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Nateland | Ep #175 - Bathrooms

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Nate Baretti: Comedian and host of the podcast
Dusty Slay: Comedian and co-host
Aaron Weber: Comedian and co-host
Brian Bates: Comedian
Kevin Nealon: Comedian
Susan Yeagley: Actress
Kirk Herbstreit: Sportscaster
Brian Dorfman: Comedian
Chris Kline: Comedian
John Chris: Comedian
Dominique: Comedian
Bruce Bruce: Comedian
Mark Theal: Comedian
Vince Fabber: Comedian
Alec Parent: Comedian
Abigail: Nate's daughter
Laura: Nate's wife


Nashville, TN
Little Rock, AR
Chattanooga, TN
Bowling Green, KY
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
New York, NY
Nashville Zoo
Hermitage, TN
McMinnville, TN
South (U.S. region)

Brands and Sponsors:

Rocket Money: Budgeting app
ag1: Nutritional supplement
Aura Frames: Digital photo frames
Solo Stove: Fire pits

Events and Experiences:

Lucille Ball Comedy Festival (2011)
Last Comic Standing auditions/contests
Caroline's March Madness contests
Nate's theater shows in Chattanooga and Bowling Green

Jokes and Humor:

Jokes about shielding on stage
Observational jokes about Christian parents
Seinfeld Halloween trick or treat joke
Pastrami cooler smell jokes
Airport food choices/eating in airports

Media References:

Sha Shank Redemption (movie)
Forrest Gump (movie)
Mama's Family (TV show)
My Octopus Teacher (documentary)
Bill Burr "Justice for Coco" comedy special

Comedy Clubs and Restaurants:

Zanies Nashville
Caroline's on Broadway (closed)
The Comic Strip (Edmonton)
Meat (restaurant in Edmonton)
Skyline Comedy Club (Appleton, WI)
CB Live (comedy club in Phoenix area)
Tempe Improv (Tempe, AZ)

Products and Items:

Puka shell necklace (00:20:47)
TOTO Toilets (00:43:49)
Bamboo toilet paper (00:50:11)
Farmer's Almanac (02:04:06)

Stories for Comedy Sketches:

- Woman pulls drinks from bra during show
- Brian's awkward celebrity encounters
- Plumber stories after Thanksgiving

Main Topics and Themes:

- Comedians touring and performing shows
- Observations and jokes about everyday things
- Stories from the road
- Bathroom facts, habits and etiquette

Unique Facts and Trivia:

- Comedians write out jokes and bits in set lists
- Dangerfield would say "Hey, how's everybody doing?" twice to get into a rhythm
- Origin of the term "crapper" for toilet
- First flushing toilet was invented in 1500s but not popularized until 1800s
- Farmer's Almanac toilet paper hole is to hang it in outhouses


Full Transcript

Signature stage moves


today’s episode of the Nate land podcast is brought to you by rocket money solo stove


ag1 and Aurora frames Aura frames Ora frames a r a a a r a frames


Aura welcome to the Nate land podcast hello folks hey bear I was going to say


it give him a second Brian let him why you think I wasn’t going to say it because you always yeah because you always start with that oh I was G I was


gonna do it after I would have done it hello folks and hey bear welcome to podcast yeah I was going to say it after


the Aurora uh and then so then but I was gonna say it


after all right so I would have got it in there I apologize Off to the Races jump the gun hey man everybody’s getting


involved you well I figure everybody else was saying a thing I might as well here everybody you know who’s here Bates


all right Aaron Weber Dusty s all right uh people don’t like me doing that do


they not no they’re real mad about it huh trying to steal Dusty’s Essence stolen Val by doing that stolen valid


yeah you gotta get your own thing yeah yeah yeah we’re having a good time well the two of you have de facto copyrighted


so many things on stage that I there’s I there’s so few things I can do now yeah


I can’t put my hand behind my back everybody thinks I’m ripping off Nate no you haven’t copyrighted anything


but I thought you were talking about them too too talking about D thank you


so much I get told every day you’re ripping off Brian BS on stage I inv everybody knows I invented waving and


saying we’re having a good time and we’re having a good time is is a more common phrase Than People realize


sometimes you want to say that I know and they think I’m ripping you off is fun that people think I I invented say


and they think Nate invented putting his hand behind his back did invented yeah feels good that was the first to ever do


it yeah uh Shane puts his hand behind his back too Shane Gillis I haven’t noticed that yeah he


will too I think he said he was told me think it’s because I did it but it was but you just end up seeing something


that’s you know that you just do I don’t think it matters if you have your hand why I do this completely the opposite he


puts it low behind his I’m up high and in front yeah completely out what does


that leave me to do you got to come in the middle you got to do something about right here you got to do this yeah just


leave the hand right there that’s one way to do it well it’s uh yeah I did it


I think I did it to keep my hands out of my pockets or my out of my front Park and that’s what it started


from and then why do you not want it in the pockets you just didn’t like the look of that or feel I’m not saying


it’ll be in the pockets like if I have a hoodie on stage I can put put in the pockets yeah uh I don’t know I’ve been thinking a little bit more about how you


stand on stage recently like just you know I have it I you know I want I tend to want to put my this hand in my pocket


I want to put this hand somewhere so then that I just went behind my back and you know and even that last special it’s


like the the jeans I had the pockets were sold sewed shut really they’re fake


Pockets yeah and I didn’t realize yeah because I didn’t realize that they did that and then


like I mean in in the special I just go and I hit my hand on it and I go she sold those Pockets up I was told that


Jeff Allen once uh sewed the sewed shut his coat Jack uh pockets on his coat


jacket because he didn’t want to put his hands in there so he sewed a chut yeah I like to just move my hands all around in


a real distracting manner that’s what I like well depends on how you’re yeah it it depends on like what you know where


you what’s going on where you’re standing like you know when I was in the round on the last one it’s like I’m moving a lot more so it just feels you


know it feels better I like to do everything that they tell you not to do as a comedian yeah like Ralphie May


would say don’t wear a hat don’t have glasses don’t have a beard or long hair yeah that’s what he said I think so I


didn’t hear it people tell me he said it don’t have a hat don’t wear glasses don’t have a beard yeah or long ha


everybody has a beard now yeah well he said there’s all kinds of studies that show that you’re


trustworthiness increases the less distractions there are in your face that’s why politicians typically don’t


have beards is that you tend to trust somebody more who just has a clear face


I don’t want them to trust me yeah I think it’s your your well well you’re selling yeah you’re selling something


different yeah yeah untrustworthiness yeah you don’t know how the show’s going to go yeah buy a ticket hopefully it


goes well yeah they don’t know if you take all that off when you get home yeah could yeah yeah that’s what I’d like to do one day when


I do shave and cut my hair I’d like to do a show and then just kind of take it off midstage mid show just go you know


what I’m tired of wearing this yeah that’d be hilarious pull it off yeah pull off a whole mask and I’d be Brian


Bates that’s what we should do yeah and then you go oh that’s why he’s


doing it yeah yeah he’s getting jealous of his own creation yeah I mean the very


first comment on here is basically kind of what we’re talking about which we’ll get to but yeah uh well glad everybody

Caroline’s on Broadway and the National Comedy Center


here I went to the National Comedy Center in Jamestown New York this weekend uh because we’re were in


Cleveland eie Pennsylvania wonderful times there uh and this National this


this uh Center is awesome it’s awesome it’s uh it’s really you know you can do


a lot of stuff and they just have so so much


stuff like interactive there that you can go do and learn about comedy and learn about you know TV shows and they


have uh they have TV shows they have movies you can you can do who’s on first you I


was able to film a video I think I might have had it I don’t maybe I could show


but it’s like I just stand I sit there and with you know they take your picture and then you it’s like AI like you just


it looks like you’re standing with you know Abbott and Castell you’re which one


the big the big guys who but are I don’t remember which one’s which I don’t know


the tall one’s Abbot yeah okay castella so you’re castella and then you just read the lines but I mean it looks like


you’re you if you’re just faces in there that’s fun yeah and so it was uh yeah it


was it was just really cool cool experience do they have a Hall of Fame is it like a you can get inducted into


this Howes that thing was the best too the you you can get on stage I have we


have some video of all this but you can get on stage and like I did a Seinfeld joke and so they you I did the hall his


Halloween joke you know about trick-or-treating what do you know kids you first time you hear about it you


know it’s like what who’s giving brain candy who’s giving money everyone’s giving candy uh so then you go on stage


with a microphone that’s works and then it’s like karaoke but standup oh so then


it’s going like all right here’s it lights and shows you when to say it and stuff and you and then so people can go


in there and just try to be like try to tell one of the jokes and it was I mean it was super


cool uh that that was very cool and then they have they have Carolines on


Broadway in New York they have the they have the backdrop of Carolines oh yeah


and the wall so if you Carolines like did y’all you did Carolines I did y’all


didn’t did you ever go in there or anything it’s an iconic backdrop though I mean I can see it yeah yeah and it’s


it’s the see if me can pull it up I saw a photo of all you guys with it behind


you and I thought how did y’all I didn’t realize that’s where that was where was the photo oh Michael clay posted it oh


yeah uh I don’t know if they’re going to have you can just do the Carolines I’m oh yeah just to see it looks like well


that’s the logo right there yeah because they would have just got it because Caroline Caroline’s shut down and um


that club just it was it was yeah that back I mean it’s crazy man it’s really


really crazy when you see it and like I was I didn’t know they had that and so


it’s me veon uh Lan Patterson was with us who’s


uh very very funny great great great dude great comedian and Lo but L he’s


did Carolines but he was in LA so but me Julian Mulla Mike veon Gary verer and so


we all turned the corner we all were started there so none of us know that


this is in there yeah and I don’t they I don’t think you know it’s not like they knew that they but they didn’t no one


really thought of it and we just turn a corner and it’s like the four of us are like oh my gosh dud like


we stood against that wall for years


years when I was standing line and we spent the night for Last Comic Standing once stayed out all night spent the


night go down there get told no leave I mean just the the the contest


the like the they had the March Madness contest Julian won the first one the first year I won the second year uh I


thinked it one year I hosted it one year verer won it I think one year Mike veon came in second place we brought brought


that up quite a bit Yeah in the Jerry Seinfeld comedian it’s it’s yeah I would


have liked to have done that car I never even went it’s well you can go stand there and like because you you would if


you leaned against the wall you could put your hand like guys would grab you’d always like grab the kind of back the


wall there’s like a place where there’s a hole because the Wall’s white I mean I was really like the they had the they


had bar stools in there from there they had a like it’s just the real background


they didn’t just create no they gave it to oh that’s awesome Caroline’s closed which was


just I don’t know I mean it’s just you know New York and I think it’s just is in Time Square it’s the craziest spot


for a club to be in yeah uh and then New York’s just become so Time Square


specifically probably is insane to try it’s a pingpong place now oh okay so


they do ping you can do you can play pingpong down there that’s fun and then just get my whole my whole upbringing


you just walk down there and they’re like what’s up pingpong yeah that’s sad and you’re like I saw you open for Bruce Bruce there


yeah yeah you say Bruce Bruce did I emphasize the wrong Bruce Bruce Bruce yeah you that’s the first


Bruce Bruce Bruce there you go that’s Bruce yeah I told that story right they


called his name I was in The Green Room and uh I was hosting sold out and I met


him I met him briefly very nice and then you know I was a new comic so I was just staying out of the way and so then I do


it and then they go uh or maybe have feature something Mark theal might have hosted and then Mark you know goes give


it up for Bruce Bruce and I’ve never seen this he doesn’t like I’m I’m standing against


the back wall and he’s not coming out of the Green Room yeah and I’m like I’m like I don’t know if he know


and I almost and thankfully I did not but I almost was about to be that joke


as we they called your name name you but I wish you would have done fun but I


thought like I thought maybe he didn’t hear it and then it’s like no there’s music playing he let the music get to a point yeah then he walks out and it’s a


whole and you’re like okay I believe he had a guy in front of him and behind him yeah security that he was bigger than


yeah uh I opened for Dominique one time and she would do that I would announce her name and my wife said that she saw


Dominique like Dominique like was in the back of the room like poured something in her drink mixed it up took her to I


had no idea I’m like Dominique and then I’m just standing there I’m like what’s going on here and


then she eventually makes her way to the stage yeah she’s very funny too Bruce Bruce was one of my favorites though


he’s very funny yeah very funny I mean would destroy well that’s when I mean I would learn a lot during that stuff is


because you learn that it’s a show and that’s what it is like it’s the that that little extra buildup that little


extra everything is part of the whole experience yeah and so you’re just you


know and then seeing him walk out to music and then he sings The Last Song The Crowd sings the song and you’re like


yeah dude it’s it’s a pretty special thing like you know and you’re like and then when you see it you’re back there


like oh that was awesome like okay I used to watch him on Comic View all the time and uh and then I when he came to


Zan when I first moved here I went and saw him at zany’s and it was like man he just murdered hard yeah it is wild when


