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Nateland | Ep #174 - Pets

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  • CMA Awards
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  • Swimming in an Olympic pool
  • Playing soccer
  • Celebrity NBA All-Star game
  • Fast food feast
  • Leaf raking
  • Bird watching

Jokes and Humor

  • Jokes about starter jackets and fake Jordans
  • Jokes about dogs then vs now
  • Snake joke from El Salvador
  • Jokes about bad celebrity singing tributes
  • Humor about chaotic family pet stories
  • Laughs about awkward celebrity encounters
  • Jokes about bombing at corporate Zoom events

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  • Mistakenly raking a neighbor's leaves
  • Crashing corporate Zoom happy hours
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  • Pets and animals
  • Stories from the road and past experiences
  • Obscure trivia facts
  • Analyzing cultural trends
  • Parenting and maturity
  • The comedy business

Unique Facts and Trivia

  • Leonardo DiCaprio owns a 23 year old tortoise
  • Cats don't recognize humans as different from them
  • Salma Hayek has an owl that lives in her house
  • Mike Tyson's tiger ripped a woman's arm off


Full Transcript
today’s episode of the nland podcast is brought to you by delete me viori rocket
money and better [Music]
help hello folks and hey bear I’m Brian Bates with with me always is Dusty slay
all right Aaron Weber and and uh Nate was fired for making a joke about Aaron
being fired for making a joke about Dusty being fired yeah we’ve been really firing a lot of people me and Aaron had
to come back because Nate had been fired yeah yeah I don’t know if the four of us will ever do a podcast together again I
feel like I haven’t seen Nate in months I wish him seeing Dusty in a while yeah
yeah like this is like Whose Line is in anyway like it’s just a rotating for yeah I hope we could all be in the same
room together again but after what Nate said about your
mom I don’t know if we ever will that’s true I didn’t yeah I wasn’t ready for that yeah that was shocking that was a
lot I don’t know if you watched last week’s podcast no I never watch but I heard it was okay yeah yeah it’s okay
that Mom comment came out of nowhere but uh besides that was okay it is tough to watch a podcast you’re on I I can watch
my own standup but I cannot watch me on a podcast I can’t watch anything of me I can’t watch I film my sets and then that
night I go back I’m like oh it’s tough to do it that night I thought I did okay and then you watch it like I like to
film my set and then watch it about six months later I found an old video of me
I was I was uh my old computer I had this video file in a random folder
called like omg. MP4 or whatever I was like what is this and open up and it’s
an old video I took of myself when I was like 11 and I did it for comedic
purposes but it’s a video of me eating yogurt while just crying
oh there’s an old website called crying while that I thought was hilarious where it’s just videos of
people eating and crying and me being 11 or 12 years old I was like I want to get on this website so I filmed a video of
myself eating uh like yo plate yogurt like real tears well no I mean I’m
acting you should do it again and go still crying you know like show the
11-year-old of now and you’re like still crying after all these years but I I’m going to do something with that video at
some point it’s too funny to not just me bll cut eating yogurt maybe a video of
like it’s you eating the yogurt and then cut to you now yelling at little you I’ll do something with it that’s
amazing at 11 there were already websites you you and I grew up in different worlds yeah yeah I grew up in
this century yeah when you were 11 you were seeing the
train what do you mean just a train coming in you were like dang where did they get the train from you had a sun
dial at your house I mean closer than what you were doing I mean you had uh idiot boy yeah I
wish I could find idiot boy that was a great video I don’t know where it’s at but it was a great sketch that I did
have you heard about Idiot Boy no well idiot boy was a a sketch I did
about a guy that was getting picked on I don’t know that I could even describe the whole pod the whole thing because
you know it’s got some stuff in there but he goes to visit these guys to get some protection and and instead instead
they sell him some other things and he does those things and then he feels good
he’s like oh I don’t need protection because I feel good now and then he leaves and gets picked on again it’s
drugs you said it now
okay uh well Nate I don’t know where Nate is now but he was in New York this weekend doing Radio City it looked
incredible yeah he uh did Jimmy Fallon um Monday
night and uh he’s probably recording it probably doing Fallon right now as we speak that’s insane all right back at it
yeah strike’s over well the the you know actors can’t still go on to promote movies or TV shows oh really I thought I
thought it was all done just the writer part just the writer part so if actor goes on they have to promote a book or
something not movie related so I’m hoping this is my chance to to get on there yeah Nate’s inability to act
finally working in his favor huh that’s
right see you and I can’t do that because you know we’re actors on sprung that’s right we might actually be in Sag
aren’t we I’m in Sag I don’t I’m surprised that uh but I guess Nate’s not promoting what are you in zag for
because I did the Netflix the standards oh okay I’m I mean I don’t know if I’m
still in or not like I don’t do anything with it yeah well Nate probably isn’t sag but he’s not promoting a move he’s
just doing standup yeah so anyway okay well good for him yeah uh where were you
this weekend I was in Syra sound very insincere it did sound insincere I’m H look I just haven’t seen n in a while
you know yeah you’ve kind of grown to not like him apparently I’ve turned against them yeah yeah yeah that’ll
happen if you don’t see somebody for a while you can your heart they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but
also you could start to hate a person also the exact opposite all things are
possible Right but I was in Syracuse New York and I had a great time but my
prediction was true uh not a lot of people came the um I keep whittling it
down I I like to tell the audience that hey each year I come here and the audience gets smaller every year and I
feel like we’re really refining the audience we’re really finding who the true fans are and I said you know a lot
of comics will tell the audience to you know tell a friend next time you come tell a friend I said for you guys I want
you to not invite two people at your table right now next year and let’s see how small we can get this yeah but it
was great uh I had a lot of fun the people that do come are into it yeah and we have a great time yeah and it was hot
shows I’ll go back next year I hope no one comes I love if that’s what they’re
looking for they could have booked me a long time ago I can do that anywhere in the country well the club wants people
to come I can tell you that they do like me a lot but uh I bet they would like to
you know make a little money for themselves but could I email them and say look I know I don’t draw me people
but neither did Dusty so why not just book me well they would be like he did
pretty good oh they would I think okay I don’t know I mean give it a try yeah
just reach out to them and go listen I’m you know I don’t have a I don’t sell a lot of tickets and I’m
looking to find a place that people are not used to selling a lot of yeah yeah now here you’re the place yeah I don’t
know how other people do but uh I go there every year and there are people that come back to see me every time I’m
there but for some reason I’m not reaching greater Syracuse area last year
I went Syracuse football team was undefeated and they had a home game and it was homecoming and the manager was
like he was like ah it’s just a tough weekend you know this year not undefeated and it’s a away game and and
it’s a tough year yeah it’s like there people are bummed the team lost and they don’t even want to leave the play global
warming they start blaming stuff just like okay but at least you’ve graduated to college football mine’s always like
ah High School football big of this town I’ve had a club go you know the economy is just not okay yeah and I you know but
Nate was in Rochester on Friday and Rochester is pretty close to Syracuse
okay a lot of people on Saturday came to my show said they saw Nate on Friday I
think he he sucked up a lot of my fans there that’s what I think okay yeah I
think they were like well we could go see Nate or we could go see Dusty and I think you
know ultimately they made the wrong choice but uh but what do you do what
are you gonna do I was um in Tulsa Oklahoma on Friday with Angela Johnson
at the Hard Rock Casino nice all right how was that it was great was it was it a Hard Rock Casino is that what they
called it if they did I missed that okay that’s what they used to call it in Cleveland really hard rock
Xeno why why would they call it that it’s called the Hard Rock casino right I know but I think that you know it’s
trendy to mash the words consolidate the words yeah if they did I called it wrong
because I just called it the Hard Rock Casino but she sold it out and and it was a great show and then Saturday I was
in Knoxville Tennessee with at the beu theater where you recorded your special yes with Henry Cho and that was a great
show as well it was a really hot crowd and had a good time had something on my flight never happened before be is great
beu is great we were Landing in uh I can’t remember if this
is my connecting flight I think this was the to Tulsa we were Landing in Tulsa yeah I have a window seat looking out
the window we’re almost touching down yeah and then the plane takes back off
oh boy and I’m like what’s going on I’m like are we about to have a midair
Collision or voiding something did we land in the wrong City what’s going on and it’s starts circling around the
city people are kind of around me are kind of like freaking out a little bit like what is happening here and we
circle around the city about 10 minutes and then we finally start coming in and then the F flight attendant said probably noticed what happened blah blah
blah we were coming in too heavy so we had to circle around the city to burn off some fuel before we could land now
in my mind we avoided near death yeah I get off the plane Angela’s sitting in a
seat a little bit better than mine up front if you know what I mean part of the different part of the plane I get off I’m like man that was crazy right
she had no idea anything had ever happened wow she said she was watching a movie she had her headphones I had to
tell her that that even happened so we had different experiences on this flight well that’s what a movie does on a plane
you know what I mean you can be like I’m not ready for the plane to land yet because I want to finish this movie oh
man I don’t know if I’ve seen a movie that good you feel a touchdown you’re like ah yeah exactly I’ve never seen a
movie that good or been in a seat that big on a plane where I thought I’d like to finish this film real
yeah but have you ever had anything like that where the plane has to take back off I had one and I had the the flight
attendant got the biggest laugh I’ve ever heard a flight attendant get we were Landing somewhere and then we did a
diverted Landing like that yeah we landed in Louisville or something then we had to wait and then we took off
landed back at Nashville and finally after all that we land in Nashville and the flying attendant goes welcome to
Hawaii and it got got borderline Applause break these Southwest people
man they cannot stop but that’s not bad that’s not bad in that moment to make that joke it’s in the moment but they do
get a little carried away it bothers me as a professional comedian to see uh a
flight attendant doing jokes and getting a lot of laughs I’m like come on guys this is not that funny you know what I
mean yeah bothers me some too’s like do you even know who’s on this flight yeah I’m like take it easy guys if you’re not
heard jokes in a while yeah you guys ever watched a little thing called Netflix yeah I mean get with it guys
they do this thing now whenever they want to start the announcements they go did anybody drop this and everybody
looks up and they go now that I’ve got your attention and I fall for it every time oh yeah I’m falling for it maybe 12
times on a flight makes me mad every single time they do it had a Southwest flight last week
where um they asked me the flighton asked me to sit in the middle
seat and I did it why because so I was b58 which you get 58 you’re going to
right on the verge of being able to get a window seat or might get an aisle seat or a window seat yeah but you’re right
