that’s our old friend I recognize that name Abby Wayne Wright I was thinking with all of the travel and

Performing you do it must be hard to stay healthy this time of year do you have any specific things you try to do

to stay healthy on the road have you had to perform while really sick I’m going to let you guys take this one this would

be a great time for an ag1 adre if we had one this week that we’ be like oh you know what I mean z do could have

gone here actually on the do we oh we do don’t we yeah

boom oh man this is perfect I wish I had known that this was my ad rate oh if you’re effect obviously uh Abby is not a

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Nate check it out Abby Wayne right it’s the first ad R we’re have to do a

cutaway shot of Aaron to get the full effect we’ve never it was just direct address oh no Abby but you know what

this is what I do aside from drinking ag1 I go to the grocery store when I’m on the road and I buy food and I just

eat and I try to not eat at restaurants you cook in a hotel room I don’t cook

you used to bring a thing right like a hot plate or whatever very illegal I had a hot plate and a they’re not happy if

they find out you do that I used to put a towel under the door like I was you know doing illegal things in the room

but really I was just cooking a steak in there and uh it saves a lot of money when you’re coming up as a comic you

that saves money but does it save money oh I don’t know it does for

me it’s a great Counterpoint but if like you fly somewhere and you got two days on the road you go to the grocery store

you buy all the stuff to cooked for two days do you actually save money I think so I’ve got my stuff picked up well

restaurants are way more expensive than they used to be for sure they’ve gone way up I got my stuff picked out I make sandwiches I got I can go I can go to

the Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s get healthy stuff at least what I hope is

healthy and eat healthy all weekend and maybe save a little money as opposed to

eating unhealthy and saving no M and you buy just the amount that you need for the week if I don’t use it I bring it

back with me put it in my bank I got a lot of you flown back with groceries oh yeah all the time yeah I got I brought

back mustard would explode over my milk I brought back a block of cheese and a

piece of a little bit of sourdough bread this weekend okay in a suitcase yeah all the time I do it oh man all

right that’s what I do what about you guys what do you do to stay healthy out there and you walk to the grocery store with no Shir well yeah and when I’m in

Florida I do that’s for sure only time I can remember getting sick was with Johnny yeah we did a Nebraska run was

that it yeah and I got sick on the road with him and yeah I was having to like take care of Brian oh jeez yeah he uh

nursed me back to health and some stuff happened I don’t want to get into but uh wow Johnny was very was it food

poisoning or was it it was like a sinus infection we went did we go to a clinic we went to a walkin clinic because I was

like fine I was like you need to go get you need to go get a steroid shot or something like uh steroid shots are

unbelievable dude yeah that’s why I told him I was like you’ll be able to get through it’ll give you like a big quick they wouldn’t give me one though oh

that’s right we found we didn’t find a clinic that was just willing to get a stranger yeah

the pack or whatever the zpack I used to go in when I’ve been sick on the road I some I’ll I’ll shop I’ll go to a CL be

like do you give steroid shots here and if they say no we don’t then I’ll just go to the next one wonder if Zach do could help you just find a steroid like

just narrow it down there’s a drop down menu just for steroid shot people you know i’ I I don’t perform she asked have

you ever had to perform while sick and it’s like I feel like noways since Co nobody wants you to do that but I have

done it in the past like I did a show in DC One one time I had my shoes were so worn out that they were really thin at

the bottom and it was raining so my my feet got wet and I performed in my socks

and I was real horse I had lost my voice without shoes no shoes yeah just in my socks on stage but the socks weren’t wet

they were but I didn’t know what else to do is the DC Improv no no no this was some other gig I put together your

shells were so thin that they got socks got wet yeah what kind of souls were they they

were well they just worn out wor out and uh it’s hard to imagine Rubber and I did yeah I had poison oak

like leading up to that and thinking maybe it knocked down my immune system and and then I got sick what killed my

dad yeah is it really no yeah and then

but I got poison oak and I was taking baths with like apple cider vinegar trying to like really dry it up and then

I was uh and then and then I got sick and I was real real horse and I was

doing shows and my socks and smelled like apple cider vinegar all weekend but I pulled through by the end of that trip

I was I was healthy and I was crushing it oh the audience suffered but yeah you

made it it was a wild run on the road with Jordan Jensen and Evan Burke oh

okay I remember that run later didn’t you do an ice cream place in opal yeah

yeah I remember that I feel like you have to push through if you can on the road like you only get paid for jokes

you tell like you can’t just be like I don’t feel it you got to do it it’s your job but I’ve had shows where I go this

is going to be a problem I had one signs of infection one time and it was causing just this one eye to weep like I

couldn’t stop it from running wow and I was like I can’t there’s no way every

time I would like try I just I was I was gonna just blot it through the show and when they said my name I guess like the

adrenaline of the show kicked in and it didn’t the whole show I was good did an hour and then when the show ended they

go we’re gonna go out to dinner I go okay I thought I’d be fine it started running again so the whole dinner I’m

just like trying not to be weird the W stands for weeping Johnny weeping Johnny

weeping Johnny weeping yeah was was I was asking I was begging for that’s my favorite part of that email that you

begged for a towel please please Mr sh please give me

towel no I was just like if somebody throw me a towel that’d be great that’s how I handle it my favorite story about being sick on stage is Renard Hurst

who’s our buddy here in uh in Nashville was at the stard doome in Birmingham and he was very sick to the point where he

didn’t think he wanted to do the show but he’s like I I need the money or you know he went out there and he bombed so

bad on that his fever broke on stage so he’s like drenched and sweat and but he

gets off stage he’s like I bomb so bad but I actually feel way better it’s like when you throw up sometimes you feel

better yeah that’s what happen that’s what it was he bombed himself to health I had to bomb for 30 minutes just to

like get back to I needed this $25 that’d be a great like science experiment

like like hook up you know those leads to somebody when they’re sick and watch them do standup comedy to watch like how

it effects just to see how the bodies handle it it’s like what’s happening now what about the time you had your wisdom

teeth pulled and didn’t you have something happen on stage yeah I thought I had dry sockets because I did not I

did not do everything they tell you to do once you get your wisdom taken out and I had shows in Atlanta all weekend

dude my my mouth was just I mean throbbing the whole show it I was in

pain all weekend it was it was that’s the toughest weekend I’ve done tooth fakes are the worst kind of pain it’s

just it’s in your face you can’t it like reverberates throughout your whole skull like my whole head was hurting it was

awful dude yeah thanks for reminding me yeah uh next comment from River Heath

all right that’s a strong name kind of cool Nate would love that River Heath I thought it would be River Health sounds

like a hospital like a stage name it’s got to be a stage name no River’s a River’s a name okay I know but I’m

saying River Heath it just feels like a very Hollywood name like somebody chose it for you River Phoenix that’s probably who you’re thinking of oh I I’m not

thinking of I know River prob think of a heath bar too no you’re probably right yeah River Phoenix and the as a graduate

student studying landscape architecture I couldn’t have been prouder hearing about Dusty’s Leaf Obsession he gets it

I really hope he actually films the process of composting the leaves putting down the compost then seeding it with

wild flowers in the spring keep having a good time Dusty yeah I got a lot of

great ideas out here you know you got to start paying attention to some of these ideas you’ll be like dust right about you got to filter through some stuff are

you you you posted some things about like developing your property and things right like yeah I got some new stuff

coming up that I’m I got some new plans but you know I’ve not been filming the leaf stuff the way that I wanted to but

it’s it’s breaking down nicely I got I got a real got a real thing going back there even the moles are into it I think