I hosted for him I could feel the I could feel the room vibrating on my feet from the Green Room yeah he was killing


that hard I remember the feature his feature uh I brought her on stage and


then she walks out there and she goes uh uh she goes uhuh I came all the way from Cleveland that’s how you’re gonna bring


me out what we’re gonna do is a redo Aon get back out here so I come back out to


reintroduce her and the crowd’s like going nuts so I like give her a super over the top intro and then she comes


back out and I I was just started so I was like God did I mess this up yeah I was thinking that the whole show and


then she comes back she’s like nah I do that every show like well let me know next time so I don’t feel bad about


myself the whole time but man this did she do it again other show yeah all six shows that weekend so you would then


start playing into it yes I would give her a a purposefully bad intro the first time cuz I knew I would have to do it


again you’re a great guy for that though because you can turn it up if that’s me I’m like oh I don’t know how to bring it


up a different way I I mean young I would have I would have been it would


have been I would been like I you know it don’t I I would have went back out and been like this is the energy I have


yeah this is all I got I don’t know what you want to do yeah uh yeah that would


be tough yeah I mean it’s yeah be like well I wasn’t really prepped that we’ve be doing two intros here oh dude by the


end of it I was hunsville Alabama are you ready yeah see you’re


the perfect guy for that yeah thank yeah yeah that worked out uh yeah it’s


talking about murdering like it’s like that’s what’s so wonderful about comedy like just in a room and just


people not being able to breathe because they’re laughing like there is not there there really isn’t I don’t think there’s


anything better than that because it’s the most honest you know they don’t want to be


doing that that’s what I like about it mm I mean they want to laugh but when


you can really get the crowd going you’re you is you’re they’re they’re past the point of going like I don’t


want to be laugh it’s an involuntary reflex yeah yeah yeah yeah that Aeron sent me some video it’s a lady and she’s


going out and she’s like pulling drinks out of her shirt and she’s got a glass


in there Jam yeah and it is like it is I’ve never seen people laugh so hard in


my life like how would you you even follow your own uh opening joke you got to do a set after that yeah yeah


yeah good stuff it’s tough to go from that and be like well I was in the Home Depot the other day yeah yeah you got to


start with whatever you start with is like got to be your you gota kind of ride that through yeah and make sure


you’re able to sustain that yeah short sets you could do it long sets are a


little bit you got to do an hour after that yeah I think we’ve all seen Comics though that have hit a prop on them the


whole set and at the very end they pull it out you’re like you you HD that the whole time that was not worth it yeah


well Chris kilan you know that we all know he famously had a closer where he would pull a rose out uh of his pants at


the end of the show that he had had in there the whole show I mean I’ve worked the road with Chris all over the place


that would murder for him every time I mean he might not even have the best set


the whole time but at the end matter end would murder I mean he had a little


dance that he did and it was like every time I mean I watched these uh hotel


conference room comedy shows we would do and I mean it would just he would just


he bring a gown stage and dance around here yeah yeah yeah yeah he I worked with him too yeah yeah it would


destroy John Chris tells a story I don’t think he’d mind me saying this but Chris kilan opened for him once buried him


just with that closer buried him so hard and there was no green room so John went to the bathroom and he sat in the


bathroom after the show just so he wouldn’t have to see people and just one by one he’d hear people walk in and go


man that last guy stuck he’s in the stall


hear I love that yeah good stuff yeah I mean that that closer that he had I mean


it was a killer the yeah so the comy Cent Jamestown New York is where Lucio balls from and uh it it was very it’s


very new it’s five uh you know it’s like five years I think I they had the Lucio


ball Comedy Festival I was I did their first one 2011 or when they it was the 100y year Luc ball would have been


hundred years old when I did it uh and so uh because they were GNA make a thing


about her there and then she’s like well you should make it about all of comedy and so it’s you know this Carl Riner


stuff they have uh Mel Brooks they have lot like a lot of that stuff they have some Seinfeld stuff but I mean the fact


how much they show a stand up it’s really I mean really really interactive like re just some fun little


things and they have they have like a blue room downstairs which I thought was


kind of cool it’s like you know because you you want families in there and stuff but you know the art to the dirty they


have you know you gotta your if you’re not old enough your wristband use a wrist brand to open the thing your wrist


bin would open the door so have a kid try to go down there alone okay a parent can take a kid down there yeah but it’s


like but then once you go down there it’s it’s its own like kind of thing with you know more George Carl and stuff


and roast and all that kind of oh yeah like that kind of stuff uh George


Carlin’s Scroll of euphemisms here that’s really cool well they you know the cool thing too was like they for for


us comedians I’d imagine for you know I’m I’m sure everybody but I could you could see the notes of like Dangerfield


like one of his like notes in set list wow that’s awesome so you’re seeing them that you’re like oh they wrote their


like you know I write a set list out they also write a set list out and so


they wrote you know uh he wrote you know uh hey how’s everybody doing and he


parentheses two times so say it twice like that that exact wow which I never


did that but it’s you know how you doing how you doing but his J his his act when you see it now you’re like yeah it’s a


rhythm based so it’s kind of like I bet that gets him those first he probably needs those two


lines to get into his rhythm and you get into his rhythm is what I would imagine


and that’s why you’re like go up there say it how you doing folks how you doing folks the other day you know and then


you’re just you’re into that and that’s like what you got to do to get them in you know but it was interesting to see


Carlins he had some set some of his sets there and it’s just you know these guys


wrote all this stuff out and it’s just like you know in your head you don’t know what they were doing back then but


it’s like no they were they were prepared they were any of your stuff in there no I have a video I was in a


couple video interviews we always think about interview for him they one of your Puka shell necklaces yeah yeah I left my yeah well


you think about these I left the Hat on accident and I was like I’ll just see what happens I just walked out I go oh


Dro My Hat hope I hope it’s hanging up in there somewhere they mail it to you


yeah you left your hat here yeah yeah y’all could have kept it like this is a


hat Nate wore when he came to visit and they’re like what yeah it’s not no one wants


that I I think I I could I’ll probably give them stuff if they let’s see I


didn’t have anything in there I don’t have anything in there it’s it’s all the guys that have been around for a long


time but yeah I mean you would definitely eventually if hopefully if it continues give them stuff it be a lot of


you know signf it’s very very cool like you know standup that’s what when the


interview I talk like it’s standup is becoming its own thing it’s a a much


more mainstream thing than it ever has been so something like this is people


are going to want to go see it and they’re going to want to go you know and see you know and and actually get to see


how hard you know not to ever act like we’re do something hard but how in exact


comedy can be James Gregory always said that there’s more people that do brain surgery than do stand-up comedy for a


living and I don’t know if that’s true but uh sounds good it may be yeah let’s hope so I’ll counter with that there are


way more bad comedians than there are bad brain surgeons I had i’ say I’ve seen a lot more yeah yeah well because


anybody can be a bad comedian that’s what I’m saying but I mean I think that’s what it is he’s he’s saying like


that do this well professionally right more more brain surgeons to do it professionally


there’s like a level and it’s the amount of years where someone has to be and


that is a special yeah that’s like to bad brain surgeon kills somebody yeah


you can’t just there’s not like Open Mic brain surgery you know yeah I think when


you’re on the show up yeah you don’t you don’t just update your Facebook profile to be brain surgeon yeah you know yeah


that would be yeah I don’t think I think you go from nothing to Madison Square Garden and bra yeah there’s no buildup


you know not even a radio City in the middle nothing yeah they go they let you give it a go on baits they go like when


he’s when he’s uh 94 they go all right we got a guy that’s he’s like I’ll do it


I’ll let you mess around in there the open mic of Open Mic yeah maybe they do maybe they have you know maybe there’s


there just a guy John Smith brain surgeon Facebook page yeah you not even done surgery yet are you calling


yourself a brain surgeon yeah maybe they’re people are hard up for brain surgery they’re like I’ll let anybody sh when you go do the $5 haircuts yes it’s


maybe they do that maybe you go yeah I I’ll give it a go $5 doll brain surgery you know it might be worth it yeah yeah


just for the practice that’s right uh were you go do you remember


what you gonna say or well I was gonna say about you know you’re talking about set list of uh of people doing it’s like


you always think of these people as like Legends and and you know like Rodney Dangerfield but it’s like at some point


you know they were real nervous about doing a comedy show they were like you know he has these famous Johnny Carson


things where he’s sitting on there and it’s like but probably you know that was worked out a bit and probably uh Rodney


Dangerfield was nervous doing that now we watch it and we go this guy’s amazing and he is but he was probably nervous


before he went out there oh yeah you know and he said no respect and it’s probably because he probably was not


getting a lot of respect for a long time well he wasn’t I mean he was 50 right yeah so he was on up there yeah yeah


that’s his hero yeah yeah it is I mean I love give me a break yeah 39 yeah J you


got a too quick yeah what are you talking

Weekend recap


about uh you I was in Little Rock Arkansas uh at the studio theater


Saturday night great show a lot of folks came out somebody brought me I meant to bring it to you I forgot a Ziploc bag of


leaves to give you oh yeah so that’s what people are bringing now come on now leaves get me the leaves he’s like I


brought you something I’m all excited what’s it going to be it’s just a bag of leaves for you maybe it’s a new merch for you yeah sell Dusty’s leaves after


the show or maybe a currency you can uh pay for things with leaves oh are you still needing more well I don’t I don’t


need any more but I’ll take them okay people want to put their address they live in Nashville and they want to put


their address down I’ll come pick them up I mean you might have too many people trying to get yeah how many leaves can


you have well you know when you mulch them down if you run over them with a lawmar they really kind of go down to


nothing so you can use a lot and I have nine acres out in McMinville that I can spread leaves out on I’m all about it I


would like this to get to a point where it’s a problem though where you have too many leaves yeah I one day in this


podcast we go all right dead serious everybody I can take no more leaves I go


I don’t know how to else to say this but we’re good on leaves I have had more


success in the neighborhood though people are uh giving me the leaves words getting out yeah and so I’m not um I’m


not being a you know like my neighbor next to me let me Rake his leaves the one that didn’t want you to no no a


different different guy yeah and then my other neighbor he said I how nice is that he let you rake his leaves yeah


well it’s like yeah I mean actually he had really nice grass you tell him and you had to say thank you well he said


thank you to me too but I I was thankful that he gave me the leaves and so you’re going to put them on nine acres well how


often do you got to do this well you know they only come in the fall so you know I just thought I got a lot out


there it’s like you know in Tennessee we got a lot of hard clay right so it’s not good for planting things you gotta if


you can build up a little top soil that helps so that’s what the leaves do they break down over time so what do you


think in 2064 you’re bit of of flow no I think in a year you


can you know you can do it you can get a a good layer going no what what’s in your backyard in Hermitage what is what


is that you want it to be Wildfire fire yeah I got yeah Clover wild flowers I want it to be real uh bee friendly uh


rabbit friendly so you won’t be mowing it at all well I got I’m going to do like the back half a lot of wild flowers


you know so the front I do want some lawn for my daughter to be able to run around and play in but she gets just a


little you think the rabbits get more than her well you know they could share some you know my daughter likes that too


though cuz we get butterflies and we got bees and we got uh you know she likes the rabbits she chases the rabbits


around we got birds I mean it’s fun it’s a good time out there I’m gonna try to


put up the bat house tomorrow oh yeah that’s yeah that’s gonna be exciting


yeah yeah that’s a lot for the neighborhood yeah I’ve decided against I feel like in a neighborhood you’re like I hope we don’t have bats and they’re


like we got one guy that wants the bats to come he’s building them a home well you know people spray for mosquitoes


they spend all this money on pesticides or mosquitoes and bats will just eat them yeah and they can give you rabies


and do other stuff yeah but how often do you really hear about someone getting bit by it I don’t think people cuz


they’re not attracting them to their home I was going to say I don’t hear about people building houses for them in their backyard that often there are


though okay have you who’s you’s have you seen someone have a bad house well my sister has one her he go he go as we


go down this one branch of tree of the dusty sleigh family you go but I’m also


you know I’m not talking to a lot of people about it yet so word’s getting out I’m sure people will message and let us know they have bat houses okay does


your HOA know about this no but I mean they’re allowing chickens and stuff like that it’s like if you’re gonna allow


that you got to let me have bats yeah I we should go to this HOA meeting and you


the chicken and the everybody’s got a vote one of them’s got to go yeah and then you got to make your case for the


bat well I I decided against the Owl House in the neighborhood because I was told they will kill chickens so I didn’t


want to kill the neighbors chickens even though I would really love to have some owls I think that’d be a


lot of fun yeah owls would they get mosquitoes too no they’ll kill rodents and stuff oh so so you could have both


yeah that’s how big is this house it’s not very big you know like and then the the B A Bird Box yeah but like a


slightly bigger bird box and then the bat house is a real thin thing yeah you


know and I don’t have the cuz they say in a neighborhood you’re probably not going to attract a whole family of bats


so they got like what they call kind of a bachelor bat house or just some random bats can live but not a whole family