on that Verge and sure enough there I see a seat in the back and then I’m headed back there and then I hear the
flight tend behind me say hey hold those two seats for these kids coming on board like a family and she’s like okay but I
still see one aisle seat very back of the plane and I go back there and there’s a couple there and I’m like is
this seat taken she’s like ask her talking about the flight attendant she said would you mind sitting in this
middle seat right up in front so this this family these kids can all sit together oh Brian you got to stand up
for yourself yeah you do that’s a ridiculous request this idea that you all need to sit together it’s like
nothing’s going to happen just wait till the plane lands and then we’ll all get off I don’t think it matters but how
young are these kids um I mean they were pretty young not like I mean I don’t know eight or 10 or something like that
oh yeah that’s too old and it’s like in the cargo B I mean eight and 10 years old yeah I thought you making like a
baby parents are just letting them fly on their own so it’s like the family the parents were there too oh then they
needed to be like the parents oh I don’t I’m not and 10 years old well then the dad got gets on a little bit behind and
he gets somehow gets a window seat and then the woman the flight attend who asked me sit in the middle between a
rather large guy and a woman with a dog um she’s like would you rather sit in this window s like yeah she’s like sir
you want to move back here close to your family he goes nah I’m good he’s asleep before the flight even
takes off that’s what I don’t like about Southwest with no assigned seats they just think they can do whatever they’re
like hey these people missed their flight they get to board first now and then here’s a bunch of people in
wheelchairs that I’m not convinced all the people need the wheelchairs if you need a wheelchair fine but these people
they’re in a wheelchair and then they get down to the plane and they get up and walk did a miracle just happen down
here or were you capable of this the whole time like the guy who left his Cane at yeah yeah hear over the overhead
uh come back to security if you forgot your cane you know and I’m like well why don’t you go ahead and explain to him why you don’t need that cane why you
walking around with this cane out here everybody’s like I see everybody in wheelchairs and then they get to where
they’re going and they get up and walk around I sit in the handicap seats all the time CU they’re wide open and I’m
like hey if I see at the gate yeah I see a handicap person and they need it I’ll get up I thought man a handicap seat on
the plane which I’ve never seen I was say yeah where’s that yeah I’d like to get in on that I might start bringing a
cane to the airport but then it’s also like when people are in wheelchairs they get a family member on with them at the
same time it seems like a scheme like if if you’re like a an able-bodied person but you want on the plane first bring
your grandma you know what I mean because she’ll get to board and you get to come
along or bring someone’s Grandma yeah I’m I’m A1 I paid money for A1 and I’m
boarding 20 people behind I’m like how is this now I will say there is some justice because if you pre-board on
Southwest they do not allow you to take Exit row seats okay they do have that built in so
if you do board early if you’re they’re not taking the best seats on the plane a1’s getting the best seat see I want
the first I want second seat because I want to be able to put my back under the seat so I don’t want the first one I
want second seat aisle that’s what I want oh I want to get off that plane second row right away yeah you don’t
need the leg room huh no no okay I’m fine all right I want to get off that
plane when we land I want to be out of there I can’t I can’t handle watching grown men struggle to get their bag out
of the out of the overhead like oh oh and I’m like get it get it
if you can’t handle it check it you know get
it you know what I mean I mean I see them they’re looking around
like they want help No One’s Gonna help you all right let me ask you this you’ve listed your if you ran an airport list
of things you would do right I think I agree with all of them okay um couple other well one’s just a personal thing
most of us including myself when you get on a flight you put your bag in the overhead above your seat MH but it
really makes more sense I think put it in the overhead across from you for where you’re sitting because when you
get up it’s right there grab it and go instead of doing the twist the turn well the problem is Brian there’s
another side of the aisle and they’re gonna have to reach across and you get cross yeah you get crossed trying to
yeah get your stuff I like what you’re saying though but oh yeah all right that’s fair
point yeah and what about this for not in Southwest yeah um instead of doing
how about everyone who who bought a window seat boards first middle seat second I seat third that way you’re not
climbing over people love that yeah and board the back of the plane and work your way up to the front that’ be great
the best strategy yeah I don’t know why they don’t do that yeah I’m down with that
because you know I I like to believe when I have an assigned seat that I’m going to be because I’m in you know I’m
in group one right so I board basically first you know you know I’ve been flying the same area okay you’re doing well
yeah and uh you’re doing well for yourself but I i’ like to believe I go all right I know I got my seat so
there’s no need to rush onto the plane I can just chill and let other people board but the moment they say group one
I’m like right up in there and then once I’m there I’m like trying to Edge my way
because I don’t like getting stuck behind people yeah a lady jumped in front of me the other day and then she
didn’t have her ticket ready I’m like what are you doing hang back get it get your ticket ready don’t be up here
fumbling around oh how do I do it if you’re not ready don’t don’t get in
here I don’t know what people are doing at the airport but in all honesty all right go ahead no no no go ahead the
thing I did where the F he did ask me to sit somewhere else because the kids would you not have done done it I would
have no I don’t think I would it depends on the mood I was in where I was going
yeah no but I I haven’t sat in the middle seat in a long time and I don’t I don’t plan on doing that in a long time
a long plan on it but if on when someone Works to ask you to do it for the sake of
children I mean there’s some pressure there children I I agree there is pressure and granted I didn’t see I
hadn’t seen the kids yet because they’re behind me so I haven’t boed yet I don’t want to do it maybe you could ask one of these other people if they’d like to
move for the kids but I don’t want to I’d like I like to pee a lot on the
plane I don’t want to act oh there you go spin it like that yeah like to peel out on the plane well I I got one time
uh years ago now I was on an aisle seat and this guy asked me would I swap for
the middle seat so he could sit next to his girlfriend and I said nah and then
when the we’re about to take off the girl starts crying next to me cuz she’s in the middle seat she starts crying
yeah so I ended up switching with him cuz I felt bad for her I regretted the decision I’ll never she stopped crying
real quick probably I I I was like oh gosh I move and then I sat in front of
two big dudes was very uncomfortable and I was like there was no reason for me to do it neither y’all like sitting next to
big dudes huh that must be tough for y’all where were you uh this weekend I’ve been all I
haven’t seen y’all in forever I’ve been all over I was in Salt Lake City this past weekend which is a lot of fun Wise Guys Comedy Club two hot shows there at
Wise Guys and then the week before that I was in Seattle and I was in Alaska catcher can Alaska had a great time
y’all should both go up there I’d love to go to I tried yeah you try to go to catch can yeah you should go well they
said no they’ll get you up there man I would move there he said they didn’t have the
budget and then when I saw you were going I got back to him he’s like well things change so you’re like well how’s the
budget looking for me now he’s like listen I’m joking I got to see a lot of
Alaska shout out to the catak can Adventure view they took me and Jay flake who came with me we got on a boat
within an hour of landing and catch can we were on the water riding around we got on some ATVs riding riding through
the Alaskan Wilderness dude wow beautiful up there I want to tell you something I saw at the bar there in
Alaska we’re hanging out after the show at the I don’t remember the name name of the bar it’s not important we were just
hanging out there and all of a sudden a bell rings and everybody cheered at the bar
and I said what just happened and evidently this is Alaskan tradition that if somebody had a good day or if you’re
just in a good mood you ring a bell and you buy a round for the entire bar and everybody have you all heard of this
before no no I think I’d keep it to myself and I I was the only one that didn’t know what this was and they go
well somebody’s just bought a round for everybody and a and a server walked around with poker chips that were like
you can redeem for one free drink I love that tradition we should bring that everywhere yeah you know I like that
just you had a good day show up to the bar ring the bell everybody cheers everybody’s in a good mood that’s a
really good day yeah then you come home honey how’s your day I made a lot of money but then I bought everybody around
at the bars so broke even well there were maybe like 25 people at this bar so it’s
still you know still couple hundred for that guy for sure but it’s not going to
yeah break the bank that’s great I thought about doing it after him but like I don’t want to steal this guy’s
Thunder this guy kind of became the hero yeah I don’t want to walk over after him and ringing it twice you’re like you
know what two rounds I got two Bells here then you just leave but I was at the next day we’re taking the ferry to
the airport and you have to walk up and pay $3 whatever to use the ferry and I’m
like man they should put a bell here oh yeah I would buy everybody Fair here let me ring the bell and everywhere I was
going I was like I wish they just had a bell here I’d ring it I’d pay for everybody that’s very nice of you yeah
it is very nice and I know that you would do a thing like that you won’t sit in the middle seat for kids but you’ll buy everybody in Alaska a drink yeah I
mean when I go out to eat with you I like to look and see how much you tip so
I can tip well too and not be outdone by you yeah but sometimes you’ve tipped so well that I’m like ah I’ll just have to
I tip stupid yeah I’ll just have to let you win mhm because I’m like this service wasn’t that good you know like
50% like I’m a good Tipper but every time I tip I look over at Aaron’s thing and he’s like he’s really upped it and
I’m like oh dude I’ll really tip well at like a Waffle House like really well
well they know you
there they want get spit in them waffles next time you gonna be back in a few hours so you gotta be nice to him you
know I’ll be back today oh I want to give a shout shout out to someone I was in Tacoma
Washington at the Tacoma Comedy Club I was never able to talk about it because I got sick uh it was great uh very good
club people came out was awesome but the um Thursday night I was up on stage and
I was making fun of my clothes I was making fun of what I was wearing my pants were real baggy you wearing
that close my sh my pants are real baggy and my shirt was real tight and I was saying that I look like a triangle up
there like and this lady listener of the
podcast named chrisy uh and her husband flip were there and they oh what a great
name yeah flip and they own uh some you know clothing stores in the area called
purpose purpose for men is the one store and they were like we love the podcast
Nate land podcast and they said we want to give you some clothes
so I went to their store and there’s a little purpose Boutique yeah women’s
clothing well they have purpose for men okay and so they took me there they had
all of these clothes hanging for me in the dressing room wow I tried them on
had a nice little fashion show the whole place was like cheering me on I mean it was really great you felt beautiful yeah
it was amazing and then she gave me clothes wow uh um and it was great
there’s a little video on the Instagram you don’t have to pull it up but I don’t even know which one it would be on she
has several but I just want to give them a shout out because they listen to the podcast and it’s great and they donate a
percentage of their profits to fight uh human trafficking so oh wow so it’s
great so I think that’s where purpose comes from there selling how about this how about it let