I’m bringing in so many worms because of this that the moles are like and you want the moles I don’t want the moles oh

I see I was get that doesn’t sound desable I don’t want them but I think that but they’re into it anyway but it’s

a good sign the yard’s in a good place I think so yeah the moles are like hey they’ve got like a Yelp app there yeah

neighborhood thing they’re like next worms over here this guy’s backyard is

I’m about to get him I’m about to get him next H is very good thank you Luke

Middleton Middleton’s a good name I’m messing I’m very tired today it’s okay

you just flew in with your cheese and your bread true that is true yeah Luke

Middleton who were each of your favorite comedians when you were growing up and being formed as future comedians good

question for me I’d say The Dice Man man for sure that’s who I tried to mimic

when I first started well when you I bet when you started everybody was like he’s just kind of doing Dice Clay right now

like you get a lot of that smoke a cigarette behind your neck take takes five minutes just to get

into it yeah got stret be yeah Brian shows up to open my leather jacket the cigarette oh I would love to see that

it’s still time yeah I wonder as he’s getting older like if dice does like special stretches he has to like keep

himself he like oh man I had to have rotator cuff his rotator cuff went out Tommy John’s from smoking cigarettes

yeah what if you did leather jacket and but like you really did the nursery

rhymes the dirty nursery rhymes no they weren’t dirty you Mary had a little lamb whose fleece

was white as snow yeah hey yeah that’s a good idea like a

really wholesome dice wholesome dice even breast Brian Bates I mean it’s got the kind of Andrew Dice Clay what is a

wholesome D it’s yatsi you’re yatsi you’re it’s a wholesome that’s what the world needs

right now andw Yi oh man good stuff well who

was it for real or was it dice did you watch dice back in the day uh I remember but he was a cultural phenomenon right I

didn’t grow up watching just a ton of standup comedy I’m embarrassed to say

some of the great Comics I didn’t even know who they were until I got into F I didn’t know any of these people either

well you should be embarrassed as well um but like Johnny knows Johnny grew up on standup and he knows all you watch

even at improv and all that stuff man I was yeah I go to school and like recite like whoever was on Carson the night

before I would try chuck yger would be on there as a panel guest then some com

would come on that’s doing the Chuckle Hut the next Friday or whatever and I’d be like doing their who we talking like Mort Saul no no no I’m not that old just

be like but I remember Carson I remember staying up a watching like Carson’s monologue what’s funny about Benny I

remember watching Jack Benny because when Nick at KN first became a thing on Nickelodeon they didn’t have programming

there wasn’t like a ton of children’s programming so at night they just run out because it was like you can’t do that on television and a few other shows

and then they would put on these old shows from the 40s so it’ be like Burns and Allen and the Jack Benny show

Honeymooners the honey mooners so I was was like an 11year old I was watching The Jack Benny show wow and so it did

kind of inform my sensibility I remember knowing it was old it was black and white yeah but I remember thinking it was funny yeah but I mean yeah more

yield wishing well huh was that Jack Benny yield wishing well that bit maybe

maybe I remember watching Like You Bet Your Life with grouo Marx and the word of the day and all that and grouo Marx

and yeah but it wasn’t like that wasn’t my I I liked rean growing up like Brian rean I think I still think he’s the best

it’s ever now I think Brian Ran’s just the best but uh yeah I mean Tim I love Tim Conway like I no he’s a comedian but

I mean saying like watching the Carol brnette show like Carol brunnett was like royalty in my house and it was so fun like watching something the whole

family could watch I think that’s kind of what Nate has tapped into yeah that like all whole families can come to his

show and so you’re gonna sell five tickets two people might have gone to somebody else’s show the whole family

comes to Nate’s show and that’s it causes traffic problems yeah you still got to get a babysitter for my shows you know what I mean oh it gets edgy they’re

not that dirty but I would like you to get a babysitter

your kid can be there but yeah that’s a great like slogan to put at the bottom of the poster instead of like PGG G just

put like look they can come but I would rather they not yeah yeah I like them but I don’t want to be you know ruining

you know childhood you don’t have to explain like what did that mean Dad on the way home but there’s also don’t you

feel like there’s an instinct to kind of play to you I feel I would have an instinct to kind of modify the show in a

way that they would understand things yeah I mean like I like to be clean but do adult comedy like I’m talking to

adults yeah yeah I did a fundraiser at a high school not long ago and they were great it was for like uh it was for High

School women’s sports team and the parents were in the back and the parents I thought were having a great time with

me the girls on the team were in the front and they’re like they didn’t understand what I was doing and I was

like God I’m so old I’m like going through my act and and it was it was uh the advice that I got was like d don’t

don’t change what you’re doing just so these 11 people in the front get what’s

going on you know yeah I would say high school girls is not my main demographic no no no no me either I’ve been given

that advice too before comments just anybody no like I’ve been

giving advice before but like if you go into a room and you go well I know these 11 friends who’ve seen my hour are going

to be here you feel this pressure to do a lot of new and and Comics are what are

you don’t do that what are you doing like those other people are why you’re here you’ve got to do that’s why I never

changed my ACT yeah that’s the reason I’ve never changed it and your 11 friends they don’t want you to bomb

right true yeah it’s weird for them if you bomb unless they’re Comics then they they’ like you to bomb a little bit best

thing they’ve ever seen the next comment comes from our old pal actually I don’t know if he is but Derek bab it’s a fun

name Derek Bab mhm two bees and when one would have sufficed it with two bees it seems like

you’re more to the name yeah it’s too much it’s like short for Babylon Babel

yeah maybe you’re supposed to emphasize it more Derek bab

yeah I use Dusty as a test for my personal philosophy oh boy if I fully

agree with something he says i’ take that as a cue to reflect on my belief oh wow I’ve never agreed more with

something in this podcast than when he said I prefer handwashing over sanitizer but think both are overrated yeah go

well Derek gets it you know what I mean you just scub dried leaves on your hands now yeah get some organic matter on

there you know but it’s like I fully agree what he says uh I take it as a cue

to reflect on my belief that’s what we should all be doing right question everything you hear some information and

then do some questioning you know you don’t have to agree or disagree you just go how does this influence how I think

mhm you know what I mean I don’t think he meant it in that way but that is yeah that’s right we should do

that all right Alysa delori Alyssa delori about 10 years ago

I had a habit of going to Taco Bell a couple times a week for the Crunch Wrap Supreme and a Baja

Blast one time I ordered something different when I pulled up to the window the worker commented about me not

getting my usual jeez yeah that’s I was mortified I found out that day that I

was a regular at a fast food place needless to say I took a long break from going to Taco Bell that’s very funny

yeah it’s like when Norm walks into cheers and they all say Norm that’s she had a norm get that at Taco Bell yeah

yeah that’s even why she’s saying it because last week Aaron threw out would you like to have a place that knew you like everybody knows your name they’re

always glad you came I like the there’s an real appeal to that for me to be a regular somewhere I read a story a long

time ago about a woman who ordered dominoes uh every day for years and then

old lady she’d order Domino’s every day and then one day they didn’t get an order from her and so they went and

checked on her and she had fallen down in her kitchen wow and they saved her life because she didn’t order dominoes

that day so that’s what I’m trying to I like it that was years ago though ain’t nobody doing that Domino no they’re

poning it in over there now it’s all Bots and yeah it’s delivered by robot

robot comes over welfare

check well you’re kind of a regular Zanies I mean that’s kind of oh yeah I guess so I guess stomp yeah but do they

know and they know what you want to eat like the the person who comes back to the room they go you you want this again tonight they know you’re they go