that’s fun yeah you’re getting the worst bats yeah yeah getting the Naro Wells of the yeah they can’t yeah they can’t even


stick with the family yeah I think it’s going to be great if it if it ends up being bad I mean I’ll retract my


statement yeah I hope you you get rid of the B yeah yeah I’ll come in here and I’ll go I was wrong yeah you won’t


because you’ll be dead well yeah I mean if the yeah if the bat kills me you’re


only be able to do this podcast at night


yeah yeah I mean maybe I get superpowers yeah yeah I mean that could be something


huh anyway I was in Little Rock


I was uh I crossed the border man I was in Edmonton Alberta was in Canada all


weekend very fun I did five shows at the comic strip they were all four of them


were great and uh man a lot of people came out it was like it was exciting to


uh to be in another country doing comedy I was at that mall for four days and I


was going a little Stir Crazy by the end there what happened with the one yeah oh the one was just okay oh okay yeah you


went to meat I did go to meat and other people recommended meat too and meat was


pretty good it was great wasn’t it did you do the thing that I was saying with the the pickle and the mustard and the


meat on each bite oh yeah they had all that set out there on the table yeah yeah it was a really good spot Edmonton


uh I they make you think everybody’s going to be speaking French in Canada I know that that’s the case other places


but Edmonton just felt like it felt like Iowa yeah very blue collar Montreal is


where there yeah it’s more that SI but when you fly into Edmonton they’re doing the announcements because half the


country or the Montreal that side is a lot of qu that’s all French speak and


some people in Alberta speak it but it’s I’m not running into bilingual country


everything has to be in French I was saying on stage they did the announcements in English and French and I looked around the plane I was like I


don’t think you need to do yeah you might need to do English twice but yeah yeah I didn’t run into it at all people


are great thank you to everybody do one more French yeah Alberta is a real like ranching uh


part of the country like I think they do a lot of that’s where the culture wall is from that country singer that’s oh


area yeah I never heard the cter wall no no he’s just culture wall the Canadian


I’m like a old man with the Facebook yeah the the Facebook yeah the Kroger


the Canadian accent’s crazy dude like the people that really have it it’s wild I met a guy from Saskatoon on the


elevator sason and I could barely understand what he was saying he’s very friendly guy but I didn’t have a clue


what he was talking about told me his whole life story but in the elevator yeah he saw I had a bag with a sticker


on it he’s like I don’t know dude I don’t speak


French yeah you know but it’s like their version of you he got to talk to his


version of you like whatever the it’s really the same version of the person you’re like I don’t know if this is


going to go good y y’all might be on the same ideas but yeah your your your accents


are going to be wait he had a French accent no he just had a real thick Canadian okay you see I don’t speak


French I was like yeah okay I was just saying I didn’t understand it as English


I got you but anyway yeah great weekend thank you to everybody that came well I did uh I did a theater show in


Chattanooga at the Walker theater sold out was great a lot of fun uh saw some


old friends in chattanoga Eric lonez came out hang out a host for The Comedy Catch Eric


loon Eric loon yeah and uh he came out and then we um and then I did Bowling


Green uh theater in Bowling Green the sky pack yeah was awesome a lot of fun they gave me I got a gift basket from a


candle place and I forgot the name of it and I meant to talk about and a guy gave me this hat off his head uh is that Nate


on it uh it does look a bit like Nate on it I don’t think it is though there’s a chance I might have was supposed to get


tickets for someone to that show for you okay well in Bowling Green yeah my buddy Patrick well I hope he made it but I


don’t know if he did it was a great show I did an hour I well I don’t because I but part me I was like yeah yeah let me


see like because I’ve known Patrick since I’ll always started and then I I


don’t think I’ve ever got past that point and now that you’re I just picture Patrick


outside I mean like no no no I’m friends with Nate yeah well I did an hour and 25


minutes at that show and I’m like that’s what I’m talking about I’m I’m in the theater Vibe now I could easily be up


there for two hours you let your opener do three minutes yeah I mean that’s where I’m that’s where I’m at I want


someone to just go out and bring me out what you you want to be there for two hours I I mean I got I get into it I


love it out there I probably should just you know sell enough tickets to do two shows and that would satisfy it but uh


yeah it feels good I mean I’m out there yeah what do you have just one one opener yeah yeah in Chattanooga I got my


my old friend from Charleston Vince fabber to come and uh do a set too and uh that was fun do a you know have a


buddy that kind of started comedy with me but he doesn’t really do comedy a ton now he’s getting back into it but like


started comedy with me where we would work these the road shows where no one would show up and then we would split


the money and now he’s opening for me at a soldout theater show oh my that’s pretty awesome yeah you get to show them how much better you


are yeah who’s that awesome four yeah we know who that’s awesome for me I guess


yeah poy I was thinking about him while I was saying it but I guess it is just awesome for me yeah yeah yeah you gave


him no money yeah I was like hey you ain’t splin


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37:02 Nate that’s rocket Nate one more time rocket

37:08 Nate I wanted to say though at the bow and green show we had a driver still doing time we had a I know I can’t


stop we had a driver pick us up from the hotel and take us to the venue and she was driving pretty wild yeah and we me


and Alec parent uh the guy opening for me we both got a little car sick uh on the way I mean I get vertigo and stuff


now I’m like I I I could never do an amusement park I but he got real sick


and like so he was supposed to do 25 he ended up doing 15 and he was like I


could see him on stage he put his code on I mean he was struggling he was a he’s a pretty uh high energy guy and he


was real low energy he was trying he was fumbling on his jokes and he would look


over at me and make eye contact and I just be dying back there I mean I loved it and and uh yeah he was struggling how


long was the drive eight minutes oh did you that I mean I got a little I was


like oh gosh what’s going on here and then but I was fine were you sitting in the front uh yeah well that the front


that that the front helps a lot I mean I’m always a little sick at my stomach but if you’re in the back you can really


get hit with some car sick yeah so yeah so you that makes sense cuz you were in


the front yeah but it’s I would think he jumped out of the car he goes was that


driving insane or what and the woman’s still standing right there and I was like well maybe we’ll get inside to talk about driving like a maniac yeah well


she probably nervous because you jumped up front uh that’s true you go yeah just


I mean the whole thing was that was a probably not a great Vibe yeah I’m sure everybody was happy to get out of that


car uh this week start your comments uh Dallas Owen I spit out my coffee when

Comment roundup


Nate said breakfast looks like the character in a video game game before you pick anything if Bates is the character


before you pick anything then Dusty is the character after you pick one of everything that is you get all the


accessories great Point great Point uh M MCN noton MC Matt man that


those that’s a lot yeah Matt mnon that’s a lot of stuff Matt M mnon as a that’s a


mouthful in itself if it was Matt notton it’d be easy yeah it’s Matt mnon to you got to be I bet he’s spent a lot of time


in school where they go Matt he just has to go here they go it’s


fine he’s here we had a cat run away once a year later someone put a missing


cat poster up on our complex bulletin board it was a picture of our cat


someone else wants our cat too that’s funny that’s very funny I think you just got to kind of Let It Go yeah like a I


get it that cat’s free wants to be on the Run yeah yeah it’s like a bad house yeah


cats w Really they don’t go in families either no I don’t think so I mean maybe


you could put up a wild cat house just see what comes I have trouble picturing your neighborhood in my head I I picture


my neighborhood when I was in Hermitage but it was a CAC it was you know yeah I’m in a too sidew no sidewalk in my CAC


okay that’s all I needed to know the Sidewalk Ends before you there is a sidewalk in the neighborhood but it ends


before you get our that that says a lot we’re culdesac though we’re all buddies down there no no I yeah I’m not I but


I’m just saying the vibe of culdesac that would allow chickens and bat houses and all the stuff you got going on uh we


don’t encourage Walkers down there yeah I I don’t yeah in my head you’re I’m


picturing you know a sidewalk neighborhood and but then what you’re


saying I’m like it just feels weird to fit in that sidewalk but when you say there’s no sidewalk it’s like kind of


like don’t I try to give people a dirty look when I know they don’t live in the culdesac but yet they’re driving down


there I try to give them a dirty look like what are you doing down here well they’re probably trying to see the


wildlife you got going on over their kids yeah yeah I just I still do it though yeah you’re like the BBS yeah


that movie I go what’s going on guess which part you are Patrick McCormick Aaron shouldn’t


worry about the awkward Brad pigsley meeting who meets someone and ask and what do you like to do it’s like asking


how have you been this year how have you been this year is kind of a good


question yeah I mean it’s more of an honest question when you see you know the Casual qu you see you go how’s the


year been going it’s going great it actually would feel that actually yeah


actually might be a nice thing to say to people because you got to be like we’re everybody’s busy you go how’s your year


going so far Year’s going great you know it’s better than how’s the day yeah who cares about the day nothing nothing


how’s your this person might have just got me into asking people how’s your


year been going which is a much more interesting question well he had a lot more that I cut out I mean he was saying


basically that’s a Santa Claus question like how have you been this year how was your little brother oh okay which I get


thata I like the idea of you walk into a gas station with the cashier goes how you doing you go how’s your year B


that’s funny to me but I do like it but I mean I think just for your acquaint


that you are seeing would be a good like if you see a comic at the airport or something how’s the year been how’s your


year been uh but it might even be a good question at a gas station like how’s your year been going how’s your year


been is a three times is a good question in like March but in November that’s a


weird question might be tough yeah how’s your year been you mean the whole thing yeah well well yeah then it’s a then


it’s a better question I think because now you have more to reflect on yeah you then go you know not been bad I go uh


the beginning of the year is still slow summer we you know I went on a trip in summer so that was nice and got Christmas and then you’re like all right


you kind of almost can capture that person of who they are yeah now if you catch a wrong person it’s like it’s been


tough you know how’s your year been going but they tend to like to tell you too yeah they’ll find a way to squeze


yeah they they yeah they they want to just say it they want to go how’s your year been they’re like I’ve been waiting for this yeah I’ve been walking around


basically wanting people to ask me this you get you get it with that just saying that if the person can answer it I it


would probably take a long time to get people used to that question but if someone’s like how your years you know


seems like how’s my year been going yeah it’d be insane you’d be like you know did was it Bridgestone this year SNL


it’s been it’s been just wild they go man that’s yeah it’s crazy uh yeah you’re the wrong person to ask yeah yeah


you’ll really bring people down yeah yeah I don’t know I think it really it’s


a question that would catch people off guard people are ready a lot of people are ready for a small talk answer with how’s your day going maybe even how’s


your week but how’s a year going people are like what I do think it’s it’s up it


how’s your decade been yeah how’s it how’s how’s your family well you how’s your family been has would be a year to


fiveyear question if you came up and ask someone that how’s your family been that might be a 20 year if you see someone 20


year reunion how’s your family been that’s that’s a giant question to talk to me about the development of your


family yeah go for a question like that that’s a crazy way to word yeah tell me


about the development of your family dude yeah they leave he goes I don’t think Dusty knows what a family is he’s


trying to get answers he goes what is a family to you you remember when I um was

Brian’s awkward celebrity encounters


think about awkward encounters with celebrities I’ve had many yeah when I met the the Titan guy who lived in my


building yeah and so you can only imagine how this goes a guy who asked for an autograph of another high school


student right there was a Titan his name was Rashard Matthews and he uh came to


the Titans he lived in my building I met him when he was moving in and they were showing him around it was in my mail


room I got a little too excited and I was asking a lot of questions he’s being very friendly at first and then I kept


going a little too deep so I was like uh cool cool cool you know and I was tell I was like what unit do you live in and he


got real quiet real quick and I could real I realize like he didn’t want to tell me so then I try to help him out


and I’m like uh you don’t know yet he like nah I I don’t know yet which is ridiculous you just gave him an out yeah


answer but uh to me it’s like if you lived in HOA and you’re in the HOA


office and somebody new moves in you’d might ask what house is yours so to me it was the same thing but yeah but a


house is more committed where an apartment is more I don’t people are coming and going I mean people could


live there for six months especially aied a football player could live there for a month yeah especially the day you


move in yeah what unit I’ll help you yeah how soon did he move out right well


pretty soon but I doubled down because he lived one floor below me and found


out yeah yeah and I so I was you go I’ll just look into it I was always around so then one day


I’m downstairs and it’s early morning just happened PK suban walks out now PK suban played for the Predators one of


the more famous hockey players NHL and he’s got a fur coat on a big hat and he


comes out and I like PK and I’m like hey could I get a selfie with you and he was very nice and why I don’t know why I


said this because he was coming out of Rashad’s floor I said were you visiting Rashard I don’t know why I said that and


he didn’t even answer he just ignored the question but it was the dumbest thing for me to say yeah this was before


he had a family that’s why he this is why the family has really helped baates out I don’t since then I don’t think


it’s as bad is like you know you had you had a lot of free time and so you see PK you’re like hey