me all right hey we had a great day uh out here in uh r
Tina those pants right oh that’s fun Dusty I didn’t get
those that’s Boardwalk Dusty right there little cotton candy pattern on the shirt I got the shoes and I got the jeans but
not that shirt if you’re listening you gotta go check out this shirt yeah purpose Boutique yeah that’s very nice
of them I need to yes well this is Tacoma well I need to get up to Tacoma
yeah you know Tacoma the where I was at the club was great but I was on one side and was that Katherine blanford yeah she
was uh headlining the other Tacoma Comedy Club so she went uh along with my
feature Georgia comto and we all went and uh you know had a little fashion
show Christy even gave them a couple outfits nice wow yeah so very nice
people thank you Chrissy yeah that’s cool purpose very cool you want to tell us about delete me uh yeah didn’t even
try that time huh no uh folks we folks it’s a tough word to I don’t actually
say that word that often folks is that the word you live leave the L out of a lot
yeah it’s like wolf yeah oh Wolf’s the word wolf Wolf’s the word I do that for
hey folks we’re excited to tell you about our new sponsor I actually am excited to
talk about this delete me I was very excited when delete me came on board the internet is the wild west and your data
is probably available to everyone who’s ready to pay for it it’s a real problem out here there are companies called Data
Brokers that collect huge amounts of your personally identifiable information like your name address phone number
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me can help you they protect your data from data Brokers reducing the risk of identity theft SC scams and annoying
spam calls I mean how many of those do you get every day it’s incredible and emails their software and team of
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scanning for new data and get that removed as well I signed up for this as soon as we started working with them
it’s a very easy process you put in your information and they crawl out there for you they crawl through the internet and
they find where all your information is and then they let you know uh what they remove they communicate with you about
the process it’s it’s I I have I know people that have used it that their phone number got out there leaked on the
internet and they had that pulled down it’s an awesome awesome service if you’re into privacy on the internet
protecting your own data they are offering a special discount for our listeners the only way to get 20% off is
to go to join delete snate and enter promo code Nate at checkout that
is Jo join delet Nate promo code
Nate you really turn into a radio guy with the ads oh thanks man I messed up there at the end but um you know
sometimes they do too I go on the radio and uh they’ll be doing an ad and I’m
like they just jump right into it they really get into it they’re professionals yeah like Aaron thanks man yeah we want
to jump into some comments let’s do it let’s catch up with the f let’s do it
these comments F I’m sorry folks that’s the word that the guy emailed and said we shouldn’t be saying the L you should
just say folks that’s what he said is that correct I don’t know all right let’s move on I think they turn around
yeah comments am I supposed to say that comments come from Twitter Instagram
YouTube Apple podcast reviews and Nate Nate this is from Sarah
cbab that’s fun yeah cbab my favorite member of the podcast
keeps changing right now it’s dusty all right because of how often he nonchalantly mentions crazy car
accidents he’s been in well there’s still more to come I laughed out loud when he said he drove a car into a lake
in the same tone as someone discussing the weather yeah I mean it’s wild I mean you
when you have a lot of car accidents and you don’t get hurt it just it is
nonchalant like hey had another wreck you’re like the Dukes of Hazard there was so many I always go back to my day
eron uh that was that show had a big impact on my life dues of Hazard yeah yeah there was so many car out the
Jessica Simpson
right the Katherine Bach oh wow Daisy Duke you have a poster her the original
maybe who are like your your like the women when you were a kid read Rita Hayward I was gonna say Judy Garland
Judy gar was Judy Garland considered attractive I mean I know she was attractive but were people like Judy
Garland HED I don’t know that’s just the first thing you said read hate worth because sha Shake yeah yeah uh Farah
faucet Farah faucet was a little bit even before my time but I think her poster was the most Cindy Crawford
poster yeah yeah I mean I didn’t have those I know you didn’t have post I had
sports figures right I don’t know if my parents
were Billy je King yeah Billy je King was she a runner yeah she was a tennis player oh yeah one of the best of all
time I remember that yeah um no I had like baseball players and stuff D Murphy
yeah guys like that I like d Murphy yeah yeah not in
the Hall of Fame what a shame that is a shame let’s see the next comment all right Mike Terry you know Mike Terry uh
does the um we finish I’m sorry did we finish that what we were talking about I
don’t even remember what we were talking about Sarah kbab about me having a lot of car accidents and being noncha lot about it oh we were talking about the
Dukes of Hazard yeah and and uh oh I did interrupt you pretty yeah and this is a
very powerful point I’m about to make there was a lot of car wrecks so you know you got kind of used to it all
right goe oh jeez dude that’s tough that’s a tough one to come back to it is
it is cu in the moment it would have been like oh yeah it reminds you of that because they’re doing having a lot of car wrecks but to have to come back I
know I honestly forgot what we were talking about and then when it hit me I was like oh this wasn’t that good anyway yeah but now I gotta fish I sensed that
that’s why I steered it the other way but you brought it back yeah I did well thank you Sarah cos bab I appreciate
that all right Mike Terry you know Mike Terry does SiriusXM country music M he does the countdown and then he also does
brings people out at the opery sometimes Mike Terry I don’t think this is the same one but that name m I don’t think
it is either Mike Terry’s probably brought you guys out at the Opera no I’ve never worked with Mike Terry it’s always uh Bill Cody yep and uh Charlie
Bill and Charlie yeah yeah Bill Cody Charlie one time uh Kelly Sutton I think
yeah Kelly I don’t know Mike ter we’ve had Mike Terry before because sorry Dusty you’ve made that comment
before have I yeah I believe so I don’t remember that okay well you got a good
memory I mean I don’t I thought this was a real Revelation here for you guys saw Aaron at Wise Guys and of course he was
fantastic I sat next to a guy who said he didn’t know who Aaron was but was a huge Dusty sleigh fan apparently he
isn’t one of us I don’t know what that means well like a folk he isn’t he doesn’t listen to the podcast okay yeah
but I brought that guy to your show well thanks man yeah well that’s great Wise
Guys was great thank you great I have a I like that I liked your hiking video oh thanks dude and Nate had just been in
Salt Lake City the weekend before a lot of people told me they came to both shows which is very nice Nate sold a
little a few more tickets than I did but it’s nice that people came to both yeah
Nate sold 32,000 tickets I sold about 300 that’s not which I was actually
yeah all right Barrett Wilson thanks to balanced books baits I checked online
and found that I had $45 of unclaimed property in Kentucky and
1,634 in unclaimed property here in Tennessee add this to the list of most
useful life information that I have learned from this podcast keep up the great work brilliant baits and crew all
right brilliant baits I don’t think it was Brian Bates that did it though you brought it up but no it was somebody who
emailed me so that guy sent me some stuff too but it was both under $100 and I don’t know how hard it is to track it
down so so you’re just I’ll let it be let it slide yeah oh well yeah yeah I um
some guy emailed me and looked my name up under unlean property in Tennessee and I had
$44,000 yeah coming to me okay I did see that somewhere was that a clip that was
posted at some point no okay maybe I just heard tell of it maybe it was from
last week’s episode Brock Sanderson does Dusty realize that the whole country of
Colombia is named after Columbus as well as Washington DC District of Colombia
that’s debatable um you know if you look at uh the
Colombia Pictures logo when a movie comes on it has this like Statue of
Liberty looking lady mhm and a lot of people believe that Colombia was you
know an ancient you know Pagan goddess or maybe not even Pagan just an
ancient goddess and you know so it looks a lot like you know this this thing so
you know it looks a lot like the Statue of Liberty and Colombia there’s a some relation in there some people think that’s where Colombia comes from and as
we discussed on before they don’t even know if Christopher Columbus was a real person oh I we didn’t say that last a
lot on last week episode Christopher CL we don’t even know he’s a real person I thought that’s he’s like Shakespeare a
lot of people think Shakespeare wasn’t a real guy yeah I’ve heard that too maybe we didn’t say it last week and that’s
just something that I believe maybe you’re waiting but it’s
like yeah it’s debatable about this but I get it I mean I hear you I said that I don’t think Christopher kumus ever even
knew he discovered a new world you know even when he died but I never said
anything about him not being a real person okay but you said Columbus Ohio is all he got in Columbus Georgia in oh
yeah sorry Columbus Georgia well I mean my point being if he discovered America and then they named
some cities after him and then a guy making the map gets the name of the country yeah that seems a bit but then
this person’s pointing out well he did get a country in South America but you’re saying that’s debatable yeah okay
but most people I know are not going to agree with me and they’re going to say I’m a lunatic and uh but look it up look
it up the Columbia picture thing that’s a weird coincidence though huh that it looks so much like the Statue of
Liberty all right Dylan blue you glossed over Leaf Erikson a
crazy amount and just riffed on his name he reached America 500 years before
Columbus that’s insane that’s how good the Viking boats and sailors were they
did something 500 years in advance of the next successful attempt that’s
roughly the same different distance between Columbus voyage and the 1990s that’s pretty crazy that is pretty
crazy but maybe their ship got lost too you know what I mean maybe yeah I don’t
know if that was his motivation or he just ended up there but they got it’s
very funny Dylan blue thought you guys were going to really dig into the history of all this must be his first
time listening to theast expecting to learn about Leaf Ericson a little bit well a lot of people pointed out that’s
not how you say his name I think it’s Leif but I’ve never heard it pronounce Leif I’ve only heard Leaf yeah you know
that’s like people going to a Mexican restaurant and really knowing how to pronounce things and it’s like just
order the casad let me get a margarita yeah
ex that’s only if it’s written in italics right there you
go all right Patrick Margarita Pizza That’s Italian right Margarita Pizza is
the A on the end that was margarite what P margarita pizza
margarita pizza for sure is but I I just say Margarita on both I don’t try to get into I try to say it the American way
every time that way we’re not you know like we’re not getting into a whole thing here I’m just doing my best to
order the a lot you can say about you dusty but you you never pretend to be somebody you’re not yeah that’s what I’m saying
like the like a gyro right everybody’s like it’s a Euro and I’m like I don’t do silent G’s you know what I mean I’m not
gonna you don’t trust them n there’s a lot of there’s a lot of silent letters out there that I’ve accepted but I’m not
doing I’m not doing a silent G and I’m not putting an o in front of posum not do a silent G or an O posum
I’m not going to put an o in front of posum when I write it or I’m never going to do it that doesn’t make sense to me
good for you yeah you stand for something yeah well another name we had last week that so
many people emailed us back about cherith cute story was one of the names
we read oh oh yeah that’s a fun name well apparently it’s one of the it was it’s from Arrested Development oh uh
which I’ve seen and I love arrest development I didn’t catch on that on didn’t pick up on it and then the next comment was about David Coss where we
talked about Arrested Development so that set people off yeah I mean an Arrested Development was just brought up
but it’s like I didn’t I like that show but I didn’t get into it that hard like it’s like I feel like it’s good for like