sugar-free Red Bull or they go cheese fries Diet Coke no not anymore come on I

don’t look that was there for the taken I understand why you but I don’t eat there that often yeah you know what I

mean cuz there’s all that the Green Room is I got to say the more I’m on the road the more I’m like the Z’s Green Room top

unbelievable topn there’s so much stuff in there there is a gas station cooler in the green room full of drinks I know

yeah it’s unbelievable it’s crazy yeah and you go to some green rooms and you’re like just praying to get a bottle of water yeah you who else has good

green rooms those bark entertainment room it does sound like they do I was trying to think of the name but but yeah

they do have good green rooms too everything you say myself game time okay butk

entertainment they do they have those individual cabinets with all sometimes with all the candy and it’s just a good

time yeah the uh Tacoma Tacoma uh one they had a like a like a coffee table

that you lift up I mean I eat so many chips aoy cookies I got sick I don’t know if it was the chipso but I got sick

after that weekend yeah yeah did do the shows bare fooot uh last you know I will

comment of the day is from Rob Hatchet one my favorite

books the the the Rob what Hatchet oh it’s more it’s my generation it’s a

children’s book It’s called Hatchet yeah it’s called Hatchet okay feels made up

but what a horror is it a horror book it’s about a a kid who survives a plane crash in the woods if I remember

correctly with with a hatchet h no it’s not it’s about survival kills the he

eats the it’s not Lord of the Flies it’s just one kid if I if I remember right

anyway Rob Hatchet you probably wrote the book my wife and I just got our tickets to Aaron show in Chattanooga on

December 9th all right that I’m at The Comedy Catch all weekend December 7th through love The Comedy Catch we are

pumped that this show will mean we hit the 2023 Nate land Grand Slam meeing we’ve

seen all four guys headlin this year y’all talk so much about sports how about a yearly Grand Slam Club that’s

awesome could have their like when you eat the the 72 o steak you get your picture on the wall your picture on we

should we should do that wall if you give us a picture we’ll find a place in I mean this is Nate house so it’s tough

for us to make that call but uh there’s some room up here still he doesn’t look around here any we can put we can put

whatever we want in these he never knows no no we could yeah we could put it behind yeah let’s do it Polaroid we

should get a you’ve taken a picture with all of us and you put it in the FR you put it in the frame send it to us we’ll

put it somewhere in this house not necessarily the studio we’ll

hide it somewhere yeah yeah that’s a good idea well hey you’re gonna have fun in

Chattanooga because that’s a good club great time and I haven’t been there in a in a while I’m excited not a strong

Green Room presence there at the comedy no but but I’m excited to be the club’s

great though the club’s awesome uh Danielle and everybody there is great so and for me it’s never an issue because there’s plenty of room in the back he

just hang out wander around I may have told the story but the last time I went

and headlined Michael Alo Danielle’s father who owns the club yeah comes over to me and I’m thinking this guy is gonna

give me the respect I’ve always long for and he was like hey could you get up uh

we need to set these people here and all he wanted me to do was move seats that was the only thing he said to me all weekend great because they needed to

they needed room I was sitting on the front row so that’s in retrospect it was probably

unprofessional to me but I didn’t know the last show I did there was nobody on the front

row oh that’s great uh if you’re like me he might not even known you were the

headliner probably not probably not but this episode sponsored by better help

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season this says host elaborate on this or co-host join in on the conversation

oh I wasn’t supposed to read that out loud um anybody want to say anything about how we oh keep going I’ll chime in

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is like what if I get this guy you know I don’t Vibe with them but this one you just you just switch switch every time I

wonder about that though like if you get a therapist and they’re like you realize this isn’t a fit but then they go well

you have fear of commitment and that’s your problem and you always do this yes

they use it against you like all right keep taking I think I’m Healed no you need six more months turns out you don’t

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visit Nate toay and get 10% off your first month that’s betterhelp Nate boom you know who I like you said instead of anxiety I think you said

like anxiety like your accent really made it sound like anxiety no Brian and

uh anxiety anxiety anxiety anxiety it’s like eczema with fear yeah I’m afraid of

how much eczema I have like you’re about to get out of here uh speaking of uh

anxiety Chowchilla remember you guys chill CNN has a documentary I think it

came out last night about that whole CH Chowchilla bus incident oh really and a

woman this wasn’t said in the program but she’s in it woman CNN getting to the bottom of things

huh uh what is the inent I don’t know the I don’t know this I don’t know the story in uh he loves singing in and Co

bear cleared up the news no no it’s just funny that that’s I mean i’ I’d rather watch that than anything is good did you

watch it no but I read that there’s a woman who works at Mt issue Middle Tennessee State University who was one

of the the kids on the bus oh wow and uh so we talked about how that could have

been me and blah blah blah uh well there was a woman Local woman who was one of the kids so in the 1970s a School Bus

full of kids got kidnapped hijacked and they buried them alive in a rock quarry

and for ransom the kids they all live the kids dug their way out with a

hatchet with Rob Hatchet and uh and they all survived oh wow um why is

this not already five movies I think it has been this is incredible um it’s just

oh he’s looking a patch it but anyway uh so yeah it’s a crazy story but my uh

I I wanted to let you know that they lived like where I knew Brian was dragging it out like I was bearing the

lead because we all knew they live but he’s breaking into let me tell you some tragedy here he’s like this kids got

kidnapped they were buried alive and your face get your mouth gets open further and further well I like do the

setup and boom but yeah anyway so that’s the story I’m glad stepped on my punch

line so you’re saying there was an interview with some of those people that were the kids yeah singing in has a documentary out and out chilling and but

one of the women lives here now oh so she let’s get her on the Pod better help

all right all right

was there anything else we need to cover before we get i’ love to have the Bigfoot guy back on the podcast now that Dusty’s with us yeah somebody asked just

recently for him to come back very early our first ever guest on this podcast Johnny was a no not the first John

Augustine was the first well the first one that really delivered was I’m just just kid I’m kidding John’s our friend I

didn’t realize that was beforehand yeah okay the first one where you’re like well this is a guy brought in for what we’re yeah it’s like bringing in Jack

Hannah with the animals and stuff on the really I’m sorry to interrupt really the only time we’ve ever tried to bring in

someone who wasn’t just a close friend of Nate’s yes before today that’s why it felt different from

yeah now we’re trying it again just an outsider amazing that’s great thank you feel so Lov yeah go ahead because what

was his connection again he worked with Abigail or something yeah used to work with her yeah and he got into some stuff

and uh and that was pretty early on in the podcast and he’s a Believer full on Big Time believer okay I forgot to read

that article that someone sent us about Bigfoot Bigfoot being demon yeah I wanted to read it but I was really

hoping it would be a video it sure I feel about a lot of it

just one Bigfoot or is it like Bigfoot meaning the species of Bigfoot big get see this is why we need to get Kevin