I’ve been outside 12 times hoping to see somebody that’s how you recover now you go oh I have a family yeah you go you


visiting Rashard and he looks at you weird you go I have a family I have yeah now well now you don’t with a family


you’re not as like you you just got you know you got your family to think about


your life and family to think about Brian says he’s had plenty sense well I mean when one of my biggest pet peeves


is when people go up to famous people or comics and say you don’t remember when we met you don’t know me I hate that


when Kevin nean was on this podcast before we started I kind of did that to him he sat down now Kevin and I have


worked together twice I thought he would remember me he did not and then I


thought oh he’s going to feel he’s going to remember it eventually so I’ll just go ahead and tell him so I was like oh we work together and then he’s like well


oh we did and he’s like well how how we and I said well through through your wife which is such a weird thing to say


yeah and I met his wife because she was in The Green Room at Zanies and she was on Parks and Recreation and I remembered her he’s like how do you know Susan I


was like from Parks and Recreation which sounds like that not a good yeah like you don’t hear that oh from TV from a


poster on my wall well I thought it sounded like I worked on parking wreck or something and he thought oh no I


don’t think he took that yeah I what he that’s what he think thought man Nate’s got some kind of


Staff down there this guy left parks and wreck to go host a podcast because what kind of what kind


of podcast is this maybe that’s why Kevin did it maybe he regrets doing it now because he’s like I thought you guys


were the guy hopefully he’s not listening to this episode is ruining it I didn’t know I was mean the showrunner


for parks and wck and yeah we got him down here I just kept digging deeper into it what hotel you stay about what


hotel room you and Nate hanging out later where you going you go I know from Parks wck you’re like oh I get it I did


not work on that show like then he’s gotta be like oh yeah I didn’t think you


did I didn’t think you did I thought you were asking generally the way you’re asking which is the wrong way to ask


yeah the parks W that’s funny well anyway it just I kept digging myself in a deeper hole so there you go so don’t


feel bad about Brad P yeah they always say whenever you think about your own awkward moments try to think about


somebody else’s awkward moments and it’s pretty hard to do you know what I mean you just think of me and it help no I


don’t I don’t even I can’t remember I mean the stories you tell are funny but I can’t think of anybody else’s weird


awkward moments you know just something to think about Brian Dorfman I saw him chastise a comic in the greeny Z’s Green


Room for doing that wasn’t me but uh uh Kirk herb Street came in the green room


and the guy was kind of like you don’t you don’t remember like what we met Kirk’s like oh I’m sorry I don’t and


then when Kirk her street left Dorfman said don’t ever do that I mean this guy sees a million people yeah it’s such a


weird thing to do it’s like really you do meet a bunch of people I remember a lot of people but it sometimes yeah you


don’t and it’s oh it’s yeah I you might see people a few times a year and you could and then be like it’s just not


because it’s out of the context because you see them that’s the thing with we’re seeing them in so many different places


yeah that’s why it’s so hard to remember I remember I went to the place but it’s


like oh we met we went out to eat after and you’re like I went out to eat every city in America this year yeah and so


like I mean maybe I like I mean odds are like I’m saying you won’t but it could be as big as that you’re like no we hung


out and you’re like you know it’s like I nothing that you’re trying not to but you’re like I don’t know you know you


just you’re thinking of I mean I forget my whole I thought this weekend I I don’t know my I I don’t think I could do


the hello world special right now I was was like thinking about that if I had to go do that if he was like go repeat that


I don’t I don’t know if I could yeah my brain is so into this new hour that I


would I’m like I don’t think I could even start I don’t couldn’t do the


shields joke I kind of remember the jokes but it’s like I couldn’t do the shields joke I don’t think I could do I


wouldn’t remember I even the Christian parents like if I got the Rhythm started


it would take I could get it probably quicker but I have to really go work at it somebody yelled out a joke to me in


Bowling Green one of my older jokes that I don’t do it all anymore and I was like I was like I’d like to do this joke for


them but it took me a minute I went through other jokes while trying to think of how this joke went and I did


get it and I did it but it took me a minute it’s like I don’t just know all the jokes so that’s how you get into an


hour 25 were you taking requests you go I I did do that one joke yeah I mean that that joke was like that was joke


was like a minute I mean yeah I mean I’m ready I got lots of jok I mean it’s like


I I don’t know I love the theater world is fairly new to me and I’m uh soaking


it upo yeah I’m into it I had a real ego check this weekend I have a long bit


about beef jerky that I’ve been doing for a while and this guy sitting in the


front row at the show I looked during my set I look down he’s got a huge bag of beat like a huge bag of beef jerky on


stable and I was like oh did you bring that for me and he’s like what yeah


I go you bringing for my beef jerky thing he goes I don’t even know who you are he just bought a bunch


of I was like God I feel like an idiot I’m like oh this is so cool this


guy brought me beef jerky a it’s just a guy from Canada yeah I’m good man did you do have the beef jerky it went great


I worked it into the thing yeah yeah it was good and then he gave me some after really good just right out of the bag


right out of the bag just some loose ones just yeah been touched by a bunch of strangers hands yeah yeah it was solid that that is uh that describes


Canada I mean Edmonton real beef country yeah the fact that a guy that you’re that comfortable would bring a bag of


beef jerky sitting it on a table on you don’t have it under your seat it’s beef jerky smells oh yeah yeah yeah that was


like we did my dad my Abigail they went to my nephew’s basketball game she


posted a picture of it but he’s eating a hot tuna sandwich that he made from home


the gym in the gym and they’re just his my dad’s hair is a mess he’s just eating his hot tuna


sandwich and you’re like Dad there’s I mean everybody GNA smell that tun because I’m watching my


grandson can’t have a hot tun sandwich can’t have a can’t just eat hot Tu I mean you know


I went with a comic on the roow one time Jim Seward and he put uh he had uh Pastrami and a cooler in the car and


every time he would open I love onw me but every time he would open this cooler it would just fill the car it it was


making me so sick I’m like it’s disgusting like of all the meats to put in a cooler you put pastrami in here


yeah yeah that that’s that’s what’s hard about packing your lunch or packing whatever is because uh it’s this smell


yeah and it’s like when they’re like oh you have a cooler and you do it and you’re like I I don’t want to if I smell


it that means everybody smells it I don’t want to get used to the smell that I don’t even know what’s happening so


you’re just walking around and you’re like I don’t you know I mean yeah they on a plane is like that’s I mean they’re


Laura will do it I think on purpose oh yeah with me she’ll bring something that I’m like we can’t be eating that on this


oh yeah yeah the charlot airport has A popey’s Chicken in it and people buy that and bring it on a plane and I love


fried chicken but I’m like it’s tough on a plane risky move yeah yeah that’s I


mean but it’s it’s tough that they just to put it in there that’s a tough one for people people to just not I mean


because at air airport is the only place where you’re like well I’m going to starve to death so you can make the most


excuses right it’s the hardest place to stay eat healthy I’ll eat PF Changs at 7


a.m. yeah because you’re like I don’t what am I what am I gonna do I can’t do this and so to have a popey next to it


is like what we gon do how do you avoid smelling like smoke well last week this


is very exciting I’m glad you brought this up Brian uh last week the West Coast legend himself Snoop Dogg


announced that he is done with smoke it’s over he’s eliminating it how could that be that the dog father could be


going smokeless well we learned this week as it turns out that he is going smokeless but not in the way you think


he’s actually joining forces with our old friends the makers of the world’s most popular smokeless fire pits solo


stove and has even been coined their official smokes person it wouldn’t be


Snoop if he didn’t Drop It Like It’s Hot which is exactly what he’s doing with the Snoop stove a limited edition


bonfire fire pit designed by Snoop himself each custom fire pit comes with


a going smokeless bucket hat and limited run of stickers I need to order one


before they sell out run don’t walk to to pick up the limited


edition fire pit and join Snoop in going smokeless for good that’s solostove

56:28 all right droing like a that was a fun read yeah uh all right


Thomas eers or did I do Patrick McCormack yeah oh yeah Thomas e e ears


ew RS eors uh Dusty you said you wanted a back


calling to take care of mosquitoes but your neighbors won’t be happy with bats and if you get tired of them the cost to


relocate is very expensive how could it be expensive yeah just take it down


yeah you should get peacocks or guinea hens oh they eat not only mosquitoes but


ticks and other bugs as well each year the peacocks shed their feathers so you get free peacock feathers which you’re


already in the hole buying those so guiney offer an excellent security


system as they will let you know whenever anyone comes in your yard well Thomas this is great this seems much


easier than bats yeah peacock’s pretty fun peacock is fun and who couldn’t use


some extra peacock feathers yeah yeah you know what I mean he might maybe’s saying the cost to relocate for you is


very expensive what do you mean your he says your neighbors won’t be happy with bats


and if you get tired of them the cost to relocate is very expensive if you get tired of your neighbors the cost for you


to relocate is very expensive uh I don’t know I think he some about the bats well then what does that mean why was that


expensive you just take it down maybe cuz you’re I mean’s he might be picturing a bad house like I’m picturing


which is a shed type house that yeah I picture you trying to get like an old Clock Tower yeah like if


yeah if you’re like well I got four bats I mean four bats might not they can’t do all the M yeah this is a very small


house it’s just that like it’s like the wood is really close together and that’s what bats like to be able to get in


there and hang down yeah but is that many you need a lot of bats to not have m I don’t think so I think a couple of


bats could eat a ton of mosquitoes yeah what about Spectre side well spe I just


am not really into pesticides these days you know forgot where you came from yeah


I’m trying to go pesticide free you give her ticks too and other bugs I mean well


I’m into that I mean I you know if I had some land I would be into some peacocks guies I I think it’s just I think a male


peacock oh I think it’s a different kind of species altoe I mean it’s


yeah I think I’ve seen guinea hens and people’s yards the we’ve lost our connection there I think a hen in itself


is a female okay yeah all right look it up GL got to the bottom of that uh Richard


maroy ma El maroy Brian should consider apologizing


for saying Coco the gorilla killed her pet kitten the truth is it escaped from Koko’s cage and was run over by a car


wow when it was signed to Coco that her kitten had died Coco signed bad sad bad


and frown cry frown sad trouble coko was also heard later making sounds similar


to human weeping Brian wow wow you should apologize I hope no one says that


you said that to Coco well I did I got it wrong I got Coco mixed up with


another ape that killed their pet so I do want to apologize Coco’s no longer with I want to post if Coco’s family is


listening I want to apologize to them or anyone else yeah Coco’s immediate family that heard me say that I apologize maybe


don’t sign it to Coco that the cat died yeah and Coco doesn’t yeah why even tell yeah yeah you ever see that video of


Robin Williams doing comedy to Coco he’s killing to another species oh really


yeah appar Bill bur has a speci tickling it funny and that he’s like laughing I mean that’s that’s impressive Bill Burr


has a special where he talks about this and I think it’s called Justice for coco or something like that oh okay Robin


Williams was very hairy I think so he could be part Robin Williams yeah he a very hairy


guy saying that’s why he connected with yeah guess his whole comment was just


making fun of the dad Coco and Robin Williams he pulled


him in here somehow Taylor Collins I used to babysit for my cousin and my aunt had an African gray parrot it was


very smart and would make the sound of the phone ringing and then shouted my cousin’s voice and say mom phone oh God


gosh what a nightmare that’s fun good job reading that comment yeah yeah that was solid


dude I mean you emphasized it yeah oh yeah the mom phone yeah SNL the acting really paid off the acting’s coming out


it’s coming out uh Annie halcom I love that Dusty brought up his future worms


on the pets episode I’m not allowed pets in my apartment but I’m dreaming of


setting up worms outside this spring for food composting as a newcomer to the Pod this


felt like a sign I’m in the right place here H you’re being into some more other stuff yeah in the right place I mean


keep listening to the things I say and then get into that stuff y I mean that’s the way to go I’ve not set up the worm


farm yet but the I do have the tub now so it’s it’s on it way where’s the tub


tubs in McMinville it’s it’s uh unloaded yeah it’s unloaded I unloaded a cast


iron tub out of the back of my truck by myself wow I’ve been working out yeah what do you do you ever sit at home you


ever had you feel like you got a lot going on yeah we’re moving around a lot I mean we like to get into it yeah yeah


I noticed from listening your podcast and just your special you you go to Michaels a lot still very funny that you


have a podcast yeah I like to talk you know I’m a bit of a talker it just


everybody go check what’s the other one Michaels and


what’s the other one you got kicked out of Joe I didn’t get kicked out Jo Fabrics yeah and you’re always looking


for picture frames or fabric yeah how me picture frames well you know I like to frame stuff and sometimes they have


deals buy one get one free but they also they don’t make it very clear what the


deal is so often I take the frames to the counter and I go I just want to make sure these are on the B I want get one


free list and there and and but in the back of my mind I’m like I know they are but I don’t want you ringing them up and not being they go oh well not these yeah


and I’m like well not these why you got signs all over the whole area yeah I


mean it’s like be specific about it I walked out I W I just walk out picture frames I leave them with the frames yeah