I don’t know so many seasons and then it’s like it just becomes the same thing over and over again yeah you know what I
mean I didn’t love the last couple of Seasons but the first three or however me they had I thought were great yeah I
enjoyed it yeah but I didn’t get into it so much that I would pick up on the cherith cute story
yeah well obviously I didn’t either but don’t so don’t get like mad at us you
know what I mean yeah next comment is from Jim
Halper all right Patrick McCormack actually there is a leaf Phoenix the
brother of River Phoenix AKA walking Phoenix his siblings were named River
Rain Liberty and Summer for some reason he was given Walken so early in his
child acting career he started going by Leaf before changing it back to his birth name
how about that you believe that D I mean you know good for him I don’t know
why he would do that it doesn’t seem like rain Liberty and summer were doing a
lot so we didn’t know we didn’t know about all that you know if rain Liberty and summer were all famous actors like
River you would be like oh okay why is he not uh you know some type of nature
name I don’t even know if Leaf fits that pattern River Rain Liberty well Liberty
is kind of the odd one out there right yeah summer summer that’s a season yeah I mean it could have been anything walk
Walkin almost fix and as good as Leaf does yeah anyway he’s made a lot of bad
decisions I think walking you ever see the rap video that
he was trying to make or he was doing a documentary where he was gonna be a rapper oh you’ve never seen that
documentary have you no the whole thing was a joke you would actually love it dude oh would I yeah it was all designed
it was all a farce oh okay letter is that character he was pretending to be a guy in public who who was transitioning
to become a rapper oh see I never got too into it and I just assumed he went insane because he didn’t win an Oscar
for uh well that’s what the documentary is about is the public thinking he’s insane when in reality it’s all just a a
joke okay it’s great I’ll check it out yeah you should I like him it’s called I’m still here that changed so quick
we’ve did a big 180 here I feel like yeah I do like him though Gladiator he’s really good unbelievable actor really
good in Johnny Cash Walk the Line the line signs oh I haven’t seen that in a long time yeah Joker oh Joker yeah that
was great The Joker yeah that was really good good twist in there I didn’t see it
coming yeah we just talked about that a couple episodes ago when Beck was listed him as a genius yeah well he didn’t
write the movie though right no no but he’s a great actor good actor I don’t know if he’s a genius though he’s
talking about Joker oh okay oh yeah Paul me Mueller I feel like we’ve had that
name before we have Brian you said melen almost made it back to Spain he died in
the Philippines it’s barely over halfway back to Spain and a far cry from almost
perhaps a globe would have been a helpful prop for this episode w wow I like the heat I like the heat you
brought Coming For You Dusty ain’t gonna have no globe on here uh perhaps a globe would have been
nice to have have on set coming with the attitude all e Mueller with the Sass
right though you bring a globe in here I’ll flatten it up it’s gonna be a pool table yeah
pretty soon maybe a map would have been good for you to he is he is right though in my mind
um so mellan was the first one to sell around the or his crew was yeah he died
in the Philippines but in my mind you make it all the way back to almost mainland China I mean asah MH you’re
almost made it but that’s a pretty long distance still to Spain uh as he points out almost halfway
so when I was in Alaska we were looking out at the water and uh Matt Peebles this guy
showing us around he goes he goes if you just head out that water next thing you know next thing you know you’re in
Japan and Jay flake was like Japan’s that close he just that’s the next thing
we’ll run into we we were thinking Japan is this close to Alaska we looked it up it’s like 8,000 miles away or something
but it’s a big ocean yeah it’s a real big the biggest that’s what I heard I hear you can see Russia from there not
from where we were we were the very bottom right part of Alaska but there are Parts you can see that was you know
that was a joke where they really made fun of Sarah Pam that she was like I can see Russia Out My Back Door yeah I think
she was just making a joke but well no I mean I think their parts very close right yeah they’re connected by that’s
the bearing straight bearing straight at one point yeah I think the the reason people objected to it is because it was
offered as foreign policy experience that’s right that’s right how you going to deal with Russia well I can see it from my house you know there was a
theory that I read one time that Native American people were from China that
walked over the baron straight years and years and years prior and settled down in America yeah I’ve heard something
like that yeah I’m surprised you would even visit that that’s kind of the accepted thinking and it has been for a
long long time is it yeah okay yeah well I mean next
comment well I guess it just depends on whatever you’re saying is you know whatever time frame they would say but I
could just imagine that happening I didn’t know that was accepted I think I read that in a Bob Dylan book one time a
Bob Dylan book yeah yeah that makes sense yeah I think they thought they
were all closer together the land masses and therefore ancient man that’s how
they first got here but I just wonder does it even have to be ancient you know it could have been you know if if a
couple hundred years ago oh just blowing in the wind if if we didn’t Discover it until
1492 and then left or whatever they want to call him yeah uh came over five years
500 years prior to that did he see people was he talking to people I don’t know but maybe it happened just a
hundred years before Leaf a came times are changing you know I
mean people love an ancient thing I know Chase Like a Rolling Stone
yeah Chase Schubert my senior year in college I wrote a paper on the map that
first named a wait I wrote a paper on the map that
first named America as America after America
Vespucci it is nicknamed America’s birth certificate and for 200 years for
hundreds of years okay yeah I’m getting real twisted up here there’s a lot of quotes in here and too many
Americas America as America America vispi you know it’s it’s too much for
hundreds of years Scholars knew it existed but could not find it then around the turn of the 20th century it
was discovered accidentally in a Castle’s basement in southern Germany but with World War I and World War II it
was forgotten about and left there until finally in 2001 the United States
Congress paid $10 million for it making it the most expensive map ever
purchased how about that well that is look Chase is probably smarter than me that’s a very that is the most horribly
written Co I was I was GNA trash Dusty for that I mean that’s two sentences
that whole comment basically just everything comma com that’s just there a lot going on did you edit that just
before I trashed Chase did you kind of change the way this was written there was actually wasn’t a period between
Germany and but that that sentence kept going oh my gosh so I I put a period
between Germany and but just to give Dusty a break I was so distracted I barely know I barely know what this
comment said well I can’t believe I don’t believe that tough that was tough you don’t believe what I don’t believe it this this I don’t I mean I believe
that he researched it and he read this but I don’t believe that they lost it and then it was accidentally found in a
castle basement and then lost again and then the United sta States paid 10
million for it but why why wouldn’t you believe that well I just don’t think things get lost like
that I mean I can’t find my car keys half the time I see during a war maybe something but if you had America’s birth
certificate you’d hold on to your car keys aren’t America you have your birth certificate I don’t no probably don’t
they didn’t make them back then chiseled into stone yeah I mean I don’t I don’t I like this but I
just don’t trust anything now yeah well it’s obvious you know what I mean I’m sorry I attacked your syntax so much
Chase it was just it was distracting yeah Chase I mean you’re not you know Paul Emy Mueller
here yeah maybe a dictionary would have been nice for you to
use maybe someday you can be but well anyway I thought that was interesting yeah um but you know all right Elias C
sow that’s how I would do it you really hit the pow that’s how I would do it sow
sow Sam Seno maybe poo I’d say s
paoo Elias C Seno that’s probably right in middle school I asked my social
studies teacher how did people create the map layout and how do we know if it’s the correct shape I remember she
could answer me so she gave me an attitude well that happens all the time
this was the first time I felt stupid as a kid only to realize later later on I
should have been teaching the class I get worse at reading the whole time the longer this goes on I don’t know what’s
happen well that was also that one was tough too I got your back on these last two comments boy but I I like this but
that because that’s what happens when people when you ask people a question and they can’t answer it rather than
going you know what I don’t know they give you some kind of weird attitude and you probably should have been teaching
that class that’s an intuitive question I’ll take the teacher side you want me to yeah yeah how about this kid trying
to destabilize the class by trying to I mean to be Anarchy if everybody thinks
this teacher doesn’t know anything right and this is a question that’s not really important to what they’re talking about
and you’re just going to waste time explaining this yeah destabilizing the the Integrity of the class I wonder if
the teacher was like do you want to know what the shape of the offices because that’s where you’re going if you keep
this up that been a pretty good answer I want you go map out the principles office over there yeah yeah we’ll have you draw
the detention room whatever you call it but I just look back at a lot of times
where I thought I was in the right with a teacher and now as I’m older I take
the teacher side a little bit more than I did there’s some stuff I still think I was right about but if I were a teacher
when I was in school I would have hated I’d love it yeah God I would have hated
man you would have hated you as a teacher yeah you know what subject are you teaching yeah I well I was no I mean
oh oh just well I don’t know what subject I just would hate me as a student just I was always trying to be
funny sometimes I was very funny I would like to teach homech that would be great yeah you know what they taught us how to
take biscuits pre-made biscuits and flatten them out and make little pizzas out of them oh that’s that’s useful have
you done that since no I did do you know what I did do it at home a couple times after that well there you go as a kid
yeah that’s great some practical stuff Stephanie Benson Aaron opened my eyes
when he said Andy from Sha Shank Redemption was a metaphor for Jesus wow
I have loved that movie forever but never put that together thank you it makes me love the movie and nand even
more all right how about it I don’t know if I mean look I I don’t think Stephen King is a Christian I don’t think he
intended it to be that but and I haven’t seen anybody else say that but I think it I think it fits you know I’ve heard
that about The Green Mile that that that also Stephen King that the big guy John
coffee John coffee like the drink only not spelled the same yeah yeah is a representation of Jesus too okay
yeah okay uh so maybe I maybe I will also open Stephanie’s eyes to something
well Ben Rosser I love how when Dusty was asked if he had a Diaper Genie he
instantly got uncomfortable and said no despite not knowing what it was you
could sense his reaction to the word Genie was similar to if you had forced him to listen to a Harry Potter audio
book I think there’s some truth to that yeah probably so I think it’s a good uh analysis Ben I did we ever decide what
the Diaper Genie was well I think that’s maybe just a brand and it’s almost like Band-Aid maybe that’s it’s the thing you
dispose your diapers oh baby’s diapers with do have one of those trash can we do have one of those it’s like a
you open it up and you can put the diaper in there and then when you close the lid it kind of sucks it down yeah
and then there’s a baking soda like filter over the top to keep the smells from coming out by opening the lid on
the top of the canister a soil diaper may be inserted into the mouth of the contain do you need to use the word
mouth there people are disgusting I agree I agree and this is Wikipedia yeah
they usually keep it pretty you know levelheaded yeah mouth just say