John if Chuck Jagger had a video Dusty would be that’s right yeah I would he never came across my YouTube I’ll tell

you no the algo hasn’t found Chucky edger and connected you two and I’ve been into a lot of space stuff uh people

going fast well he didn’t get that high yeah I don’t know I you’re saying the

next time one of us is not here we need to have Kevin Jada so he can meet Dusty I think so or if I’m not here or you’re

not or something yeah say one of us yeah yeah all right maybe yeah Nate yeah maybe Nate I think it’s just honestly

just a one-on-one episode with Dusty would be unbelievable like it’s

like the frost Nixon interview riveting television yeah I would have watched that video then a Jagger

video uh was there anything else no what are we talking about today s we’re talking about toys all

right um Christmas time it’s perfect yeah exactly did you have a favorite Christmas toy the one that you remember

that really stood out to you I remember when my older brother got the original Game Boy from Santa oh yeah that was a

big deal yeah a big deal to see it was the first handheld video game yeah that

we had ever seen it was unbelievable then they just called it a Game Boy right it was just the G it was the original game boy I know but it was huge

you weren’t saying wow an original game boy yeah right it’s like World War I was

not called World War I they didn’t know hey we’re gonna have a bunch of these coming around the B you’re like original

game boy can you believe 20 years we’ll be talking about this you know that’s actually a random memory did you guys

ever read Encyclopedia Brown book remember ncy Drew Hardy Boys Hardy Boys

yeah yeah I had a couple a Tik Tok video Encyclopedia Brown was Hardy Boys had a Tik Tok Channel man yeah he was a genius

and his father was a police officer and he would help his father solve crimes he’s like a Sherlock Holmes yeah there a

genius kid most of it were like crimes uh among the kids yeah anyway well one

of them was this guy tried to sell a a sword a civil war sword that was

inscribed like this sword is from the First Battle of Bull Run and then the

the solution to this case was they wouldn’t have called it the first battle of Bull Run before the second they

didn’t know there was going to be a second one isn’t that fun yeah that’s the same thing that just happened it’s

amazing that is amazing I I was thinking when you started it I was started derail the

podcast when you started I was like I’ll never read Encyclopedia Brown but

now I may order some on Amazon hopefully it’s there by the time I get home they’re great for

when they were great books they were good books they were like Puzzles you the song well it made you feel like as a

kid like we can do stuff if I’m a smart kid I can hang with adults and be smart and impressive to adults oh yeah you

know he was an entrepreneur too he had a little booth he’d be like I’ll solve your crime for five cents you also learned police can’t do anything without

their kids yeah that’s right what is a police he’s supposed to mean he’s just not going to

use his genius kid to help you might as well now I like it that does sound fun okay I’m just all right anti- books yeah

yeah I’ll let you know there’s a video it I’ll uh do you have a favorite toy is

like one Christmas you remember wow I got that I had a you know I don’t know if I told this Christmas Story on here

but I I you know my mom got me a PlayStation one year when the the first year the PlayStation came the original PlayStation original PlayStation yeah

and I had a Super Nintendo you know and I we lived in a trailer right and I wanted a PlayStation but it was like 300

bucks right I mean it was a big deal so my mom wrote me these wrote me this note

and then gave me a present like a week early and I opened it up and it was two Super Nintendo games and my mom had

written me this note about how oh I know you really wanted the PlayStation but I couldn’t afford it this year so I hope

that you’ll you know you’ll like these games oh she’s Hamming it up yeah that’s great so then on Christmas I open up my

present and she’s gotten me the PlayStation best so it was like she really manipulated my emotions for gag

for tra it’s tra to film me getting really excited about the PlayStation well that’s a core memory and also

better help you guys yeah so I had it was very exciting yeah so I had also

what you think was in there like some napkins or something I didn’t know I mean my mom old dish towel I mean I

played the games you know one of them was like Zombies Ate My neighbors and the other was like Wario’s Woods I hated

Wario but Zombies Ate My Neighbors actually a very fun game yeah um but the um so the same year you know I had

divorced parents and uh my dad was married to a lady and she had a couple

of kids and you know uh my step brother wanted a Sega Genesis even though that

was phasing out we were getting into PlayStation world yeah he wanted a Sega so I told my dad I wanted a PlayStation

he he told them he wanted a Sega so you know and the game boxes are about the same size so uh on Christmas uh you know

uh my stepbrother opens his gift it’s a Sega I’ve got a box similar size so I’m

like this is exciting you know I open it up also a Sega and uh and they my

stepmom had told my dad that they decided decided that the PlayStations weren’t going to work out because people

were scratching the games and so it wasn’t so they got me a Sega instead

which was uh cartridges they wanted to stay with cartridges which was very disappointing to blow into and stuff

yeah so we I didn’t open the Sega took the Sega back to my mom’s house me and my mom took the Sega back to Walmart

traded in two PlayStation games boom boom and did the other parent ever know

no they never know I mean I hopefully my dad doesn’t watch this podcast but uh is he still married to her no no they’re

divorced we’re safe then and you know they got divorced later that that next year and by next Christmas my dad bought

me a PlayStation wow you’re getting it it is interesting like parents having to do that math in

their head of like which of these formats is going to be a long-term because you do have to do it yeah like I

remember there was like uh what was their Blu-ray and then there was a HD DVD and one of them was like cheaper to

produce but one was Sony and like the Sony branding was just too like VHS like beta Hi-Fi when I was a kid you had beta

hii which was better quality audio in the smaller cassettes and the machines

were just a little more expensive and and the the and the technology was better though and but VHS

took off and so there were people I knew in my neighborhood that had a beta machine and I always imagine like if I ever met like a bitter person I say that

guy bought beta I would say it I would think they bought beta they never got over that trauma of like buying the

wrong format being stuck with all this stuff right like I had a Sega before it went to Genesis I had like an original

Sega console and then they stopped making them so I was just stuck with this thing with like no new cartridges

yeah I never went down the Sega route I was a Nintendo guy yeah I feel like my

neighborhood the trailer park you were Sega or s or Nintendo I don’t even

remember Sega before it was Genesis I didn’t even know that was a different it was a deal

I had an Atari yeah I had Anar that was my first that was my first game original Bri and old we’re the old heads in the

room Atari original Atari what are you 51 H for Christmas uh I feel like it was

2600 or something no I’m saying no I’m saying you’re 51 right no I’m not singing was it Atari 51 yeah they was

they were really old okay yeah I’m 49 so yeah that was my Atari

2600 yeah I’m sorry you guys the Atari 26 to react the game of like the tanks

like each each corner of the screen shooting a single Bullet at each other oh yeah oh with one button yeah Jo one

it’s great a lot of people say that’s when video games were most pure I think Super Nintendo was the best Super

Nintendo is where it peaked N64 stood the test of time that’s still because

the graphics my theory is the graphics weren’t mentally look super realistic they’re all kind of cartoony they’ve

aged super well they’re still very playable nobody plays an original PlayStation anymore more nobody plays a

PS you tell they were trying it just looks lame they’re trying to make it look too real yeah yeah there’s a couple

exceptions like go uh golden ey looks horrendous if you look at it now on inst

also the new TVs putting the old games on new TVs is really bad my uncle still

has one of those old box TVs so the rear projection T like you mean just like the

heavy tube television like deep TV I yeah deep TV but it’s not 16 by9 it’s

what 4×3 it was to move so at Thanksgiving when we watch football the quarterback drops back to pass and he

just leaves the screen and then you see a ball zip across the screen but you don’t see the

receiver because it the screen it’s like Speedy Gonzalez when he used to play tennis with himself just go side to side

across the ping pong table or whatever yeah yeah uh that’s funny Johnny what

about you do you have yeah I remember getting Atari I remember like some for some reason this is make me sound old I

remember getting a Stretch Armstrong though where you pull the arms oh do you remember getting one of those yeah is it

like he’s full yeah he’s full of Goo so there there’s a breaking point where this red liquid comes out you’re like

all right my toy is yeah that got introduced in 1976 yeah so I was4 I was born in 74 so

they were still popular when I was you know seven or eight yeah I remember getting one of those stretch was this who was this guy

was he a superhero or was it just like this I can’t remember if he had like lore about him like if there was a back

story do we need that back then it was just like hey this guy’s stretchy he’s Stretch Armstrong we didn’t need like a

universe that he lived in just pull his arms far I guess you’re right yeah maybe

he did but I just think like now they would need like what is the cartoon gonna be about now it’s just back then it was just like he’s stretchy and then

like four guys in a table were like he’ll be we’ll call him Stretch Armstrong originally the Prototype was a