I go well all right then get your signs right what do you think is GNA happen like let’s say you get Super Famous


everybody knows you do you think you ever just stop it or you just this is what they get like you ever well I hope


that you know they’ll just remember that I did this when I wasn’t famous yeah you know and don’t how you hav’t changed and


don’t make it like a Fame thing it’s like no I’ve always been difficult in a retail




man fame’s gone his head no no no you’re biggest Defender no he’s always been difficult yeah yeah any kind of store


he’s a you don’t want you don’t want that guy in the store famous or not famous exactly he tip badly when he didn’t have money yeah yeah yeah I’ve


been in I worked in retail stores too much you know I’ve been I know how the


employees are in there from working side by side with it’s like don’t don’t play


this game so uh a uh ish Mendoza ish Mendoza seemed


like it’s GNA be a hard name not not as bad as a good one yeah ish Mendoza brand muffin said Chowchilla


instead of chinchilla Chowchilla is a small farm in California town about 40 minutes north


of f Fresno messed up Fresno yeah I M say chinchillin I do know my grandmother


lived there for a couple years when she was little wow what you believe that I don’t


crazy when this is like the 19 teens Oh I thought 1850 yeah no not that far she


was one of the first people out there yeah she went the for the gold yeah the go oh CH chill has a very famous thing


happened well I don’t know how famous but uh a school bus of kids got kidnapped and held hostage and the


hostage takers buried them alive in a rock quy wow got darker as it w but they all they all


survived oh oh God bad bad news baits coming ends up well so in live Moore


California well that’s where they got buried but they’re from Chilla look at that look at that it’s got the 1976


chill kidnapping for ransom money and they were asking for ransom money and then the kids they spent 16 hours


underground that’s brutal and you’re you told it like it was a positive day it


ended up good yeah that was 47 years ago so these kids are probably about are


they your age maybe or how old were they I don’t know how old they were five to 26 children 5 to 14 so 47 years ago some


of the so some people in that bus are your age so we could be looking at a Chia Chilla victim right here your


grandmother not moved yeah as your grandmother moved you would be this is the exact age you would have hit it dead


on you would be Chia Chilla I’d be a hero you think those kids got their parents to drive them to school after


that or they were still like I I I wish I could take you but I still have to work it be like you trying to get an


apartment you’re George stanza versus the Andrew dor Survivor but you’re trying to get it from one of them they’re like well we were underground


for 16 hours how many people go underground on a normal bus yeah yeah how many hours on


a regular bus are you underground 30 40 come on all three people who did this have been paroled they’re all out


walking free w as of last year wow so they’re still out there at least


they’re reform that’s what you hope people understand younger people and they they you know do crazy things those


guys were in prison 47 years of their life yeah you go in they and and and


they obviously had to be older it was the quarry’s owner’s son


and two of his friends so it was like younger kids that did this yeah but yeah they were in their 20s it’s too bad for


the kids I mean the the dad yeah but it’s like he drug his kids along man


yeah and they were like all right well Dad says we should do this so let’s do it yeah that’s tough man that’s you know


you you really honestly you hope kids like I don’t think kids think of stuff you know where you’re like man your


whole life those kids go in at 20 and they’re not out till they’re 67 70 years


old sh yeah that’s real your whole life is and then you and you get out at the end just to be like here’s the end of it


yeah and you get go to prison in 1976 and then you come out now like the world is completely changed different place


you won’t yeah yeah yeah you’re getting a senior citizen discount shony is not even around


anymore finally you go you know what I look forward to going to shies yeah he


goes I hope they’re around what are you out of your mind that was the pop in this place like you could never imagine


that they would go into the ground yeah you think this point it’s only better imagine what you thought the breakfast


buffet would be yeah there’s a couple still left yeah shy was shony was nice


it’s a great name yeah Pike still there is it oh I don’t know it’s shony was


like a we we didn’t get to go much but man when we it was like it would be a big deal like he like you gotta go to


Shy’s you’d want to go every week but a big boy that was called the burger was


called the big boy was it big boy oh maybe I always got the kids fishing chips I went as a kid yeah and just


stayed the same yeah uh who’s that ER this is the the Victory Parade for the


survivors yeah make trap them on a float for 16 hours some of the kids don’t look bumped


about it yeah uh I don’t know can we walk around a little bit no no stay on the float don’t get off the


float and he goes yeah yeah but I mean you know we’re just kind of kind of


antsy that’s wild yeah that is crazy uh Chad M Mangum mum mum Chad


Mangum manum like Dad Gum manum Chad manum man gum I love the ongoing debate


of who would blend into which sport and I would be interested to Circle back to Aaron being a Long Snapper you can


fine-tune the snap to be quick and accurate but what about punt coverage


the average punt travels 45 yards and the Snapper is the first guy down the middle of the field can Aaron make the


tackle or at least Force the returner to go wide no I don’t think I’d succeed at


that part of it I have a hard time thinking you’re gonna still be the first person down the field yeah you might be


the first guy that can run but you ain’t I I’ll get a head start on everybody but I’m not getting


down there yeah yeah I think they’re gonna it’s GNA be like go look that Long Snapper barely makes it 10 yards what I


took it as if you saw me standing on the sideline yeah in pads and somebody said that’s


the Long Snapper that’s that’s the closest chance I got to blending in that’s got to go play see that’s what


I’m saying I think I’m on a really good team we don’t punt that often the debate yeah is the debate who would look


best in the uniform or no no I think it’s you got to play yeah see that’s what I think I love dude I love this


idea and I’ve thought about it a lot and so I want to see maybe one day we can do something like it’s uh but it’s


like to sh shoot something or because I I do I think it’s very fun I’ll do the swim I’d like to train a little bit but


I also if I do the swim and get embarrassed by other swimmers I need Brian to be out on a professional soccer


field yeah yeah well you’d have to it’d be very fun we could try to shoot it where it’s like you have a camera that’s


you know like a kind of a far View Camera swimming would be easy we get


everybody’s a professional swimmer and then you know and maybe you have to put


your hair up in that thing so no one could tell your hair yeah I mean I’m fine losing I’m F Well I’m fine losing


well that’s how they’re going to pick if you go if everybody’s wearing the proper things one guy’s in a


t-shirt but I’m fine losing and swimming yeah brought my own shorts cut off jeans


yeah as long as I get to see Brian on a professional soccer field yeah you would


I mean then we’d we’d have Brian go play like probably you know whatever level soccer would agree to do this wouldn’t


it be amazing if he were really great though like if this whole thing came down to Brian is actually a great soccer


player I mean yeah it’d be amazing if there was peace on the


world what what are we talking about you saw him go up and down the


stairs I don’t know what you he’s G surprise you out on the field well again I never claim to be a great soccer


player I I can walk around out there but I think yeah I think he would a ref is


what you a ref be NFL ref for sure anything NFL is a long way to run he


might do good even NBA just stand down the right field line yeah yeah Fair yeah


there you go yeah that’d be good yeah right yeah baseball someone heard us talking about this like baseball would


be a good one because you you know you can just you know baseball it’d be go stand out in right


field uh I mean it’s that was my whole life yeah yeah stand out right feel you


go do keep it going your cut off man’s 10 feet from you yeah that’s how close


he’s got to get there’s two cut off man he goes I need to I gotta run I need to


run up he goes throw it to the cut off way I can’t get to the cut throw it to the center fielder here you throw it in


yeah you throw it to a man in the stands and he throws it hey could you throw this in for


me uh Mike Evans pet housesitting is a major part of the traveling plan for my


wife and me we use a couple of websites like that connect pet owners to willing and vetted


caregivers The Exchange is the opportunity to visit a location and stay in a home and a neighborhood while


caring for the home owners home and our pets believe it or not our most recent travel took us to Nashville for our very


first time we got to be a part of new material Monday at zany and her Dusty


and Aaron all right that’s awesome that’s the show I’m thinking that was a hot show they didn’t say whether or not


they enjoyed it yeah they didn’t comment on the show at all yeah they did see it this could have been an angry the beginning of an angry email yeah you


know I signed up for this when I first quit my job I signed up for trusted house sitters to go to different cities


I don’t think I ever actually did it but I thought you would switched apartments with someone I did that too a few times but I also signed up for this you helped


me take a picture I didn’t have a dog and they wanted photos of you with pets so Annie was over your house


and Sho with Nate’s do Nate’s Dog Annie and Nate took the picture for the website it’s crazy you didn’t get it wow

Least favorite animals


funny funny the name is trusted house sitters and your whole thing is based on a lie yeah yeah that’s why I didn’t get


it they can see through me yeah that is true these guys might be good they might be real good yeah uh Shelby Parker Aaron


and octopus is also my least favorite animal they creep me out so much and I can’t even watch them on TV you


perfectly describe the reasons that they’re the worst that got me wondering what is everyone’s least favorite


animal uh I don’t like snakes I mean I guess that’s a popular one but yeah I don’t yeah I don’t know


uh I don’t know I don’t but the think the snake doesn’t have near human intelligence you know that’s the creepy


part of this for me yeah yeah I I guess I don’t think of creepy with an octopus because it’s like anything underwater


you’re like they don’t feel gross to me or something like oh really stay out of the water yeah they don’t feel yeah I


mean they could scare me but I get the idea you could talk I could see how that’s like not yeah that’s well I


reacted to when somebody had an octopus in their house that’s what I’m saying so like an octopus they don’t I’m not


frightened day to day by octopi okay because they’re in the ocean yeah you know somebody recommend a documentary a


couple people did that you should watch I think it was called Mr octopus or something my octopus teacher whatever


yeah that creep me out dude oh didn’t work okay i’ check that I’d check that out no oh no see this is creepy to me


too I I never really thought about that with octopus but that’s pretty creepy octopus teacher is this dude that just like swam around fell in love with an


octopus in thece oh okay no I don’t like that n that’s what the movie’s about it’s the whole he developed the


relationship with an OCT people be marry an octopus yeah it’s getting us close to that isn’t it it’s getting close to that


is it I don’t think it’s like a romantic love but he just they just become infatuated with each other what is it


sounds like I think it was nominated for an Oscar it was a very well-received documentary oh it’s a real thing oh


yeah my octopus teacher well I’m ready for you to pay me my 20 bucks here soon


I mean that’s coming people said it already happened a year spent by filmmaker Craig Foster for forging a


relationship with a wild common octopus in a South African kelp forest it won


the award for best documentary at the 93rd Academy Awards so it was a it was a


big deal but it’s uh I turned it off about halfway through I couldn’t handle it I didn’t like it I think I would agree


with why because of the octopus it the whole thing just creeped me out and was weird and um yeah once you learn how


smart they are think that what if she was every time she went there it was a different octopus and she never


knew I mean how do you really know yeah they say octopus can how dides she know


which one itself they just go to the same spot well they have distinct markings and it would be in the same spot and it it got to a point where it


would come up it would come up to him oh is a Gody and and just let it follow it around and like where like in the


ocean it says the he walk around in the ocean and it would it would in South Africa yeah snorkel down with it yeah


just hang out with it yeah spend time with it it’s like it’s friend and became friends with


it that would make me want to watch it more than what you you described it as like he fell in love with


the he did but I mean it’s like his buddy like a The Way You Love a dog I said it wasn’t a it’s not a romantic


thing yeah but it was like it’s more than a dog though it’s different yeah it’s different because this thing


because it’s smart watch this after sh but he loves it like a dog watch what this after shaa I’ll do this


first what Cherry this would it would really upset me if you watch this before you watch sha Shank Redemption dude what


do you think that octopus has seen sha shank already watched I mean it’s


already won an Oscar yeah yeah yeah they watched more than shank won yeah they didn’t win an Oscar


no because they were it was the toughest year ever to be nominated because Forest Gump just won everything oh but I


thought I thought sha shank was the best movie ever sha shank was a flop at the box office and didn’t make money at the


time it picked up steam later Ted Turner bought it and he put it on TNT forever and then DVD sales came


out and it made a lot of money after the fact kind of bombed at the time yeah terrible name it’s a tough name if they


should do it they they should name it something else well I don’t know now I think it’s a great name because it’s the most you recognize but if you know


nothing about it and you just see Shaw Shank Redemption that’s what probably that’s what’s kept me then maybe I would agree to if I saw it what’s kept me from


watching is I just pictur some whole heavy sounds pretentious like yeah it does yeah does sound pretentious but


it’s it’s great uh Brooklyn St stabel


stable stable I bet stabile because there’s a an i yeah


stable but an i after the B stab I bet there’s something you’re


doing a little something at the end stabile yeah I don’t think you’re just going stable I think you’re doing a little something at the end I think you


get to the be and you’re like you better yeah hold


on Brooklyn Stay Stay by B my mom is


majorly depressed oh boy and St my mom is Major depressed and needed to get out


and be around others so I invited her to join me on my six-hour drive I put on the podcast and she said that she had


never watched any of Nate’s standup we proceeded to watch every special we could find for the remainder of the trip


and the Nate Melody made the time go by faster and had her crying with laughter she had she said she hasn’t laughed like


that in a long time and I think it was really healing well that’s the best wow thank you Brooklyn uh yeah I love yeah I


mean he did man here people laugh it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a very


rewarding thing to hear I can tell you that it’s it really does mean it means a


lot in hearing stuff like that because it’s uh that’s why you do it that’s why you do it and you really do and you


really do do it for that and that’s what I’ve enjoyed with as you know doing standup is like you’re just like


because you can just I mean man when you’re just hearing people going you’re like it’s it’s it’s you know you just


feel it’s really you know feels it’s great it and it and it fuels us to be to


keep wanting to get back because you’re like I just want to keep you know giving yeah and I think if you laugh a lot if


you’re around people that make you laugh you can really take for granted that some people aren’t in those environments


but they’re not laughing a lot so really they really do need a comedy show yeah and they really get to like go man that


was you know feel hopefully feel the relieved and the happiness and you know


just can move forward all right d you want to tell us about ag1 I sure


do if you were a big Nate land fan you know that we’ve been drinking ag1 for a


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that’s drink Nate check it out it is a lot it when