opening you know what I mean yeah this is written by someone that doesn’t have any kids so that makes me think Diaper
Genie is not the brand but just that’s what the thing’s called no this is this
is a specific brand it’s a brand of play Tex products okay
1999 all right yeah I mean I’m not offended by Genie I mean I don’t you
know I I don’t think Genies are real but if I found one I would be tempted to
make some wishes you know what I [Laughter]
mean you know what I’m saying I hope so it would be hard to not do it oh sure
yeah what would you do what would you wish for unlimited wishes well if that wasn’t an option I would go for an
extreme amount of money right away because you know not that I’m trying to be greedy with money but that would just
you would never have to do anything else and then you could give money away and help relatives out and ruin their lives
probably but uh you know this surprises me you’ve surprised me on this and really cause inflation and ruin the
economy well maybe the money you know maybe I would make a wish that the money would come from the government
government you know what I mean so your your one wish so far is to steal money from the government right yeah yeah okay
when you know be like a Robin Hood Type situation but but you’re just stealing it for yourself but to give to other
people to give to other that’s what they always say maybe give it to them but also but also yeah relax a little bit
you know I mean I’m just saying it would be easy to
be corrupted if you had a GD I would feel like you would do the two wishes and just hang on to that third one
because you’re like I never know when something comes if a genie said you can live till 80 okay I
guarantee you you don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car blah blah blah you can live till 80 but you’re done would you take that
offer I’d have to consult with a doctor and see what my realistic life
expectancy is well I mean the average life expectancy is I think like 78 something like that I I don’t think I
would do it so what’s what’s the tradeoff here that well you’re guarantee not to die early okay but I could live
longer than that’s right or you could have some hor horrific accident that
would have killed you but because you’ve made this wish you must continue living
and no matter what kind of pain you’re in you cannot die yeah well maybe we
that’s not part of it I don’t know yeah you don’t get the sweet release yeah yeah you’re you’re you get hit by a car
at 35 and you’re like the rest you know the next what is it 45 years you’re
paralyzed you’re in extreme pain but you get to board the flight first yeah yeah
but where would you go you know looking for that Genie all right last one Jordan penley
have any of you been a part of a show where the opener was better than the headliner Aon uh want take this one back
when I used to open for people boom oh yeah is that true now I have had you know I did a I don’t
want to know if it was better but I always talk about this uh There’s a comic in named Jeff bodart out of
Indianapolis and he headlines and my very first headlining gig at crackers in
Indianapolis the owner of the club booked him to feature for me and I felt like he did better than me all weekend
yeah um now prior to that I had opened for Jeff and I felt like I did better
than Jeff opening for him but him opening for me I think he was doing better heavy as the head that’s The
Sweet Spot that feature spot’s The Sweet Spot though yeah uh answer is yes that
that happens all the time I think especially like bar shows and like local
shows like that whoever’s closing out the show does not necessarily have the best set and I’ve been that guy I’ve
closed out a show and I thought other people have done better than me but that show goes long people are over it the
opener the opener has a much easier they’re in a much better position they have a shorter set there’s no
expectation of them from the crowd so they can just kind of do whatever it’s looser they it’s it’s a lot easier of a
spot that’s actually why I like doing an hour on a 90 minute show as opposed to
45 minutes which is all you really have to do but I don’t want the other Comics
to be out there for that long I want to keep those sets short so that it it because it’s my show and I want it to
still be my show I don’t want to give them so much time that there’s an opportunity for it to become their show
oh okay you know what I mean yeah and also I want to do a lot of time yeah I
like to have the extra time to tell people about vori that’s how much I love viori guys
viori is great I was wearing viori shorts earlier today well I got out my you cut your set shorts yeah that’s how
much I love it I got my viori on today it’s Falls here you can enjoy viori has made me I don’t know if you guys know
this or not but I always been considered a cool guy but I don’t believe that I
think you’re cool dude I appreciate that I Aang got with some of my cool friends I had one of them recently asked hey is that vori and I’m like yeah I don’t
usually know about Brands I learned about vori from this podcast W and now I’m a cool guy because I wear vori I
think we all own viori because of this podcast I mean I ordered my wife a bunch of shorts she was working out today in
the viori wow yeah we love viori alls items they have are great they have the Cor you got the core shorts I think two
pair yeah they’re comfortably lined two pairs what is is it pairs I think so is
the short with the lining in it I think so I don’t have either you have a because you have a single pair of
shorts oh you have two different you’d have two pairs what do you think they call pants a pair like that they don’t
call it a shirt legs but you got two two sleeves on a shirt they don’t call this a pair of
shirts I mean dang that’s a good point yeah that’s a really good point would say about if you’re playing poker
you have two pair you don’t have two pairs right oh but I think it is two pairs of pants yeah anyway VOR e is I’m
sure they love this ad it’s a new outlook on the performance apparel perfect if you’re sick and tired of
traditional old workout gear that’s what I used to have you know vori can be worn activities like I’ll say on that note
yeah I have a bunch of gem shorts and when I got the vior I never want to wear those other shorts I’m not even making
that up I never want to wear those shorts really raise the bar yeah yeah well it’s an investment on your happiness I always say that guys is an
investment on your happiness and for our listeners they’re offering 20% off of your first purchase get yourself some of
the most comfortable and versatile versatile versatile clothing on the planet at Nate that’s V
Nate not only will you receive 20% off your first purchase but enjoy free shipping on any us order over
$75 and free returns go to vor. Nate and discover the versatility of vori
clothing I thought that was a good ad read all the way around yeah yeah we genuinely like the product yeah so we
got excited about it I got a vori catalog on my uh coffee table right now that I’m GNA order some more stuff from
I like it a lot you order out of a catalog well they sent me the catalog so I’ll look at it okay you know but you’re
ordering it online yeah yeah sure good yeah but I I love it though I’m like it
feels fancy you know what I mean to order out of a catalog no no to have the order okay good yeah that’s what I’m
saying my friends you know they think I’m cool now you don’t believe me Aon but all right don’t does this shirt not
look cool it does look cool it’s not a shirt but yeah yeah makes it look nice what you call what would you call it I
call that a uh pullover oh yeah little quarter zip little quarter zip all right
whatever all right uh so this week guys it is this
week I believe marks the 30y year anniversary of the re release of the movie Rudy wow so I thought it’d be a
good time to talk about sports movies yes I love it I love I love sports movies a lot so I like that we’re doing
this boy doing little research I forgot just how many sports movies there are there are a ton including some that I’m
like I didn’t even really think of that as a sports movie like Jerry Maguire oh
yeah that’s a sports movie I think I think that’s a relationship movie with sport in the background I kind of do too
I mean I guess I think of a sports movie as they’re they’re playing like Rudy is a story about a guy overcoming adversity
and persevering it’s about the human spirit it’s not about football but he really wants to play football he really
wants to and in the end he does get to in the end Jerry Maguire gets the girl
or whatever right but he’s a sports agent in the movie yeah but I I don’t think of it the
same I mean I could see both sides but I just that’s not what I and karate kit
was another one which yeah I guess it’s sports movie I just think of as a Coming of Age Gladiator you think Gladiator
sports movie see that was their Sports yeah that’s true it has all the makings of a sports movie The under you know the
the guy they all rally behind and yeah yeah just that was Sports back then it’s not much different than football
nowadays if you want to be cynical about it yeah they just Gladiators in a Coliseum that’s true so what’s your
favorite sports movie oh man Moneyball Moneyball or Rudy
those are probably the two my two favorites Sandlot they’re all great they all they all scratch a different itch I
think for sure it’s Rocky I think Rocky not only maybe the best and I know you guys already talked about it without me
the which I was very bummed about I mean Brian knows that I love Rocky but um uh
the um I think Rocky may be the best movie you and have a lot in com outside
of sports movies it’s such a great movie it is a great movie almost to the point
where it’s so good I almost don’t even think it is a sports movie I know it is but that movie almost transcends Sports
I get that yeah yeah because it is as Mike pointed out it’s just it’s a movie about the the the will the spirit of
someone who was just down on their luck but um the rocky series and I know you
already talked about it I’m going to make this last comment no no no go ahead but up until Rocky 4
it is like the best series Rocky five ruins the whole series because Rocky
five he’s lost everything he’s got dang near brain damage and and he’s not and
he’s losing his son uh because he’s focused on Tommy Gun he’s losing everything in Rocky five and it’s
like if you just stop at rocky4 it’s you know because Rocky 4 he gets punched so
much when you think wow this guy’s just tough Rocky five you’re like oh that that fight almost caused he’s like my
hands won’t stop shaking and I’m like well you just ruined four for us uhuh you know because now this heroic thing
he did is now you’re witnessing a tragedy and the Russian he had to go
back to Russia and be a loser and get exiled which we learned in Creed or Creed 2 maybe yeah it’s like nobody wins
yeah I’m sorry about that stop making it after four uhuh just let it go yeah yeah
well maybe stopped making it after one to be honest with you no no well the movie it totally sh rcky one was just a
it was a it was totally different after Rocky one but Rocky 3 was also an incredible movie Very underrated but
much more hollywoodish much more you know unbelievable and he doesn’t win in the first one that’s what it makes it
more real but he doesn’t he loses in the third one too yeah but then he comes back and wins which is every sports
movie but he wins in the first one because he says I just want to go he never expected to win right he’s like I
just want to go the distance he said I don’t want to look you know I don’t want to look bad out there I want to go the
distance and he does so yeah I mean Rocky Rocky’s great
I love I think for me um maybe hooers
okay hoers is a good one why is that funnier I don’t know hoers is a good one I just
rewatched it okay same that made Rudy okay it is I didn’t realize that same
director same writer same everything it’s really great it is it’s I think
Aaron thinks that was my time it that I grew up in now that movie did come out
when I was in high school yeah 1986 it came out yeah Jean Hackman’s incredible he is incredible in it and it’s I do
love Rudy and I’ve really lately because I’ve seen Moneyball a bunch lately I love Moneyball the thing about and I
never watched Moneyball well I recently watched Rudy again and and Moneyball when I was in the 80s some
sports movies the the scenes of the actually playing sports was so bad and
so unbelievable but now these movies um I mean Money Ball it’s incredible yeah
the way they kind of combin the actors with the actual footage from the games
it’s based on yeah they did a really good job of it they look like they really know how to play sports Rudy’s
the same way um I was reading about where they do you know how they shot that final scene they
shot the the actual game footage during was it halftime of a football game yeah