Suma wrestler that would stretch oh right but he was too bulky and large so

the All-American body was cast maybe it cost there’s more material in him they’re like this is going to the price

point of this has got to be and they knew sumo wrestlers weren’t that flexible yeah yeah Los and will a kid

play with like a fat doll yeah that’s another thing Los some realism yeah do

would parents have been like I’m not giving my kid this fat doll to play with they’re just pushing on it like a potato

noways he just a regularized guy what would the what would Stretch Armstrong have been if he was a what would he been

like fats McGee like what would he have been you know that have been that’s

McGee would be great a great could be some kind of stretch reference though yeah uh slabs

McGee skinfolds Laro like he’s got a something’s up with him yeah you guys

want to guess what the First toys were sticks a wheel linol Lincoln log’s

probably one Lincoln Log yeah well it’s doesn’t doesn’t predate Lincoln we know that oh I don’t know did you guys figure

that out that well it’s after sticks and will but before Lincoln Log um a paddle

ball was that Jack with the r bouncy ball talking about Jack I haven’t heard ja 2600 BC a marble oh okay marbles was

one of the first yeah a fire the kids being like hey this is fun and then you again you guys are going back a little

too far anybody got some gauze you guys are going back either the beginning of the time or 30 years ago okay just like

a doll I’m sure there were dolls dolls one of the first yo-yo a yo-yo is that

when was a yo-yo invented uh 500 BC oh man I wonder if they thought the 7s

wonder if they thought it was like witchcraft like the kinetic energy of the thing bouncing back up and rerolling itself I wonder if they thought it was

I’m not buying that 500 BC yo-yo I mean it’s probably doesn’t look like our yo-yo but it’s uh here’s a 17 lady in a

illustration of a woman playing with an early version of the yo-yo which was then called a bandal it seems like this seems like a hipster lady she won’t even

put down her fan to play with she’s got a fan in one hand and a Yoo there’s a Greek vase painting from 440 BC showing

a boy playing with a yo-yo or holding a a a rock on a string yeah true he’s

getting ready to swing around yeah so yeah that’s the beginning of a war he’s playing with a yo-yo and just

any type of ball has been around yeah right I mean is there any more toy that stood the test of time than just a well

a doll I guess or a ball this toy I have right here let’s see it Macho Man Macho

rub a rubber Macho yeah look at this I’ve had this since I was a kid are

there joints on that thing or is it just kind of he just it’s just a why would he ever need to leave that position

self-defense too I mean what does it say I can’t tell the date 88 maybe oh man

and that’s the original that’s the one you had when you were a kid yeah that just comes in a box I don’t remember

what it is this going to be like an heirloom that you passed down to the my kids are already Daisy was playing with it earlier she playing with it and and

uh Laura was like who is that and she said Macho Man you do you ever do the voice when you play with her I don’t

well I’ll do oh yeah but she didn’t know that but she says uh he’s got a lot of boo boos is what she says oh the ab do

he’s been around this thing’s been around yeah yeah BC what else you got there you want

to show your other show show and tell well I I thought other people were bringing toys I didn’t I’m sorry and

that’s why I brought I got something none of these others were actually mine people have given these to me but I did

have these this one our friend Abe uh from Wisconsin gave me this fantastic

and I had one like this and it used the alarm would be like ah wake up take your vitamins you know say your prayers say

stuff yeah oh that’s Hulk Hogan so that was a really great one and then this is uh was my favorite He-Man um and then

this is some He-Man villain here oh he’s got a little neck thing he’s got a Pez

dispens I don’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know this villain he’s got the exact same physique as uh He-Man here

it’s a fair match this one was like you know he’s got his his thing there and then if it got hit one time it would be

a little bit of damage and then hit again be more damage that’s awesome so it’s like impact He-Man now he-man’s

based on a thing right He-Man Masters of the Universe there were comics and uh he

would be Adam and then he would TR he would go by the power of gry skull and then he would hold his sword up to the

sky I don’t get in that wishcraft that sorcery but I used to do it when I was a kid nobody was teaching

me this stuff I don’t get into it now but uh when I was a kid I was playing He-Man and I did like that you know and

I I was I was Adam changing into uh He-Man and my cousin shot me in the chest with a BB gun before I could fully

transition and uh went uh you had damage right here yeah went through my lung and

yeah I was looking like this and uh still in my back to this day the BB is you do not have a a BB in your back I do

yeah wow see it well I can’t see it I should have brought my ex Can you feel it or is it just in no it’s just in

there it’s not near the surface no it’s deep in there why did they decide to leave it in they’re just like this is

not worth well I went to the hospital and I yeah I only spent a night in the hospital and they were like he’s going

to be fine and night that’s serious and the doctor was like um told my dad he goes you can take it out he goes you can

probably leave it in there or you can have it taken out and my dad goes n let’s just leave it it’s weird they give

choice to parents as a surgeon yeah you know what I think he was saying let flip a coin it might be worse to go and cut

you open and take it out so I got x-ray about 10 years ago and you could still see it in there wow youever go through a

metal detector and it goes off never I did have a MRI one time and they were like do you have any shrapnel in your

body and I was like well a little bit Yeah pencil yeah and I said if this BB comes out during this MRI I want it

don’t yeah you know what I mean ping to stick to the ceiling of the thing at that point I’m like I’ve been carrying this covered in your flesh yeah I’ve

been carrying this for 20 years I want that what happened to the guy who shot you it’s my cousin he’s still around

okay but were there any kind of repercussions for no he cried for a while and then how old was he he’s about

four years older than me maybe five years older than me too old to be shooting me in the chest with a B gun

I’ll tell you that oh in the chest somehow missed it thought yeah he shot me in the chest it went through my lung

wow it’s a BB I would thought it could even do that was my grandfather’s old air rifle you know so it’s very powerful

I’m sure oh yeah before that was regulated to be fair he says he didn’t know it was loaded and he was you got a

little Alec Baldwin situation yeah rust Happening Here Yeah and uh yeah he

blamed the armor so yeah so that’s not your F so the gun wasn’t your favorite toy then that’s not a no I playing with

a gun a lot rer yeah I mean I shot you know even as a a late te early 20 year

old we used to me and my buddies would drink and shoot each other with a BB gun you know what I mean it’s like you didn’t you didn’t learn your lesson at

all no I mean I learned my lesson for a while as a kid but once alcohol got involved in my life I left a lot of

those it can do that you know yeah my first toy was a slingshot but uh was

it like jeez yeah he was out there with uh King David and

uh yeah yeah um Goliath is that what you’re trying to think I did buy a long

when I was a kid they sell these like I don’t even know what they’re for they’re for like professional target

shooting and those were awesome some people hunt with a slingshot for real they hunt with a slingshot I did bring

one little toy this is not my first or my most popular but it was easy to bring what is it this is a robot from the