Aaron laughs it seems like I’m not serious but it is a lot to take a bunch of different things when you can just


mix it up and drink it MH and get your DK get your D3 K2 supplements I mean


that’s what I’m talking about yep all right all right this


week it’s Thanksgiving week sure is we’re all going to be with family different places I thought it’s a good

Bathroom facts & trivia


time to talk about bathrooms oh man most important room of the house yeah it seems what yeah this I mean I did never


this is the first time hearing about this one you didn’t know that’s what we were doing no I think yeah I don’t know how far it would have made it if I would


have known well you know it’s a it’s important topic and uh bathrooms are


called different things in in different parts of the world it’s relatable because you know we all use it that’s


right unless you live in an area where they don’t have them but you still use the bathroom you


do I’m guessing if that’s the case you’re not listening to this podcast that’s probably true yeah well yesterday was World toilet day oh okay and that’s


to bring attention that much of the world still doesn’t have access to right


and what those people want most is for us to know about it yeah just dive into


the history of it they’re like they’re like yeah we don’t have it but we’re still not going to have it but it’s good


if you know that we don’t have it yeah what is the world uh toilet day though it’s because how many people don’t have


toilets I know other other countries and stuff and they do it but then you also want to go why can’t we get them toilets


yeah well I think it’s not the actual toilet but maybe the piping and all the I mean dererk and them they go over


there and they do a lot of stuff and build these communities up right now there are 3.5 billion people still


living without safe toilets 419 million people still practice open defecation


one of my toilets some unsafe toilet


yeah yeah but what is World toilet day is about accelerating change by doing


whatever you can take action today and share the campaign with your with your with your


people I guess it’s just it’s just raising awareness break taboo talk about the


critical connection between toilets water and you know yeah it’s yeah yeah


it’s uh you know those toilet tabos yeah I understand like uh I just think


how you can’t have how could you if like what is the


plan well for one let’s stop putting uh food waste oils medicines and chemicals


down our toilets well that’s true yeah we got to stop doing that right compost


yeah get into compost it’s about being the change that’s right and see that but


it’s like but I thought the big thing was like let’s let’s talk about I could see if it’s World toilet day it’s like


hey here’s how you do toilet but like they want you to give money and I just don’t it’s like I’m just saying like


how’s it going to get to the toilets but well it’s got to work its way down buy


if I give this thing money people running the organization for sure going to get can I buy five toilets and be


like and they go just knock on the door and bring a person to toilet no I don’t think that’s what this charity does yeah


I don’t know if this is I mean there’s not even a place to donate on here I think they just really just want to I thought it said give money but just like


to your on your own do whatever make your commitment and be the change I bet that’s where you give the money oh yeah


they they disguise the word donate yeah it’s probably a monthly thing you don’t you don’t just give one time you got to


sign up this is the unat dog is it United Nations yeah it would be like that’s what I’m


saying is I would like to if that like I think that’s what happens is when they’re like well three and a half


billion people don’t have toilets in our head you’re like then how come we can’t just like let’s go solve that and I


think everybody would be like yeah but but I just want how’s it just I want it to be done right so that’s you know and


I understand it might I want to hear about this next year but but honestly you go let’s get it done like let’s go


okay that’s the giant thing then let’s what do we got to do yeah laid out the plan they were like all right in this


area all we need is this much money and we can get it built then we could all donate to there and then we’ll say all


right is it done and then if it’s done then you can go all right well let’s start doing this everywhere yeah yeah I’m with


you I am shocked to hear it’s that many people I think they’ve made great strides over the last few decades and


getting people access to I mean I don’t yeah yeah last year was 3.7 billion now


it’s 3.5 billion no just made I’m saying such a huge number yeah yeah


but I mean yeah it’s like 3.5 still living without safe toilets but 49 million still practice going outside


well I do that so half of those practice going I I pee outside three or four times today so that means yeah I mean


half a it’s not that late in the day so we’re going down so right now we’ve already cut it down to three billion


because half of them are trying to do it outside half that’s that’s what that says yeah half of them are like that’s the main thing this is where we do it we


do it outside uhhuh save yourself some water


mhm well anyway bathrooms I don’t want people to die I mean that yeah but it’s I don’t understand what a


safe toilet is I’d like them to Define that a bit better I think just a toilet yeah like just running water it’s really


it’s a running water you have water you’d have all this stuff which Derek my all everybody over there they go and do


a lot of this right stuff so they you and go build up be a lot of mission


trips and stuff like that yeah but it’s always like that kind of thing where you want to go I believe they are all doing


that kind of stuff and I have trouble I guess with this thing specifically being like well what are you if you’re this


big thing what are you doing it’s probably they’re probably very unsanitary a lot of these non-safe


toilets and disease probably spreads um but bathrooms are more than


just toilets they’re showers they’re sinks yeah keep going yeah bath mats


yeah yeah bath mats sometimes they’ll have a floor tile in there thank you Dusty yeah uh they’re called different


things in different countries Australia anybody know what they’re called in Australia a washer L yeah the Lou is it


I was just water closets that’s England well they’re cut from the same cloth


okay well they call it a dunny a dunny I haven’t heard I don’t I didn’t hear that


they got to go run to the dunny real quick yeah internet Canada it’s a washroom


yeah uh Japan it’s a bjo all right dite stuff right here boy


we’re rolling well the average person spins between six and eight times a day


in the bathroom six and eight times yeah you got to be hydrated out here you


gotta be drinking the water I bet so all together you think that no well it means


for anything to go in and like look in the mirror to go in and brush your teeth well I think it’s you’re peeing that


feels like a lot of times if you’re drinking if you’re properly hyd my age it seems low look on this podcast I I noticed


like you guys Brown would kill for six days he goes sign me up where can I get six I’ve done that since I’ve been here


but on the podcast you guys rarely drink your whole mug of water every time I drink the whole mug of water Nate often


brings a refill of water so I I bet you’re not properly hydrated I think I’m doing all right hyd you no I bet you’re


not I actually make an effort to to do it how much you drink uh about a gallon a


day you need a gallon yeah I think it’s how do you do it you have a big thing I


have water bottles and I drink eight of them yeah you know and you don’t pee eight times no


you drink eight bottles and you don’t pee eight times I don’t I don’t all count I really don’t keep count maybe I’ll keep count the next you hold it for


a long time to build sometimes I do yeah sometime well I don’t do it for a reason yeah it’s just sometimes like I want to


make sure I only pee four times today yeah doesn’t go how you pee a lot


of time 20 times a day 20 25 yeah no dude no I don’t know that’s that’s your


whole day every time you walk by bathroom do you think about it might as well go


might as well go I’m about to sit down so I might as well do it before sit down yeah that is good water’s delici is good


water water delicious I love water I know I have friends that don’t they tell


me they don’t drink water I never drink water and I mean I’ve been doing it for


the past year like trying to it’s hard I cannot do it but I mean man when you want it it’s and and I I’ve started


being able to feel the sodas and the stuff that dehydrates you and you can feel coffee like this kind of you can


just be like afterwards you’re like I mean that just felt like it sucked so much out of me yeah so I mean I I


understand it I get I get needing it I only drink water and black coffee that’s


what I like and when I would have cigars I haven’t had cigars in a month I would have a like a ginger I’m nicotine free right now oh


yeah it feels good yeah yeah I’ve been a little more intense but it feels good yeah yeah yeah that’s where the bat


house stuff is coming from yes why you looking for stuff to find


interesting well we’re on episode 175 you said stuff that’s silly I love I


love bathroom uh the first flushing toilet was invented by a poet Thomas


Crapper wasn’t that his name he’s the guy who I swear to God that’s his name I was get to him next but he’s the guy who


really refined the toilet but he wasn’t the inventor okay he brought it into a different League the last name crapper


faded away shortly after that well I mean no I think well was it was it used


that way before him I think I think it I think we’re paying homage to him that’s what I’m saying like the last name oh


but you yeah they stopped using it yeah they’re like we’re going to go ahead and change this well he is like the yeah he


ref finding he ran a plumbing company in England and he made it a lot better and


there’s legend that World War II soldiers from America saw the signs everywhere and say


I’m gonna go use the crapper and that’s how that came about oh but I don’t know if that’s true or not I saw crapper


Plumbing signs all over all over England yeah but the guy John Harrington he’s


probably like well that’s not it’s like a mix of good and bad for business where


you’re like you people are aware of your business but then you’re also being like


that’s not the best word to yeah have associated with your business but may back then it was not associated at all


bad yeah I think it was just now crap has got to be a real bad yeah that’s what I think you’re you’re like uh


you’re crapper you invented it and then they start calling at a crapper and then you’re like oh I don’t want my last name to be this


anymore oh he held nine patents three of them


for water closet Improvement such as the float okay a lot of this terminology is


pretty wild he in improved the s-bend plumbing trap in 1880 by inventing the end I mean this guy you trying to


downplay his involvement Brian but this guy revolutionized the revolutionized that’s a good word for it yeah yeah yeah


I think they put his parents name his parent guess he had one parent uh


Charles crapper old Chuck crapper I mean but why would they only put one


parent and then they I don’t know and then and but I feel like his name is like you’re like what you know I feel


like wikip is like Thomas Crapper and then and everybody’s gonna be like well who’s who is that his wife kept her


maiden name yeah his spouse is Maria green that’s why you don’t see his mom green green crapper oh so maybe that


crapper name went down quick yeah uh yeah his his father Charles was a sailor


he he prin to his brother George I mean there’s no talk of his mom I guess they don’t know she might have not want to be


a part of this in 1904 crapper retired passing the firm to his nephew George


crapper and his business partner Robert Maher whum that’s a tough name too oh


yeah like weam like it’s not you know it’s like you you would hope it’d be like a cool


name to be like all right offset it uh well come on down a crapper and weams


uh can’t crap them wear them yeah we going on down here uh yeah


that’s uh yeah that’s tough man and yeah but I think you got to put his dad’s name in there just because you’re like


you almost believe it it almost has to show you I wonder if they do it because it has to show you that this person’s


real yeah because you’d be like they’re making this up and then that’s all they got to do you go they’re not making


making up his dad’s name was Charles crapper that also could be made up yeah but it’s but in your head you’re like well if he had a dad named Charles


crapper then I bet Thomas is that too yeah oh was World War I soldiers excuse


me that’s okay um but back to John

The first flushing toilet


Harrington who was a poet and he was the godson of Queen Elizabeth the First and


he wrote some risque poems so they banished him from the court and during his Exile this is in the 1500s


he built a house and devised installed the first flushing toilet he called it the Ajax and then eventually Queen


Elizabeth forgave him and visited his house and he showed her his new invention and she tried it out and she


liked it so much she ordered one for herself and when you say you’re going to the John it’s because of John