they were playing Boston College that’s right yeah and they’re in the movie they’re playing Georgia Tech but it was
filmed in the middle of a Boston College Notre Dame game so you can actually see a lot of Boston College shirts and stuff
in the crowd you can yeah yeah and they went out there at halftime they gave uh the director two games to choose from
that one and the week after which I forgot who they were playing uh but ended up being snow in
that game so this is the only shot they had and the football players said they’re going in the tunnel and they see
all these like what is this is this one of these peeee games at halftime and it’s these actors and there’s footage on
YouTube of the Notre Dame Boston College game like somebody posted the whole game and the it was a blowout Notre Dame blew
out Boston College so they just start interviewing some of the actors from this upcoming movie Rudy wow and it’s
and it’s just it’s kind of interesting to see like NBC’s footage of them out there shooting the scene starring that
kid from The Goonies yeah yeah Sean ass was he in The Goonies first Sean yeah I think he was way younger in that okay
and then Lord of the Rings after Rudy 51st dates he’s great he is great he’s a
little m in Rudy though it’s like like when you see him like going up to the guy that’s running the ticket booth the
security guy I’m going to play for Notre Dame all right kid okay well that’s
that’s as you age I I do watch that movie differently goly dude if I were on
that team I’d be like shut up I know this kid that’s not good enough to be on
the team he’s only on the team because the coach feels bad for him so he’s on and you’re just like I gotta listen to
this guy yapping at me all practice I’m a real athlete yeah I’m getting you know
I have a scholarship to be here this kid stinks and I got pretend that he’s a real football player I get that side of
it too but you got to put all that aside watching the movie now I like the movie though because it’s get into it his
family doesn’t believe in him and it’s nice to see Jes it’s not for us it’s it’s for Rich Kids smart kids I like
that guy though his dad in the movie yeah he’s an awesome actor yeah Ned batty yeah Ned batty he had a rough time
in uh Deliverance but yeah yeah he
did I mean Rudy’s dad will never go on a canoe
trip but you know what there’s a movie I like and I bet you guys have not seen this called digtown you ever seen that
no boxing movie James Woods Lou goset Jr um Heather Graham uh it is so good James
Woods like is in jail and and learns about that he’s a big Gambler and he
learns about this town I I just want to say dusty I believe you that this is a good movie this poster it looks like
this is the worst movie ever made it does it’s it’s a guy he’s wearing a bath
robe and boxing gloves and then James Woods is leaning on him yeah well James Woods a hustler the hustle the muscle
the scam yeah see they go to this town this town’s a small town but a real big boxing town and one guy kind of owns the
whole town because of a fight where he bet on one guy and everybody else bet on
the other guy Bruce D is the bad guy and uh and so he makes to bet that Lou goset
Jr he has a boxer that can beat 10 of diggstown best men in one day so and
it’s that’s fun yeah it’s great I’ve never seen this message on a Wikipedia entry before said this article’s plot
summary may be too long or excessively detailed please help and prove it by removing unnecessary details and making
it more concise somebody dug in I mean quite com yeah it’s great though it is
one of my favorites such a good movie never heard of nobody ever talks about I’ve heard of it I haven’t seen it but
so great I have it on DVD if you guys want to come [Laughter]
over sure man you and Aaron both own a lot of DVDs
I love a DVD it did lose $14 million but you know well I for some reason yeah
people a lot of people don’t like it also the kid I just learned this on the the way here I was on IMDb in the car
here and uh the kid Bruce D’s son in the movie was also the oldest kid in Honey
ass Shunk the kids how about that a little triv not a sports movie but one of my
favores so you had a joke about um Remember the Titans right did you always
feel that way or from the time you saw the movie or did it come to you later have I explained my theory about that
movie have we talked about it in detail on the podcast before well just if not I think maybe briefly but just tell people
again about how the historical inaccuracy yeah I just looked Remember the Titans you’ve seen the movie right
it’s it’s maybe one of the most culturally important movies of
my generation I feel like it’s watched a lot it’s referenced a lot it’s quoted
all the time especially growing up playing football there were lines in there that were strong side I mean we
did all that stuff I could my whole life without hearing that River ain’t no mountain high ain’t no I could never
hear that again yeah I could never hear that again ain’t no mountain high enough I can’t do it and well it the movie also
it made all these songs popular again all these great soundtrack that’s the one thing I’ll say about the movie
unbelievable Sound song is great spirit in the sky I mean it’s great stuff in there but I some some age I I Googled
the real story and there are so many differences between
the movie and the real story that it kind of ruined the movie for me and I understand that when you’re writing a
film you do have to move things around you have to change stuff for it to work as a movie but they made so many
changes chief of which being that every team the Titans played 1971 or 1972 when
the movie took place every school had already been integrated so every team they play
desegregated I guess or is integrated the right word I think integrated racially integrated they’ve been yeah
desegregated there were black and white players on every team they played right
the whole point your joke line though my joke is that isn’t that insane that
Disney resegregated the Virginia public school system for a film the whole movie
they’re like wasn’t this awful it’s like yeah y’all did all this yes uh not to say there weren’t awful things going on
back then but it’s like you created all of this because that wasn’t even a narrative about this team at the time
because every team also had black and white players they were all dealing with with race in the same way the Titans
were now they were a great team that’s now here’s a detail that you should change if you’re making a movie in real
life the Titans just obliterated everybody there was not a close game the whole season in the movie the
championship game comes down to the last play it’s a dram itic you know I understand that but to fundamentally
change the whole reason for the film you’re like that feels a little a little
gross to me or just don’t say it’s based off a true story you know just make a
movie yeah you could yeah you could do that but it’s like every it’s the school that’s the actual School TC Williams and
or say Loosely based off a true store sometimes do yeah based on true events
but wasn’t there another thing where the kid Gary Bertier who by the way was committed to Notre Dame he was the
number one linebacking recruit linebacker recruit in the country at the time he uh after the season ended he was
paralyzed in a car accident in the movie he gets paralyzed right before the
state championship game yeah as if to say now it matters now it’s important we
got to win him right before we were just winning for all the races but now we
have to win for this guy too well it’s just like you’re changing these details in a way that just feels kind of
deceptive and gross to me yeah yeah I agree well you’re but you loved it when
it first came out of course I think it’s a it’s a especially for kid I’m just saying fine movie you’re wise beond your
years if you as a kid saw that like don’t no this was Me Maybe in college I started I looked this up so this is way
after the fact there’s some things that does CH like you said about Rudy I love R I still love Rudy I think it’s a great
movie but the the janitor I forgot his name but the the black man that plays
the janitor five foot nothing 100 nothing yeah yeah since that movie I
don’t know if that was the very first one but there’s been so many more since then where the wise old black man and
then there’s spoof comedies where they even have the wise you know guy that it almost seems like a such a character now
that that at the time it didn’t feel that way but now it almost seems a little different do you know what I’m
saying yeah like like Joe Dirk with uh uh Clen uh was uh Christopher
Walkin yeah I guess but um it’s just like things become hacky a certain point
there’s yeah you know yeah what was all tropes now that what was the golf movie with Will Smith and Matt Damon Legend of
Bagger Vance oh yeah and he’s not even like a real person didn’t he like right he’s like a ghost of an old cfer yeah
just old wise man that movie sticks is it I don’t know I never watch I don’t know I actually don’t know I’m sure it
might be good what about remembering is it remember or Bobby Fisher the chess movie Searching for Bobby F Searching
for Bobby Fisher I remember that to be really goodess is nah it’s a
game yeah I would say it’s a game I don’t know the difference but seemed like more of a game than what is the
difference well I think that there needs to be some kind of physical aspect you
need to be in shape in some way way to be a sport you need to be in shape in some way bowling I mean bowling you ever
go bowling after not bowling for years your arm hurts after the bolt you know what I mean so you gotta be okay that’s
that’s some way yeah you’re in shape in some way your arm is built up to be able to hold the ball curve it you’re in
shape in some way curling yeah I’m sure you got to learn to you got to know how to skate darts
curling you have to know how to skate don’t you have to skate across the ice to no P out their own shoes are they own
shoes well you got to learn to stand up on Ice pool pool and darts to me is back to
games okay okay but there’s physicality involved yeah I’ve been sore
coordination technique there is something but I would say that’s Clos say you’ve been sore
from play a couple too many games and I’m sore the next day uh I’ve been hung
over after playing pool for a while I would say those are games okay well
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got to the the word enses and I feel like I just kind of that was a good ad read though I felt
good about it was really well done I felt good about it so there’s so many sports movies good thing uh Chase
Schubert wasn’t writing the ad huh yeah yeah I do feel bad about that I’m sorry Chase if you’re still listening I don’t
think you are but if if you’re still listening I feel bad about it I think a lot of times Brian will edit these
comments in a way that uh makes it look worse yeah yeah
yeah if I don’t I don’t like Chase no you’ll tighten it up for Nate right A lot of times oh yeah I tighten it up a
lot yeah do you change words a lot I don’t change words I might yeah I just
tighten it up okay maybe occasionally if it has the same meaning but but it makes it’s clearer I
try to keep it um six lines are under as far as the
paper goes because that usually fills the screen I don’t know what how many of that L to be on screen but okay
sometimes they’re just too long so there’s so many sports movies to talk about maybe we just take a sport and
then name our okay favorite movie from that sport I like that yeah yeah yeah I love that uh
baseball baseball I gotta say Major League it’s great I mean major league is
a great I mean I’d love to say something more serious Like For the Love of the Game because that’s a great movie but
major league is it’s so fun major league is fun can a comedy be a truly great
movie though in the same way that a dramatic film can because when I think of the greatest movies of all time I got
to be honest with you I don’t think a single comedy is on that list and I don’t know why that is but I think for
some reason when I see a I don’t take this as seriously as a movie what’s more dramatic than watching Charlie Sheen
come out and put on the glasses Wild Thing Wild Thing have you seen this
movie I have seen this movie I but I I don’t think of it in the same vein as
Field of Dreams or something like that but what what do you think that is why can’t I take a comedy as I’m a comedian
and for some reason I don’t respect comedies the same way I do other other I mean my favorite TV shows are not
comedies they’re Breaking Bad or oh my favorite are all comedies really I
that’s why I’m so sad about the way comedies have gone lately because they’re not good comedies used to be so
great I don’t think there’s any good movies TV shows TV shows movies yeah
yeah I mean obviously sefil in the office those are my favorite shows but nobody nowadays talks about hey did you