Jetson I don’t think so it kind of looks like the robot from Lost in Space but yeah that’s what I was thinking I don’t think it’s quite that but you wind it up

and now Eleanor loves oh that’s cool loves this look at that thing look at it

go I mean is this a toy that you have when you were a child yeah Bri I don’t remember where I got it but can you guys

catch that with the camera this is Chuck Jager right here think moving you might need to put it on sport mode or

something to catch that but uh he didn’t wind it very much he’s already faded he’s about as old as I am uh but Elanor

loves it scared her at first when he first started walking my dog barks at it but now she loves it and she it’s

amazing that thing still works I know I mean there’s no battery it’s just a wind up what do you guys think about that

like mechanical toys versus like everybody’s getting digital toys now as a child and you know they have like an

they’re gonna be totally obsolete but this thing meanwhile like a mechanical toy or like a physical toy like a ball

that you can hold like I don’t know yeah I’m I’m I’m all about the physical stuff I still like to buy DVDs I mean I’m all

about having a thing you say that if you were a kid and you had no offense Brian but if you were a kid and you had that

and then somebody goes hey you want a PlayStation yeah or physical things well let’s be honest

though it got the physical got better before we went to digital yeah well

that’s true too but if you’re it depends on how old you are I mean when you’re real

little he is nothing can beat that be careful on this

table worried it might catch this table on I would play with that all when I was

young I would love having that kind of thing yeah and the great I mean I looked up stuff what you have a a ladle or

something right spatula yeah yeah spatula oh yeah yeah that was my main to

that’s why you didn’t bring any toys yeah my mom still has that spatula the one that I played with it’s still just

in the kitchen cabinet for yeah for reference here every there are four home videos of my childhood of like that’s

another crazy thing you think about like how many videos do you have of y’all’s kids now like they much of their life is

documented right just for your own benefit I have like four of when I was a

baby and all four of them I’m holding the spatula that was the toy that was

the toy I’d cry if I didn’t have it like it wasn’t like they were forcing it on me it’s like I wanted this I just wanted

to hold it they were trying to wean you off the spatula and were unable to it was like a security blanket yes yeah

exactly I mean it’s not like you wanted to make food you just liked holding the spatula no I didn’t even know what it did I just liked the shape of it I guess

I just liked holding yeah I mean I looked up some stuff about gender appropriate toys and there’s

different some some psychologist I guess or yeah I think psychologists okay say

that kids are biologically girls are going to lean toward dolls and nurturing

things like that maybe boys are going to lean toward guns and stuff like that and some say it’s all the only two options

guns and Dolls guns and Dolls um but and then some say no it’s

all about how you teach them right you can I remember I played with dolls growing up I don’t really understand the

difference between dolls and action figures well that’s why they had to call it an action figure because boys would be like this a doll right yeah I mean

the original Barbie uh you know for boys they had to make GI Joe that was the

doll that car or Ken wasn’t for the for boys no no I think girls yeah just thought that was part of the Johnny you

was telling me you’ve seen Barbie three times and it spoke to you so what was it about that movie that

really I have seen it once is it good I haven’t seen it it’s fine I it really

well done I’m sure but I love Eleanor’s 20 months old she loves playing with a

stick in the yard just as much as she does with a doll oh that’s good yeah

yeah I think that’s fun you’re like that’s great because we’re very poor we’re GNA need you to lower your stand I mean I assume Daisy’s the same way yeah

I mean you know yeah I mean Daisy gets into it I mean she plays with the Macho Man but but Daisy is very much like she

likes she has a a house that she plays with and she likes her little babies and and she likes the the mom of the babies

and she really um you know Daisy really has some uh maternal instincts I feel

like where she’s you know we’re not I mean I got all kind of toys at the H it’s like she’s not you know we’re not

forcing any kind of toy on her but she does tend to lean more towards dolls and

little babies and stuff like that and you know give them a spatula see what happens might into it yeah but you know

she also will get outside and rake some leaves and stomp in the leaves with me and you know you know another

interesting thing is I think kids like my mom told me that like we would all play with toys differently my older

brother all he would do was he was just sorry I think your toys suicidal over here trying to jump off my cup but uh my

older brother would just take out all just line them up and look at him MH

yeah and that was playing with him and then he put him back in and other kid would do stuff with it he just wanted to

line it all up is he very organized to this day I think yeah I think that’s more of his personal antical yeah I was

uh I remember my mom telling me that as a baby I would tear things apart so

there was like children’s books and things and she said every toy we got you you would want to take like the arms off

and you wanted to see what was inside the battery compartments oh yeah yeah and uh she said we got you these even as

a baby she got me these books that were supposed to be indestructible they’re made of some like you can’t tear the and

she said she came in one day and the pages were all torn out and laid into like I found a way to and I thought

about that Stretch Armstrong was torn up that’s what it was red fluid covered she’s like is that yeah but no I thought

about it later because I was doing a podcast we were talking about something like this about like your child did you know you were gonna be a comedian as a

child was like no I was always like a Class Clown I was trying to be funny but I was very shy too but I told that story but I told

that story about the thing and it made sense to me I was like I was deconstructing the toys and that’s kind of how you make jokes you take like

something in culture and you just go why do we do this that’s really the same thing it’s the same net pra break it

down you take something good and break it down I’m still tearing apart children’s books today in my ACT that’s

what I do too what do a spatula mean from my career oh I don’t it’s not

good that’s true maybe I like to take things flip them on its side yeah like flip things over let’s take a look at

this from underneath yeah are you like you know maybe you just viewing the world differently like you see this as a

cooking utensil to me it’s a toy right I think it’s cool yeah thanks man yeah

yeah now you have dogs do you get your dogs toys yeah for Christmas we do my wife insists I think it’s silly but I’m

okay like whatever she wants to do but yeah she get she gets them presents not don’t if they unwrap them we unwrap them

you you get into it too right yeah come on they get one lullabi every night that is it though I cut them off at one no uh

yeah we’re pretty stupid for our dogs but uh yeah they get like a bone and a something special that’s not a normal

treat like a rawhide like a rawhide bone that’s F get lodged in there real bad

yeah my sister had a dog that would eat wrapping paper at Christmas yeah so she

would get it a raw HDE bone a giant raw and it would eat the whole Bone the dog would eat everything it would eat

napkins and we thought at first that it was napkins because you you know you’d been wiping your food on it so it

smelled like food but he would eat clean napkins the only thing it it had it two

surgeries CU it would eat everything and it couldn’t digest a pine cone and a corn cob yes they two hard things yeah

to digest ate those things man it would eat anything you had a raccoon yeah I’m

a little surprised your family would give a dog surgery yeah like it it’s like we don’t have a dog anymore well

I’m surprised by it too but yeah it was my you know this is my brother-in-law my I have a I have a I do have one brother-in-law that you know went to

college and uh so that’s where that’s coming from he’s from book learning he’s like we can’t let this dog die bit of a

northern college educated kind of guy Michigan guy yeah so yeah real

dork thinks animals shouldn’t suffer what a weirdo bringing in a lot of information you know really killing the

vibe of the sleigh get together yeah we get our we buy our plants gifts oh do

you you that’s really come on dude plants are the new pets plants are the new pets what does that make Pets the

new kids new kids and what does that make kids

obsolute goodbye Society push them out you know what they really need is game time oh man game time and it’s the best