Harington oh man and pora John P yeah yeah this guy really really made a


splash so so this was invented in the 1500s and it


wasn’t until Tom Thomas crafer came along that it really got revolutionized 400 years yeah it took 400 years to


really take it to the mainstream yeah maybe people didn’t really worry I mean we couldn’t get worried around back then


yeah it’s pretty uh I mean what a different time this guy was exiled for writing risc poems risc poems imagine


caring that much about a poem yeah you kick somebody out of society for while the original cancel culture back then oh


man i’ like to see these poems now I feel like one of our early podcasts we


were talking about what’s the greatest invention was it you that said the toilet or was it Nate and you said air


conditioning oh I I’ve always been an air conditioning fan okay yeah I think we debated over which one was more


important yeah if you’re living in the South it’s tough to debate the AC thing cuz I always thought why would people


live why would they settle up in Minnesota and Wisconsin with it being so cold but then I realized like before the


air conditioner why would you settle down south yeah a lot of them didn’t until until the AC if you track like


population growth in the South it’s after air conditioning central air got used that’s when it really started taking off yeah because you could


actually live down here comfortably couldn’t do that for a long time yeah yeah brutal yeah that would make sense


you’re like you got to go somewhere in between yeah yeah you got somewhere in the


middle my grandmother didn’t have air conditioner in her house in like the 90s and in Alabama oh my God we would go


to visit her and you just have the windows open with a oscillating fan yeah it’s brutal yeah didn’t you say your dad


had an out house yeah when he was growing up yeah I can remember out house at my church when I was a kid wow


what yeah so if you had to use the restroom during service it was outside


yeah yeah that’s a good way to encourage people to not go to the bathroom during the service yeah I didn’t go very often


yeah I mean this was yeah it was in the 80s I’d actually be a fan if you could have a really nice ouse it maybe should


be separated from the house a bit like a little air conditioned shed out


there I mean just your neighbor is watching you walk


out to the middle of your yard with a newspaper


in the old neighborhood is like oh boy get the kids get the kids here he go


he we’re about to hear some Screaming going on it’s a little earlier than usual he must have got into


something going out with a cup of coffee wanted separate I mean yeah your


family might want it separated but I mean you don’t need to put that on everybody your whole these people in the


neighborhood just see you you got your open bathrobe newspaper horse with no name


yeah yeah every morning you hear that playing as you’re walking out as you’re


walking out walking down there Bill how you doing he’s walking to his I mean just I think people are too


comfortable in the bathroom I do think I I don’t like it what do you mean I should be the place where you’re the


most comfortable though right I mean no I’m the least comfortable oh you’re talking about a public bathroom yeah oh


okay say met like your own bathroom no no no no a public bathroom I feel and I feel like people are too comfortable


yeah in it and it’s like what do you see them doing in there I mean just I mean just acting like they’re at their house


or like that no one exists and you’re you know because especially with men because men have got this like kind of


like you know this is what we’re doing we’re not who cares what we are and you and you just have that like oh let’s


just be normal for two you know just everybody kind of keep to yourself don’t be a problem or don’t be like you know


you know I read a list of bathroom public bathroom etiquette and most of them was just don’t talk to anybody no


matter what not at the sink whatever just get out before you talk in and out in and out yeah even if you know them


just don’t talk to them while you’re in there yeah now which which stall and which Journal do you think would be the


cleanest the middle one uh I tell you I think


it’d be the the one closest to the entrance and the exit because I bet that


I think I I think I’ve looked into this at one point when you when you want privacy you’re going to go as far away


from the door as possible so I imagine that’s going to be the dirtiest one and it’s going to get cleaner the closer you


get to the entrance yeah I can see that Clos and that one’s going to get clean the most yeah it’s the first one oh yeah


well see I would think the middle one especially if there’s three I guess if there’s three urinals like you don’t


want to walk up to the middle one no so I would think that one would be the one that would get used the least you’re


going to and you know what’s funny is like everybody listen to this because you’re gonna mess me up too now uh now


I’m gonna because I would always go I would go farthest away because I’m just trying to be in a


corner for a urinal or a I mean everything you talking about a urinal both both yeah anything and everything


you’re trying to just be because I mean when you’re up there in the front it’s you’re you’re in the the high traffic


in the the mix of the mix yeah but you’re going to for someone like me now you’re going to go to the public bathroom like I’m going to end up being


at the front of the urinal and I think a lot of people listening will end up you just got in our head enough just saying


that that you’re gonna be at the first one you g see a lot of like hello folks at the first Ur yeah you get it yeah but


I’m not really and the and then the guy goes you’re not supposed to talk in here you’re not concerned about the


cleanliness of a urine although necessarily you’re not touching the UR uh well you you you will notice the


cleanliness of like the ground in front of the Ural that kind of stuff I mean I’ve seen I’ve seen some nightmares man


yeah I’ve seen some bad bathrooms would you say that was a an unsafe Ural I felt


unsafe the before for sure man what about bars I used to go to bars where they would just


have troughs I was like I hate the trough I think that’s still in Europe I think


they have a lot of them like that I couldn’t do it the trough yeah I don’t I just don’t understand it like you know I


think Vander but maybe these people don’t have bathrooms for Royal toilet day because there’s people we haven’t even moved from troughs yeah so now that


I think about it I might be like you know what maybe I’ll give them money because I don’t know like that does make sense you’re because it’s not like you


know every like a house has toos or whatever those fancy bath toilets are or


whatever it’s like the ones that lift up I think it’s called a Toto I don’t know that it’s the


uh uh it’s the it’s like a bedet and it’s got like all kinds of Toto Toilets


yeah and it’s like it’s automatic like you walk through the door and it’s like automatic oh they open up for you yeah I


mean some of them you know like they’re that one says it’s got a tornado


flush I mean what that’s you what kind of flush you got I got tornado FL high


power bookmark this real quick that’s an unsafe toilet yeah yes it is that4 that


one on the left that one on the left it’s a with tornado flush an elongated bedet yeah dual flush


with tornado flush seat included that’s good yeah it’ll be like the thing will be


heated it’ll be when you walk up to it it would just wait Have You Ever Wanted heated have you ever set on one of those


I’ve been in a hotel I’ve had a been in a hotel that had them it’s it’s not bad a heated seat though it’s nice I like a


heated if it if I know it’s not heated by the person that was just in there before me that’s that what do you think


is in there they got just a guy that’s part of Toto’s plan come with a guy you got you got you gotta you walk in your


own bathroom at home you got to go and then he gets up and goes ready to go chief his legs are asleep all the


time ni to walk around it’s a guy warming it up in your own home that’s


how much money you got you go that was probably the rich maybe the kings and queens of Old Times thought I wanted


they go so I pay a guy to sit on the seat they the John yeah he sits on the


John to warm it up and I Thomas Crapper Toto


Tom tornado I need that tornado flush man yeah that’s like you’re what’s going on you go you know


what’s going on there’s no I mean I bet the guy that walks in for a tornado flush there bet they go let’s just show


them the tornado like let not even you I bet people that s toets i I honestly


think that they could see some walk up and they go I’m not even gonna introduce


the like economical flush to this guy this this is this is like hey we mean I


mean business look like Kramer’s a low flow shower yeah the one for the circus


elephants yeah yeah can’t handle that yeah yeah that’s I mean there’s people that are like I want to you know


it’s just so funny is there an example of it flushing I want it I want it to sound like a tornado flush I don’t know


if we need SE an example I mean I think it’s I think anything and everything it’s just a giant power gets knocked


out you see the the lights flicker in the neighborhood Aaron comes out shakes


his shoulders off of his it’s in the middle of the


yard a good day good day to vot stretching out there


in your yard that you go yeah that’s why I got it away from the family they don’t need to see got two kids up there

Bidets and tissues


running around they don’t need to be a part of what’s going on down here well you mentioned Beday they’re


finally starting to take off in America apparently 6% of people already have Beday in their bathroom what percentage


6% oh okay I don’t know about what I thought do you know someone who’s had one people talk about a lot and people


are very uh arant about yeah but they talk about that thing because it’s that it’s got uh honestly where I heard it I


remember like a long time ago I think hearing Howard Stern talk about having one and this was like forever ago that’s


the only reason I ever even heard about it and then I you see there could be some hotels that are nice that have that


have them uh but it’s it’s like I think


when he like people just it’s heated it like when you walk up to it I mean might both might raise up you know oh you can


wave it you’re not touching really you know it’s like that’s the whole you know yeah that’s a good Christmas gift


thousand bucks thousand bucks tornado flush tornado you go oh I appreciate it man but he goes I didn’t I didn’t do the


tornado flush it’s just so expensive you go yeah of course and then you’re like that’s all I wanted you’re like all


right I guess I’ll put it in my guest bathroom we’re never going to use it because I need I need that power is


there more power than a tornado flush they have like a hurricane flush oh man tornado is actually more powerful than a


Hurrican is it faster speeds well New York’s New York’s I mean because you I mean we had like a in our apartment in


New York the bathroom was like a one you’d see at a public you know Park yeah


like it was it had that metal that little metal pole that you kick with your foot that’s was our like normal B


oh man but is those flush are unreal yeah and so that yeah you tankless is


that what it is your didn’t have the thing on the back did yeah tankless yeah yeah it was tankless yeah yeah wow just


notic that yeah that’s not that bad that’s the first thing I notic when you come to your house like there’s nothing


back here yeah yeah yeah I never thought about that that seems most efficient yeah you hear someone flushes you’re


four blocks over yeah yeah well people are switching to Beday


because they say it’s uh more hygienic and it cuts down on toilet paper cost and just helps the environment toilet


paper also I’ve had heard has bad chemicals in it and that part of your body is very absorbent so you take in


these bad chemicals what kind of bad chemicals I don’t know just dyes and bleaches well


dyes it’s just white right did they dye it white toilet paper dyed white there’s other CH yeah it’s bleached oh can you


do get different color toilet paper well you can buy


um uh bamboo toilet paper and it’s not supposed to have that in there bamboo


toilet paper what color is it’s it’s still white but it’s bamboo is white yeah yeah it’s a little offwhite yeah


maybe 100% renewable and sustainable bamboo I’ve been buying bamboo toilet paper biodegradable and plays well with


most septic tanks it’s a weird way of phrasing that yeah you got 50-50


shot so I’m if plays well with SEPTA tanks like it’s like being like yeah it


could not works yeah it plays well with it yeah yeah I never even heard of this


Dy do you do this Dy yeah not this brand but yeah yeah I mean I got into it


because I’m like you know what I’m trying to not take in a lot of chemicals I don’t know what’s going on out here but I’m trying to be chemical free out


here it says how does it feel and it says it feels much better on your conscience so that tells me it doesn’t


feel it’s not as soft it’s tough It’s not as soft it’s tough splinters not


that hard I mean it’s better than cheap toilet paper but it’s yeah it’s not like


strong it’s like the back of a loofah like it’s not the bottom like one that


goes on your hand you’re like it’s not the bottom it feels like the back where you can still feel you can still tell that it’s aofa and you’re like well


that’s not that comfortable you go yeah yeah but it’s better than the other side that’s what their whole message is is go


is it that bad you go we’re definitely happy we were out some other things and you’re like okay it’s like healthy food


where you’re like you’re eating and you’re like I wish it tastes as good as unhealthy Foods yeah but it’s better for


me it’s that kind of thing where you’re like I wish this were chocolate but well


I can’t think of a good segue but uh Nate you want to tell us about Aura Aura


Aura we have one right here can you hold it up it’s the perfect gift can be really hard sometimes uh this is


W Ora frames this is a great gift for uh a lot of families and holidays coming up


here so yeah it’s a great like you know it just rotates uh Laura’s got a I think two pictures in here uh we haven’t


loaded it up but it’s you know you know what’s funny is I saw this today uh downstairs and I didn’t even


think any like I I didn’t realize that that this is what this was and I was looking at it and I really did think you


know what even like what if you had a i i it’s so funny that in my head I was like what if you got a bigger frame too


and you had it like just alternating pictures yeah because it’s like it is nice to see pictures and that’s why this


Frame is good I mean I’m not saying if you you need this size is perfect but


uploading the photos and they’re changing that does make your family photos very very fun these are this is


really easy too because you just do it on an app you don’t have to load it in the frame itself it’s just on an app


yeah that’s great that’s super yeah it is it is it’s one this is uh one of those things that I think someone gives


you and you’re like I don’t you know I’m never going to use it but then if you ever if you got into how easy it was you


would be like oh I would use this I would use it actually all the time what’s great about it we gave one of these to my mom and we can upload it


from our home photos of our granddaughter so she doesn’t have to do anything oh that’s awesome looking at it there’s that’s crazy I didn’t never


thought about that but that is awesome yeah that’s awesome you yeah that’s a great grandparent gift in like and you


just go work and you could update it like you’re updating Facebook M yeah and my wife likes to put up frames around uh


pictures around the house to whoever is visiting so it kind of looks like we always have those up but it’s like you


know and this makes it super easy it’s like what OJ did during the trial right he changed all the pictures in his house


oh okay I didn’t know that to to make the jury like him a little more oh you can o one of these yeah it’s got a it’s


got a thing on the top that you I didn’t even know about that yeah yeah so like


you could keep going we just have two pictures uploaded uh all right make holiday shoing better uh from now


through Black Friday and Cyber Monday visit AA frames a and get $40

Best bathrooms and restroom habits


off their bestselling Carver mat frame with the code Nate this is their best deal of the year so get yours now that’s