watch the last episode of some comedy yeah well that’s what I mean now present day comedies are not good but now
they’re all mixed together they’re dramedies and I mean I think moneyball’s got some very funny scenes in it but I I
bet if I look at the IMDB’s top 250 movies these are the greatest movies of all time how far along do we have to
scroll down before comedy shows up 10 uh I best further than that okay we got 12
Angry Men Schindler’s List that’s not a comedy right I mean Pulp Fiction’s arguably yeah but nobody thinks of that
as a comedy I guess it’s Tarantino movie so there’s funny moments yeah Forest Gump is Forest Gump a comedy I think so
I mean Force Gump is a it’s a ro romantic movie it’s a war movie it’s
like a it’s an epic what about when he says she tastes like cigarettes yeah she
tastes like cigarettes yeah that’s funny sorry Lieutenant D she tastes like
cigarette good Fellas I mean you understand what I’m saying I do understand these are all dramas these
are all action movies um or look Silence of the Lambs is like a thriller yeah if
you did what is that list that’s IMD this is IMDB’s top 250 these are uh as
rated by IMDb voters gotcha gotcha kind of the definitive list as far as I’m
concerned because sh shank is number one I’m sure there are other lists that AFI is like the the go-to list oh really
yeah AFI top 100 but allthough agree with you that shashing but I just I don’t understand I don’t even I don’t
think it’s right the way I think but I just I never think of comedies in that way this says Citizen Kane is the number
one movie The Godfather number two I don’t see any comedies on here yeah well that’s just a Miss that’s what
our our society has come to they can’t even enjoy a good laugh they gotta
they gotta have their emotions manipulated to enjoy a movie The Graduate yeah with uh Dustin Hoffman
Dustin Hoffman’s number 17 I doubt it I mean I know it’s on there but I doubt it
what are you saying about I mean that’s kind of a comedy that’s what I’m saying that’s that’s the 17 that’s just one the rest of these are all anyway yeah sorry
I didn’t mean to shoot down your major league that’s okay but I do think it’s my favorite baseball movie okay I mean I
love For the Love of the Game uh I think it’s great but Major League came out my senior year in high school so there was
a lot of quoting of that movie with all my friends you know I saw it so many times uh I like like fil of dreams I
didn’t really get that movie when it came out it’s just it’s too I don’t know
if I can completely get it now but it’s too mystical so to speak then yeah it’s supernatural yeah and I didn’t really I
mean it’s like baseball Trend sends things but yeah a kid when it came out
you like James ear Jones’s speech at the end there I didn’t it’s kind of nice but you didn’t really I appreciate it now
but as a young guy I like funny lines you know in Major League where you
know run like hit like maze run like Hayes or something yeah stuff like that yeah um but yeah I
mean Major League I I would say now it is Moneyball um I think moneyall
moneyball’s great so good and um but major League’s only up there for sure
what’s your favorite Rudy or baseball oh baseball
Rudy You could argue Rudy’s a baseball yeah you could uh The Sandlot was a big
movie for me as a kid The Sandlot I talk about some of these movies they’re like
they’re so impactful when they they come at a certain time of your life right now I think The Sandlot came out of 90 it
came out when I was very young but growing up playing baseball it was still quoted all the time you’re killing me
Smalls we joke you killing me Smalls you play ball like a girl all that stuff I
mean my entire childhood these lines were quoted now I don’t know how much this movie holds up as an adult I mean
the sand lot is a kid’s movie and some would argue it’s not even really a baseball movie it’s a movie about
childhood it’s kind of a Coming of Age the uh the dog over the fence is a metaphor for Jesus
all your movies have metaphors do you don’t think do you know the plot of The Sandlot they hit an
autograph Babe Ruth ball over the fence yeah some guy some lady wrote her name on it baby baby baby
Ruthie oh my God that was the same guy yeah that movie’s great yeah but you don’t think there’s a metaphor in there
somewhere these kids hit a ball over fence and there’s a dog that’s over the
fence and they’re scared of it and then ultimately the dog is not that scary and
they learn to live with it you don’t think there’s a metaphor in there somewhere you have any theories on it I
to me well maybe it’s like the next stage in life they’re about to get old totally it’s adulthood it’s the gravity
of of real life right these kids are growing up some of them are I think only
one of them has hit puberty it seems so they’re like they’re right on the cusp of becoming adults yeah and uh and you
know here’s the scary thing over the fence and it’s not that scary that’s kind of nice but I I would argue it is
that scary if Dusty had written the film the dog would have eaten all the kids and
they would have gone let’s not go near that fence anymore you were probably the perfect age when that movie came out yeah I love that movie it was really
great yeah like I was already too old for it nice James Jones speech at the end of that too oh yeah it’s great yeah
yeah James James R Jones is kind of the common thread in all of oh did yeah he was he was the guy who owned the dog he
was the blind guy I kind of remember that now now there’s some historical inac accuracies in that too because when
the kids visit his house he’s like yeah I played with George Herman Ruth and you’re like well color barrier wasn’t
broken with could not have been unfortunately you could not have played with him but
that’s true yeah huh but still fond to put in the movie yeah yeah anyway all
right sorry the joy out of that no yeah you’ve been ruining a lot of sports movies for us yeah he pulled up to let
me know hey you like comedies well none of them are the best movies no I’m not saying that’s necessarily comedies you
don’t even like movies saying they’re I mean they literally have a separate category at uh at these award shows
they’re literally thought as something different than quote unquote real That’s how little comedians are respected I
agree with you I’m just wondering why that is you know anyway
because we have to be valid we we’re validated by real people on a daily basis with the art World they have to
validate each other we interact with real people
that’s right I think the Golden Globes has a new category now for stand-up comedy do they really I think so wow so
you know one of us could be winning a golden glob mean’s gonna win one soon H I take back what I said egot yeah uh
what sport you want to do next well I have a question for you what what what
what is a sports moment or team or something that you wish they would make a movie about that’s a good question
because I was just very disappointed I’ve always wanted a documentary about the urban Myers era at University of
Florida that’s when Tim TBO was the quarterback while Aaron Hernandez was on
the team murdering people half the team’s been arrested it’s a crazy story
a crazy part of college football history they made a documentary being a metaphores being
okay sorry I’m reading between the lines on these films dude I’m sorry about that but they made a documentary that uh in
my opinion was just a Fluff piece what I heard for Florida it made Urban it it didn’t talk about any of the things that
are interesting what everybody wanted to hear was what was it like Tim TBO being in the locker room with Aaron Hernandez
were the Dynamics like amongst the team and they didn’t talk about any of that they just talked about like the games
yeah kind of it blew over a lot of crazy stuff I wouldn’t mind a Jaylen Hertz uh
documentary a bit uh losing his starting position at Alabama Tua yeah and then
and then coming in in the SEC Championship for Tua and then winning
that game and then not getting his position back then going to Oklahoma and now being a huge success in the NFL well
now because of 30 for 30s they they do so many sports documentaries and that’s
Nota what you’re asking but in that vein a 30 for 30 or some type of documentary
remember when Tennessee fired Butch Jones yes and then they hired I’m drawing to Blake on GRE shano Greg shano
and the social media backlash right they pulled retracted it they were TR yeah yeah that’s never happened before do you
remember this and there were like borderline riots on University of Tennessee’s campus yeah this was I don’t know five six years ago a little longer
than that he was uh well the claim was that he was involved with Joe pno stuff
right yeah he was on the staff at Joe pno and that you know there was some allegations that he knew you know enough
that he should have spoke up and said something um but he was also not maybe
as good of a coach as Tennessee fans wanted to be their next coach well that was probably most of it right yeah so
they kind of used that and then there was just this kind of wave of people
getting so upset and they just retracted I mean I support it the offer and
anybody on the Joe paternal staff of that era is like questionable but I’m sure there’s people
on that staff who had no idea yeah that anything was going on still questionable though you know what I mean I’m not saying they’re guilty but it’s sketchy
yeah but you wouldn’t want someone accusing you of something if you didn’t do anything no that’s true but I’m just saying if you’re if you’re on that Squad
it’s sketchy yeah I don’t know what he so would you watch this movie I guess that’s the question I don’t know yeah I
don’t think so now there has been a there’s been a movie about the Joe pno stuff right it was like an HBO movie
alino watcho plays Joe was it good yeah it was interesting it kind of portrayed him as just he was it a comedy yeah it’s
very funny that’d be a bold move making a comedy about that you know let’s throw
in some jokes it kind of portrayed him as clueless to the gravity of it these
allegations are starting to come out was it was a sympathetic portrayal of Joe pno kind of sort of he’s watching game
film yeah you know when all this stuff’s going on it’s like he doesn’t get what is going on right but still come on yeah
that doesn’t give you a free pass just because you’re old to all that what a we’re really
getting sad now yeah sorry about that I feel like feel like it’s all my fault well at least become one of the greatest
podcasts because we’ve made it sad now yeah oh yes less comedy less comedy more
drama you’re not you’re not happy with what I said no no I mean you proved your point so I’m not I’m not upset with you
I just don’t like that that’s a thing ComEd you’ve had a lot of tragedy in life right W you tell I have let’s talk
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with betterhelp visit Nate today to get 10% off your first
month that’s betterhelp Nate all right so what’s your
favorite uh basketball movie who’s yours
well is it any movie that just has basketball in it sure I don’t know
uh ply oh that’s backyard basket American History X
[Laughter] well boy talk about two very different
movies H the movie well this is this goes back to the question like what what
actually makes it AET movie with will phoh you you wouldn’t call American history ACC the will phoh basketball
movie I really like semipro never saw I just watched it not long ago Flint Tropics it’s really good Woody harelson
yeah I’m into it okay I didn’t think it was that good oh white man can’t jump though that’s probably the best talking
about the Remake they just made no no I am not but Woody harelson reminded me of
that white man can’t jump that’s the best basketball Wesley Snipes yeah that’s a great movie that’s a fun one
that’s the best there was a Disney Channel original movie I cannot remember the name of but it was about an all
Jewish basketball team and I like that one a lot what’s it called I gotta look that
up disne I was waiting for the punch line no it’s not a punch line it’s a real film White Men Can’t Jump though not up there for you no it’s a little
before my time okay he likes the Remake who’s in the remake I think like Jack
harlo or something full court Miracle all right I’ll give that a look there’s also called double teamed did you ever
see that one do you ever watch any Disney Channel original movies what about what about your uh your uh your
dog movie airbud airbud yeah well airbud they they’ve made an
airbud iteration for E every sport now there’s a lot of bad basketball movies
yeah like what well like airbud oh airbud was it’s a legitimately good kids film all right you’re right I’m going
white man can’t jump Semi-Pro that’s what’s the one with little bowwow be like Mike yeah
yeah mik I think it’s called and then there’s Space Jam space Jam’s awful dude I you get I loved it as a kid you go
back and watch it as an adult it looks bad it’s like cartoon mixed with it’s just terrible yeah I didn’t see the