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great for the holiday season yeah well I’ve lost one of my notes but there’s a toy Hall of Fame in Rochester New York

and field trip the first yeah it’s a good call the first uh

induction that was fun 1998 1999 um it was like a who’s who of toys

Slinky oh Slinky I was in the my sister was driving a car and I hit her in the

head with a slinky one time while we driving she took it from me and threw it out the window how do you hit somebody with a slink I just kind of you know hel

hold it in one hand you know part of it and oh so you never let go of it let it you let it slink out she took it from me

and threw it right out the window and it’s still going the street somewhere yeah was downhill

yeah yeah perpetual energy with a slinky met us at the house yeah it’s amazing

how well they work too I remember playing with Slinky in my grandparents um stairwell uhuh and it worked every

time you think it wouldn’t yeah you know I lived in a trailer and had a slinky I

had three steps leading up to the trailer to play with my SL it’s kind of

a bummer of a gift to get yeah you can’t even finish the song it walks downstairs alone it’s done that’s

uh the song’s it’s Slinky not

again a slinky in a trailer park yeah yeah that’s tough I also had a skateboard and I lived on a dirt road I

mean there is that is rough yeah did you have a TV for that

PlayStation I did have a TV we had pay-per-view wrestling to order oh there you go well slinkies weren’t an

immediate hit when they first came out until they convinced the toy store to build a ramp

and let it be on display you got to see how it works yeah and then it took

off marketing right there Legos you guys big in Legos huge in Legos I made the

Lego Magazine once when I was a kid oh yeah sending a picture of me with something my built and it made the

magazine what yeah yeah it was a big deal for I thought you made a made a magazine out of Legos I was like what

how do you do that Pages that’s a heavy it’s the Ten Commandments you’re holding up

there I was featured in the Lego what did you build yeah just some spaceship or

something just some spaceship huh must have been impressive yeah it must have been wow this was just from your head

that wasn’t a kit you made it from your own imagination something I built this is before now Lego there’s a Lego store

across from the Columbus Funny Bone that’s like right there and you look in there and everything’s just like these

these kits that uh I feel like I don’t know if kids these like kids these days yeah I don’t know but I just had a huge

bucket of just random whatever like there was no color coordination I couldn’t afford to do that you it’s so

funny you say that because I went into that store looking for just a bucket of

Legos for my kid I wanted to just get her something to play with and they were all kits I’m like I don’t want her to

have to have an assignment yeah exactly you’re just following instru you want a teacher to be outside of the box anyway

like what’s in your head what do you think is this should be exactly she could pay you pay $300 and she’ll build

the Batmobile you know that’s what it is is now yeah yeah when I was a kid it was just that just the blocks but now it’s

like like there’s a Lego Land place right like a museum Music Park oh yeah yeah they’re

cool it’s cool yeah you know a hurricane hit Lego L really they said that they

estimated the devastation is about a million square blocks a Johnny de original every thanks

for listening that’s a n I think we I think we got what we need goodbye folks uh

that’s good that is good so Lego is he had a good I didn’t know there was a joke coming I’m sorry I mean I thought

maybe at the end but no no it was good thank you that’s a great joke Lego is

a Lego is a Danish word Danish yeah theot which means play well you just I

don’t know I don’t even know I don’t know I was thinking of the the breakfast item

good Lego’s a breakfast item word uh anyway it’s means play well you

know what the plural of Lego is leg it’s let’s go sound like John Chris let’s go legal

Johnny I don’t know Le is not just Legos Ley it’s just Lego oh it’s like deer

yeah it’s like deer the plural of deer fish yeah sheep yeah uh or 400 billion Lego bricks on

Earth wow billion 400 billion wow that’s too many I don’t care 50 to a person now

this is months and months ago and people got sick of it but we had an ongoing debate about whether there were more

wheels or doors in the world and my argument was the deciding factor in

favor of Wheels was the amount of wheels that Lego produces every year millions

and millions and millions of wheels that Lego makes do they make doors too though

maybe but not couple couple couple dozen they make a year but wheels are so common dude I mean you

just heard the numbers that’s billions and billions and billions well I I wasn’t around for this debate I don’t

think so I really want to get into it but I feel like you said people got sick of it people did get sick of it well

they got sick of it in two seconds uh what’s the old saying the voice the voice of the people is the voice of God

that’s the voice of Nate yeah the voice he know to shut it down he’s like this is hurting my brand I got to shut it off

yeah you got to think there’s a lot of I would feel like there’s a lot of countries and cities where there are a lot of homes but not a lot of

cars so a lot of doors but it’s not just cars that you’re getting wheels wheels

are on everything these these chairs we’re sitting on there’s so many wheels in

this room yeah I don’t even think it’s particularly close but there’s also a lot of doors in here look at all these

doors yeah but there’s more Wheels all right we’ll talk about it later sorry

that’s all right just two more interesting Lego facts okay any Lego brick since 1958 will still work today

they make them what happened did they change that’s when they started oh wow yeah they haven’t changed any of the

sizes on anything no or maybe all right that’s maybe not when they started but but the still the it’ll still fit the

the pegs that’s what it was yeah provided it’s not been melted right sure

well that’s pretty much that’s true I mean I guess it’s called a stud

melting will change called a stud yeah structure of something an eight stud Lego brick if you had six of them they

could be combined into 915 million different configurations wow I don’t

really understand that you can put them on yeah they could be 915

million that was five factorial well yeah I’m not going to do all 900 million of them oh okay appreciate

just do the first I feel like you got too many zeros can I say I was in so

there’s a store in Knoxville and I was there the other day and uh on G no this

was with my niece and we’re going in and it’s like this yeah I go Hometown crowd

no but I was there and there’s like a general store and it’s one of those like it’s kind of like a Cracker Barrel vibe in there where there’s all the old

candies and I’m looking around I’m like oh a bit of honey there’s all these old candies I’m like you know they’re Never As Good As you remember them but in one

bin was uh Lego bricks that were Sweet Tarts it was a big bag of them and I’m

remember thinking like this is a bad idea a horrible idea you’re teaching kids to eat Lego bricks and that’s the

main thing about Legos they’re like and they look like they would work it work like they have little bumps they look like they would actually connect you

could build with them I was like what how were they they taste good I didn’t get them because I thought this sends a

I I don’t want to feed into big sweet tart or whatever the message they’re sending to kids good for you Johnny

I struck a blow that day for MH yeah it’s about time somebody it’s like when you there’s a rock like talk about dog

toys there’s a dog uh a rawh hide shoe that you can buy and I was like

you’re teaching a dog to eat shoes oh horrible horrible it’s a shape it’s shaped like a shoe yeah how comfortable

is it though how’ that taste I was I put it on I stepped on a Lego it protected me so I like

that uh do you guys remember how the teddy bear started yes it was Theodore Roosevelt saved a bear that’s right so

to commemorate it they made a teddy bear yes and it became is that fun Chuck jger

was there great have you ever heard of Theo Roosevelt n Teddy Roosevelt Teddy

Roosevelt anyway it doesn’t matter the Bull Moose Party you never heard that no

I do know old Teddy yeah yeah yeah so it was a huge huge hit I mean this guy did

something for the country unlike Charles jger that guy uh anyway the teddy bear became

a huge huge hit so when he left office the toy makers are like uh oh nobody’s

gonna buy the teddy bear anymore because we got a new president yeah I told this story on the presid the next president

president’s episode I’m gonna get there okay William Taft who was a very portly man rumor is he got stuck in his bathtub

he uh flabs McGee they called him yeah yeah yeah yeah he um ate a 18 pound

cooked possum all right and the people are like hey that could be our thing so they created a stuffed animal called Billy

the psum wow or Billy possum and it did not take off like the teddy bear as you might imagine well yeah possums aren’t

as cute yeah and just the whole story one’s saving a bear the other one’s eating the pum oh right so it’s a little

bit different yeah a little bit different it doesn’t look good for the country too if the president’s having to eat a possum yeah like I’m I promise