Aura a with the promo code Nate terms and conditions


apply all right the uh Hermon men’s bathroom was named the best restroom in


America in 2009 wow by whom just like a guy some some uh I don’t know more say


and then the Nashville Zoo men and women’s bathroom were name best bathroom in America those are wow they’re


actually great what’s special about them just cleanliness they have space no no


the ones outside the thing they have a snake in the men’s and the men’s they have a snake butn loves it they python


yeah so you go you go to the urinal and then you’re just looking at as snake and the snake smells with its tongue so you


know it loves it yeah and then the women’s I see his tongue go he sees he


sees the guy go in the stall you see him he sucks his tongue up waits till waits till he


goes uh and then the women’s it’s a uh six cotton top tamarinds whatever that


is uh critically endangered primate species yeah it’s it’s really really


it’s an awesome uh yeah that is it is an awesome first time I go in there too you send someone in there if anybody you


live in Nashville you go to Nashville Zoo Nashville Zoo is is a great zoo and uh but in it’s right before you this


this bathroom specifically is right before you go through the entrance uh so it’s by the gift shop and


you know like when you would leave the gift shop it’s right there but you if you can tell someone to go in there just


follow them into the urinal and then just uh kind of keep them talking and


then just like don’t really say anything because I first time I went in there or you could


just let them go in there and see what happens first time I went in there I I mean I I I I was like oh like you just


don’t I don’t know that that’s going to be there so you just get you know you just kind of you’re looking down in the


bathroom you go to the urinal and then you just kind of look up and I mean there’s just a snake right there and


you’re like oh gosh when you don’t know it very fun when you don’t know especially at the zoo you think you want


to be I don’t think you want this you don’t want to be listed on this thing I’d imagine what do you mean


why best bathroom yeah like I I think it’s like I don’t you want a lot of


people reading about where the be best bathroom is like as an


article maybe I don’t know well yeah I mean I don’t know man it’s good in 2019


LaGuardia Airport was nominated for best restro in America that’s good to know if from you know I know that’s what I mean


that’s it’s a slippery slope of like it’s good to know to then you’re not you


know then you fall off I get it you almost don’t want to tell people how many people how many of these people have been on Multiple List like you know


are they doing it back to back to back to back well I mean I think you’re just going and you get pounded and you’re


like off 65 though one I think it’s 65 uh there’s a place that advertises best


uh you know best restroom on the interstate so yeah that yes those are


gas St and they get you to buy what you say that’s what bues oh yeah bues Isn for yeah but that’s the point of them is


is you’re you’re advertising that to the driver this a lot of these airports I


can see it are you saying bies and the new Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City have different business goals


yes so I would think if you’re new Museum of cont art I’d think which I guess you got to buy a ticket to get


into that bathroom right so maybe they’re like yeah that that’s enough to fend you off but if any of this stuff is


free to get maybe the natic mall na Zoo got buy a ticket to get in there not to


use that bathroom yeah but I think they do charge you do have to pay your show something


to pay to park or something or yeah they charge you to park yeah yeah yeah


yeah yeah um 75% people admit using their


phones in the bathroom I think that’s low that’s so the other 25% are in their


80s and 90s I guess I thought you said m using their phones admit to using their phon I was like what well then you just


say well that’s why they I think they say admit because they go it’s 100% but would somebody be ashamed of doing that


and and not admit to it I yeah I mean you gota when people are getting ask these questions they’re just coming out of a store they’re probably coming out


of stall and someone’s like you use your phone in the bathroom that’s how I picture these questions being asked but you know what they say is polite if


you’re if you’re at dinner at a restaurant and you use a bathroom it’s polite to leave your phone at the table


oh oh yeah so I try to do that but now I notice everybody takes their phone with them you’re gonna ruin you’re gonna mess


me up like you get these these are things that I can’t get but I think i’ I might to get it out of my head to go


live my life yeah get it yeah yeah I want to you know the idea of being polite about everything is over I think


is it already sitting there or you taking your pocket and put let’s say like it’s on the because most people when they’re at a rest the phone’s just


on the table I’ve noticed that most people just sitting on the table next them and you see they get up and they


use the bathroom and they grab their phone and put it in their pocket and take it with them yeah cuz you want to get caught up with your real


friends gotta check in on the what I care about yeah well but yeah but if you’re going I think it’s if you come right


back I don’t think no one ever thinks about it I mean I think if you’re gone for half hour if you gone for good 25 30


minutes like appetizers they’re cleaning the appetizers off PL I think that probably put the little people at worry


yeah so I think if you’re if you’re just going and then coming right back like you probably just grabb your phone because you’re like I don’t want someone to steal my phone or I don’t want you


know whatever reason but even that’s a a knock on who you’re with you’re eating with other people no yeah know I want


youall to take my phone while I’m gone well are they gonna watch your phone I mean well it’s not too much of an ask if


you’re at a table this big and you’re just sitting there yeah but I mean if if you got if you’re yeah if you’re at this


if it’s me and you and we’re sitting there but I mean at AG someone PR phone but if you had a big group table at a


restaurant where it’s it’s a little dark and you got your phone sitting there someone could be like where’s my phone you’re like I don’t know dude and right


I didn’t realize someone and they just went and grabbed a $2,000 thing from someone so you could be I’ll just keep


it on me some you probably when you walk yeah there’re so value I mean they’re so expensive yeah and so now when you come


back you I think you you do get it to check your it’s it’s probably polite to leave the table you check you know you


got any text that you need to send or whatever then you go pee you just don’t be gone long but I think you if you’re


gone where it’s like well see that’s when I when I gotta do that i’ come back and say sorry guys I was on my phone the


whole time I that’s what I want them to think but I was on my


phone I wouldn’t doing anything in there just on my phone my bad stand at the UR


just yeah had business deals going on yeah I go you should just walk back and go it’s noon in


Sydney that would be that good markets are open yeah uh busiest day of the year for


plumbers I’ve mentioned this before day after Thanksgiving wow that’s the grossest

Brown Friday


statistic ever I know I just see the plumber industry just like they’re stretching they’re like they go he goes


what do you do for Thanksgiving you guys leave I’m turning my phone off on Friday we’re gonna be they call it brown Friday


yeah oh do they gross yeah they do oh but the number one reason is not even that it’s it’s like food and chicken


grease and or turkey grease has been put clogged down the garbage disposal that’s


the number one reason plumbers are that’s what I would tell the plumber on the phone I pour chicken grease down show up


and hey while you’re here I would tell him thato to you go


yeah yeah it’s like the sink I might have you look at one more thing while I got you


dude uh only 80% of people wash their hands after using the toilet I get that


that seems high right yeah 30% say uh they only 30% use soap and only 5% was


for the recommended 15 seconds I think everybody would do hand sanitizer yeah


if you just said have hand sanitizer in there everybody at public like it’s just


like what like when you a sink it’s like there’s there you waiting line to do it’s like a whole thing if you have you


have those hand sanitizers every I mean everybody that’s the easiest thing you could ever do in your world and I I mean


I use hand sanitizers all the time like out in uh when you’re out it’s I mean so


much easier but I don’t know is it meant to do the same thing washing your hands does I don’t think they’re meant to


substitute for each other I think they are it kills 99% of the germs what else if it’s not then it’s been a


lie what’s it supposed to do just knock it back a little bit rub it on your pants what’s the point of it just kill


the smell go yeah but it feels like you’re just rubbing things in of lighting a candle you’re like no you


still sell something went on you let a match you know he go well something happened I’m smelling a match I never


smelled I don’t smell a match anywhere in my life except right here and then


know so what happened in here nothing I got accidentally start a fire a match yeah I blew it out all right if anything


I put out a fire yeah I mean growing I remember growing


up you’d see I remember seeing that a lot matchboxes on the yeah in the bathroom a lot yeah I mean that’s that’s


just a ton of Lo you would see oh yeah yeah match still in the toilet I’ve seen


that yeah I’ve seen that too yeah Dusty you get a farmers alac yeah I do have a well I don’t get it every time I do have


one right now does it have a little hole in it in the top left corner I don’t know oh supposedly that’s uh famous


because people in ouses would hang it up for reading purposes or use it for toilet paper and they just they started


nailing it to the wall so now the farmer’s alac just puts the hole in it so you don’t have to nail it wow


whoa they still do it I mean that’s why I was asking Dusty because he’s the only person I know get a farmer on I did get


one but I don’t remember if it had a hole or not I can report back to you but podcast ahead of time


yeah uh anybody have opinion on the correct way to hang toilet paper yeah


over the front yeah where where it com not over the back yes I I never thought


I would have an opinion about that but it does bother me you know where I saw that to do it was uh was that TV show


Mama that that had that mama’s mama’s family yeah she hadir yeah I I remember


watching that episode as a kid and she went on a thing a rant about it and she


said you’re supposed to have a toilet paper hanging over the top and that is stuck with me I think about that yeah


scene to this day come in the front so you can you know you can just kind of


yeah it’s so much better that way I mean it says 75% yeah I don’t think it’s even going to be a thing I mean it was just a


line just like a kind of throw you know Mama’s Family never heard of type in Mama’s Family the I used to watch that a


little bit oh yeah TV show yeah big for me as a kid Mama’s Family yeah Vicky


Lawrence as mama I remember they used to talk about her all the time oh you know they dressed her up to look older


spin-off from car Bernette show yeah how about that Renard got his what the from


that show did he really yeah wow oh man what Renard’s kind of catch


for rard what the Yeah he says that he said he got it from episode of Mama’s Family oh that would not have been the


show I guess uh it says 75% feel like over to me that seems low I don’t know


anybody that likes it under but Anne Landers who’s a vice columnist said do


it under and she got more uh letters about it than any advice column she ever


wrote 15,000 letters I don’t think people like it under I think the 25%


don’t even think about it oh yeah yeah that’s what I think which is probably how you should


live here’s the under position argument they probably enjoy yeah they’re probably happier they enjoy their life


more yeah the under position argument is it’s more tidy uh looks better than the


O over that way reduce the risk of a toddler or a pet like a cat unrolling


the whole thing yeah that’s true that’s actually it’s actually that’s a great argument it’s a better Point than I


thought it was going to be maybe just don’t let animals inside though that’s well he said well I don’t I don’t really


think it’s the animals I think it’s I don’t think of animals doing it I think kids doing it but if you have young


think cat a cat can get up there and I could see a cat but then uh yeah I mean


a kid though that’s I mean you can see that’s actually you know cat we just got


will it it just loves the toilet just jumps in the toilet if you leave the bathroom open like in it sits in it get


wet jumps in there it loves water which one the one the one that Abigail found for us yeah it loves water it’ll jump in


the shower with you if you leave the bathroom door open it’ll jump in the toilet I thought they didn’t like to get


wet that’s what’s so odd about it this thing loves water if you leave the sink dripping it’ll jump in the sink and just


stand under it and we’re giving it water to drink it’s not dehydrated we’re giving


it you’re drinking all the water got all the water at once in a bowl right there on the ground but it’ll just jump in the


toilet it doesn’t lay in the bowl of water no it doesn’t care about the bowl


of water at all it just wants the toilet water what do you give a cat Bowl do you give them milk bowl no not milk just


water yeah I’ve always been confused if I if someone gave me a cat today and we


didn’t have this conversation you might have given them milk I I might I would have probably looked up yeah what to


give if you gave it milk it’d probably be a good day for that cat I bet they like it but day to day give it some


water you know you ever give it milk do you have two bowls or they share a bowl


uh they share a bowl of water put food in different bowls for them but it’s just it’s a mess at this point they’re


eating each other’s food it’s just it’s a yeah it’s a real situation yeah it’s


tough to talk about that’s you put that ous out in the yard yeah yeah keep the


cat out so you have some peace quiet I can’t hand all the Rockets there two s


sad day of you going out to your yard you’re seeing that cat in there and you’re like oh I can’t go anywhere


Lucy all right that good yeah uh awesome all right everybody bathroom we did you


know we did some work we had to work at it that was a pretty good one yeah that was fun yeah I mean it did end up being I should have know 100% toilet pretty

Wrap up


much but that’s the fun stuff that’s head news that’s Headline News Right There


yeah uh all right I Thanksgiving this week I hope you have a wonderful


Thanksgiving with your family hanging out with all your family uh that’s the best thing you can do uh I you know I’m


going to Evans after that Atlanta finishing the year out uh somewhere and


then yeah whatever and then yeah everybody call like did I explain the breaks when I said I was taking a break


everyone was very happy about it they’re very excited that you’re taking some time off oh okay good no I’m oh I was


trying to imply that they want you to stop people get it people get it well and I said that thing they got worried like it wasn’t it was it was literally I


just got to build some material I’m trying to take the yeah I bet I could I don’t know I want to see it’s all


getting you guys are coming to so many shows it’s getting crazy it’s uh but I I just need to be able to create the


material is the is the is the thing it’s hard to fight with your wife when you’re


on the road sure yeah uh I’m home this


weekend yeah Thanksgiving yeah doing I’m on the road I care about my craft and


stuff so uh I’m kidding uh this weekend I’m in in Appleton Wisconsin at Skyline


comedy Friday and Saturday great I’m going to New York City for Thanksgiving and then I’m flying out day after to


applon that’s fun so if you’re in the Wisconsin area come see me and then I got a big run next week a bunch of


different places so so come see me yeah well I’m off this weekend too but next weekend uh CB live in um Arizona and uh


what is that uh it’s Phoenix right it’s Phoenix but it’s uh little Scottdale yeah great place and then I’ll be Friday


Saturday Sunday in Tempe at The tempy Improv so get some tickets it’ll be


great all right all right Happy Thanksgiving we love you hope you have a great week and see you next




Nate land is produced by Nate land Productions and by me Nate baretti and my wife Laura on the audio boom platform


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