I’ll get us out of this mess we’re in I’m gonna go eat this 18 pound possum yeah it actually looks better than I thought

it would yeah yeah that’s not bad it still looks like uh I mean I don’t want to touch it yeah yeah he looks like he’s

looking at you like what do you think you’re doing there it’s very you know it’s like you don’t belong here that’s

what possums do not bad that is they do feel like they own the place raccoons too yeah yeah not a fan of either well I

can’t find my list of the other top toys anybody want to mention one before we wrap it up well GI Joe was I didn’t have

a GI Joe to bring but when I was a kid that was my favorite toy I I had a ton of GI Jo’s uh I loved GI Joe I mean that

was that was everything to me was the GI Jo you know you know I don’t you may not

know this about me but I used to uh I try to would make my I would try to make my own toys for a while I would cut I

would cut up uh little like uh armymen like the little plastic green armymen I

had like cavemen I had all the and I would cut them up and then I would hot glue them back in different arrangements

and then I would paint them okay uh and then I would take pictures of them and I

would I would write letters to toy companies and try to get them to make are you serious oh that’s amazing I’ve

got I didn’t even think entrepreneur there yeah I didn’t even think about this but I have some of the letters at

my house where they where they would write back to me rejection letters yeah basic they were cool about it I’m sure

yeah that’s amazing that’s awesome yeah have you guys do you guys would you guys want an action figure of your do you think that would be a good merch item

maybe well fun funko pop your fans are amazing n fans are so amazing you guys

these cool gifts yeah they’re on the way that’s really cool they’re sending them to us they said the fans were on their

way they’re getting there I want to do like a plush doll of me like a yeah old

doll oh it’s plush it’s like a I don’t know what plush me not like it’s a stuffed animal but it’s of me hold the

microphone the old Johnny would be perfect you’re a little it’s a little fluffier yeah you’re kin now yeah I was going to call it a Johnny snuggl

you yeah I like that it’s catchy yeah it’s better than Johnny weeping yeah

here are the custom one eye has a tear it’s like a teardrop tattoo here are the custom Funko Pops of all four of us made

by Mike callenberg that’s awesome they’re very cool these are great you know I have a guy in Tacoma gave me one

of these I have a Funko Pop of myself oh at my house right now these are great I’d love to have this too I don’t have

the red hat version yeah well I think he’s mailing them to us so we should get

them soon awesome you look uh you look worried what are you guys get so when you guys do solo shows you probably do

but we talk about we talk about green rooms but you guys do get gift bags backstage of like stuff that people send

you they make you they make what’s the coolest thing you guys have gotten got a bag of leaves my last show oh that’s not

they thought you were Dusty well they wanted me to bring them oh to bring to Dusty he still has put him in a suitcase I threw him away sorry

Je uh people bring me milky ways you didn’t just put them in the yard you

referenc it before on the show that’s your favorite or whatever myor okay it’s probably it mil oh yeah and beef jerky

now oh yeah yeah beef jerky now that’s pricey so it’s like that’s a good gift I have no complaints about any of it yeah

it’s going great it’s a good gift yeah it’s really nice one time I did a show in Lincoln Illinois this was a few

months ago and they it’s at this this you know Lincoln’s a really weird town and like it’s named after Abraham

Lincoln and so they were doing this and I had this bag and I was just going through and it was this weird stuff and

I’m pull and I look in it and there’s a photo and I it’s an old timey photo and

I swear I go is this what I was asking the opener I go is this what I think it is they go it is I think and I go this

is John wils Booth they gave me a photo it was like a bunch of food and

stuff cookies and then a photo of John wils Booth and then on the back it said you killed in

Lincoln thanks for coming thanks for coming and killing in L like this is a really dark yeah gift bag oh that’s

great though yeah yeah it was that it was that photo is that with the the mustache yeah whoa like wow okay joh wil

boo you killed in Lincoln I was like it was before the show too so I was

like you don’t know if right you don’t know how this is gonna go I don’t want to tell you what they did when I when I killed in

Dallas um you got like a little convertible

toy yeah exactly car exactly uh well again my notes one thing I remember was

that George Lucas gave up some of his salary to have the rights to the

manufacturer of the toys because he knew smart Star Wars was going to be such a big huge hit for the toy makers and did

he gave up like I think like $500,000 of his own salary when he negotiated to do

Star Wars so he could have the right yeah yeah for the toys I think uh

Nicholson did that for the first Batman the first reboot of Batman whereas the Michael Keaton went he said I’ll take

this low salary but I want like 5% of everything of that has the Joker on it I

did that with this podcast oh yeah I told Nate I’ll do it for free but

I want 1% of every Nate t-shirt sold that’s fair want a Funko I made 40

bucks it’s been a good three years uh I guess that’s a good place to rap yeah

well we love you all oh you want to go around and say where everybody’s doing we got a couple minutes here start with

you Dusty this weekend I’m gonna be in um the Liberty Funny Bone in Liberty

Ohio Cincinnati yeah I’ll be there Friday and Saturday it’s going to be great throughout this month though I

have uh two shows at zany one on December 12th one on December 18th here in Nashville and then uh Salt Lake City

uh the New Year’s amazing Wise Guys how about it I’m still in the uh Christmas party circuit boom but uh this Sunday I

will be in uh I don’t do Arenas in Knoxville like Johnny but I am uh at a theater the beu theater opening for my

friend Karen Mills Karen’s very funny she was on the Nate land showcase yeah I

love the beu too beu is a fantastic place to see a show and Karen’s very funny Karen’s very funny so yeah come

check her out it’ll be a great show also at three o’clock in the afternoon Knoxville you know so we’ll see if we

can create a traffic jam I think you can do it uh how much time are you doing you think know 20 25 minutes get there at

3:20 it’s be up go to go to game time and get the the tickets that let you

know you can just pop in the sun’s gonna be shining through shut the door all

right this weekend Thursday Friday Saturday Chattanooga Tennessee everybody who lives in Chattanooga everybody lives

in the greater Chattanooga area or anybody willing to travel to Chattanooga Tennessee I’m at The Comedy Catch all

weekend Thursday Friday Saturday and then Sunday I’m gonna be in Knoxville as well how about that I’m in Knoxville Ali

Rays doing a show in Knoxville Tennessee so come see Brian then come see me right

after that yeah how about that how about it little double dip love it work on that grand slam how much time you

doing an hour an hour flat I should have ask you what time the show started first

it’s like my joke’s not going to work right what time’s the show sorry first seven yeah uh I am doing uh some

Christmas parties this weekend but then I have a show the 15th in Franklin uh at Generations church and it’s with my

buddy Paul Aldrich doing some time there and then I’m headlining zany on the 27th so yeah Johnny W is very funny go see

Johnny is very funny he was also nand showcase right and yeah he’s he’s great

yeah I’m trying to I’m trying to sell out Zanies I really want to do it I think we we sold a few so far already so

I’m about I got few weeks to go let’s do this yeah go see him amazing it’s a great Christmas gift yeah well you’re

tired of your family around the 27th Anyway come on out exactly bring your family I mean all come I Johnny dub is

very funny it’s a great show it will be a great show yeah and that’s going to do it for this edition of the Nate land

podcast we love you we love each of you individually and as a

group and we we thank you for listening none of this is lost on us and uh it’s

not about us it’s about you and um have a great H have a great holiday except

for uh trus and late and lose our number yeah we love you

thank you thank you for listening go see us this weekend all four of us

bye Nate land is produced by Nate land Productions and by me Nate baretti and

my wife Laura on the Audi boom platform recording and editing for the show is

done by genovations media thanks for tuning in be sure to catch us next week

on the Nate land