remake with LeBron I didn’t I hear it’s terrible yeah yeah I thought the first one everyone thought was great you liked
it I I don’t even know if I’ve seen it but I just thought that everyone thought that one was great it is well this is
look I said that as if it was obvious this is a controversial thing to say among people that like the movie yeah I just I think it holds up horribly it
makes no sense Bill Murray comes back at the end for some reason if you were a kid though it’s like wow Bugs Bunny and
Michael Jordan you’re like this is amazing I get the Commercial Appeal of yeah but not a good movie I haven’t seen
it in a long time so I don’t know but what about uh plus it’s a comedy so it
could never be good oh you got a basketball I’ll thr wrench hoop dreams
hoop dreams never seen it I have no idea it’s a documentary about uh two young
high school players I think in Chicago and just kind of all the stuff they’re going through and it it I mean it’s been
so long since I’ve seen it but I remember at the time thinking this is so good all right I’ll check that out yeah
check that out I’ve heard of it before um all right what about um boxing boxing
well boxing’s got to be Rocky for me but let’s just take Rocky out of it to have some fun um Raging Bull you guys seen
that I’m going diggstown though I mean did you see the fighter oh the fighter
and markk wall really good yeah very very good movie it is a very goodie actually Creed Three is really good too
the most recent Creed I thought we just took all the Rockies out I know but Creed that was okay Creed 3 is was
really good Creed one I didn’t like really Creed 2 I didn’t really like Creed 3 great movie you didn’t like it
uh I haven’t seen three I saw one and two I three is great it’s the best one of the series for sure do you think if you were cast in a boxing movie you
could get in the shape that you need for it to be realistic n I’d quit the movie yeah there’s not enough money like my
whole life I thought I’m gonna get in good physical look and that look okay
but if you were cast in a movie they go we’re going to hook you up with personal trainers we’ll pay you all this money
you just got to devote the next eight months of your life to getting in the best shape possible you wouldn’t do it
you’re casting Creed 4 you know and he fights you in the ring you don’t think you could do it I got no interest in
being a movie star I couldn’t do it there’s movies like there was one with Sylvester Salone and Robert dairo where
they both come out of retirement and maybe fight each other oh it looks awful I seen it but dairo wasn’t in good shape
because he was supposed to be an old yeah Stallone still saying you would want to do that yeah I could do that
maybe in that movie Stallone would crush him it’s it’s like Grudge Match is what
it’s called yeah that’s what I don’t think there’s any time period where he wouldn’t beat dairo in a fight yeah yeah
for sure yeah that’s probably true um do we all cover well we covered
the the big three oh Cinderella Man is another really good one yeah Russell Crow never saw it it a pretty good movie
it’s it’s a lot about the depression okay so right up my alley I like boxing
movies you know you could argue that itman to is a boxing movie itman is martial arts but in the in the second
movie he fights a an American Boxer who’s like the champion boxer and he’s
come to China and he’s beating up all these martiall Arts guys and so itman
faces him yeah and it’s great yeah itman very uh nobody ever talks about it but
itman one two three all great martial arts movies if you’re into that best
fights it’s not Quick Cuts where you can’t really see what’s going on I mean it’s really great fights it’s one of the
best okay my favorite comedy is Million Dollar Baby I hated that movie
actually yeah it really plays on your emotions doesn’t it why’ you hate it I just I don’t know I just feel sorry for
the girl the entire movie she buys her mom her house and her mom’s like why don’t you just give me the money I can’t
afford the taxes on this house and I wanted to punch the mom right and I was like and then you know then she ends up
you know paralyzed and it’s like there’s no joy in this movie
yeah it’s a give us some Joy some I agre some kind of redemption something at the
end yeah favorite golf movie oh dude Happy Gilmore I’m going Happy Gilmore
myself trying to think of what else cack I think happy Gore’s funnier than catty Shack caddy I don’t know
catty Shack is really great to me I love Rodney D comedy ages so horribly it does I don’t know some of it it’s so corny
and on the nose and and obviously Happy Gilmore like that way too but see people love
Bill Murray in catty Shack he that’s almost one of my least favorite Bill Murray roles I like chvy Chase and
Rodney Dangerfield in that movie somebody uh my buddy Zack towns in a comic here he said that the greatest
litmus test for somebody’s sense of humor is to ask him who the funniest person in that movie is a lot of people
a lot of people do think Bill Murray’s character is the funniest in that film I agree with you on that my least favorite
I don’t think he’s funny at all either I’m not saying Bill Murray’s not funny I’m saying I did not laugh at him
Ted Knight maybe is to me the funniest one in that movie he’s very funny Rodney Dangerfield for me yeah Dangerfield but
Ted Knight’s a very good funny straight man so what let’s dance all that I didn’t remember Ted Knight’s name but he
is very funny I know who you’re talking about uh 10 cup is another good golf oh that’s Kevin Cosner yeah I don’t know
that I ever I’ve watched that as an adult I think it used to be on like HBO when I was a kid Kevin Cosner has done
so many sports movies especially baseball three baseball movies there’s Field of Dreams uhuh uh durh the Love of
the Game bu Durham yeah and then there’s the one with Dennis Quaid it’s true story the rookie oh yeah oh so four
baseball movies well no no I’m just saying I don’t know why I said it like that like that’s another one but I just thought of it another baseball movie is
a story about a guy who makes to the big leagues at like 35 years old or something yeah okay now in the movie is
a little more dramatic because Dennis Quaid is so much older than that in the movie oh yeah in the movie you’re like
this a pretty old dude Dennis Quaid was born 35 he’s seemed old his whole time
oh yeah he’s always been old what about there was a movie that I remember seeing as a kid a baseball movie where the guy
like hits the ball at the beginning and he knocks the cover off the ball he hits a light the natural yeah that was a is
that Robert Robert red yeah that was a good one all right what do you got what about
bowling Kingpin Kingpin yeah there’s a Disney Channel original movie called The
Alley Cat strike okay and it’s they’re competing for it’s called The Mighty
apple and at the very and I mean it’s a great movie check that out oh yeah Disney Channel original movies they
cover just about every sport there’s a box car racing one there is a surfing
one snowboarding they cover it all man you guys missed out on that just just based on when you were born oh here’s
two more here’s two more categories that we didn’t cover though one of them reminded we didn’t say what our favorite
football movie was I don’t think uh you know I think I know Rudy and and but I
think so The Replacements is a really great keano Reeves Jean Hackman it’s pretty good it’s a com I think that’s a
great one yeah yeah and in Any Given Sunday also very good one of the greatest speeches in a movie I think
alucino speech in oh yeah in any given yeah I didn’t love that movie for whatever reason it’s it’s a bit dramatic
when I was stuck in the middle seat next to the fat guy on the flight he was watching Friday Night Lights yeah that
movie was great it really was now I couldn’t listen to it this time but I’m looking at his his iPad there’s some
talking about some great um realistic football scenes in that movie yeah I’m like I think this is a real game it does
look that way yeah it’s amazing yeah they really getting hit everything’s full speed a lot of times you’ll watch a
movie like that and everything they’re kind of like going half speed you can tell this one man they’re taking some real hits what about racing
movies well you’ll say tadan nights I will say Talladega kns but I’ll tell you
what I just watched I was trying to get my daughter into it she didn’t care for it but the movie Cars I’d never watched
that before it’s really good with Larry the Cable Guy yeah I think I read That’s the highest grossing sports movie ever
it’s really good if you count that as a sports movie wow more more than rocky
huh I mean maybe adjust it for inflation it’ be Rocky but but also um what’s the
uh uh Tom Cruz one I can’t think of Days of Thunder Days of Thunder not really
good uh I think it’s poorly written I feel like they wrote that movie and then were kind of like writing on the fly
yeah but it’s still good I love Robert Deval so much that me too he’s yeah
there’s a Disney Channel original movie called Motocross about a a girl
who goes undercover as a boy to compete in in BMX or like dirt bike Motocross
essentially okay that’s a great one recommend you check it out there’s also a drag racing one too about the girl
from 7e it’s all good stuff man what about soccer movies where you at on that
bendit Like Beckham what is It bendit Like Beckham bendit Like Beckham yeah is that a
documentary though no it’s a it’s a movie about an Indian girl who wants to play soccer and her parents are don’t
agree with it because that’s not what she should be doing she should be finding a husband and um what about
ladybugs see that I knew you had one in M you’re like let me bring up the category so I can mention the movie well
that’s what it’s all about Rodney Dangerfield right yeah Rodney Dangerfield and then that guy who was also in a movie with Chuck Norris called
Sidekicks yeah You’ you ever seen Sidekicks what’s your favorite karate
movie there’s a Disney Channel original movie oh gosh one of the Lawrence brothers it play It’s called Go to the
mat was about a blind wrestler oh yeah yeah he he did okay he had a cane he
walked to the he went to the mat well itman is not karate that would
be Kung Fu I think but Karate Kid is really great and Cobra Kai especially
big fan of season one I mean I’ll watch it if they if they put out a hundred Seasons I’ll watch it but Cobra Kai
season one pretty incredible yeah I’ve watched them all too and I the last few
I’m like this isn’t even really good I just watch it for Nostalgia yeah I want
them to bring in Hillary Swank because you know she was The Next Karate K still with Mr Miyagi so she’s still in that
world she’s the only one left that they haven’t brought she’s not you know in the Jackie Chan um Jaden Smith jth she
died right the end of Million Dollar Baby yeah yeah she did so she’s out I guess she di or was she paralyzed she
was he pulled the plug pulled the plug he euthanized her at the didn’t want to like that yeah she want to not be able
to fight have you guys seen um The Bill Burr joke about the first
black swim team and how it’s such a funny joke alltime great you know what I’m talking about no just talk about how
there was so many movies about the first black this for and he’s like I got the point where I just didn’t care like the first black swim team it’s a very very
funny joke it made me I was looking up lesser known Sports movies how the times have changed um where did oh yeah this
came out 1981 back in my era grambling’s white tiger true story of the first
White quarterback of the Grambling football team oh my gosh it just makes me laugh back then they were making
movies starring Bruce Jenner wow I’ve never heard of this movie I had neither but how funny is
that Eddie Robinson Lavar Burton’s in it Lavar Burton plays Charles tank really
the first uh female quarterback of the gramlings if you think about it
if they did a remake I guess you’re right okay well that’s true come on
guys well they do yeah all right but I just thought that was so funny that’s crazy I’ve never heard make a movie like
that a TV movie all right well well I’m just saying I’m just reading through the wiki yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean
everything you thought guy that directed Roots is there another bowling movie other than um aside from Disney
movies the big and I I don’t know I’m still G to say as
a bowling movie I’m going kingpen but the big Labowski is is great one of the
best I got one more lesser known the fish that saved Pittsburgh what is this it’s a it’s a
cult classic supposedly um okay this came out in
1979 yeah I would watch that just based on that movie cover that’s a pretty good
movie cover uh a semi-professional basketball team I think or struggling professional
basketball team s fun never heard of it all right so um I think cars is the
highest grossing sports movie of all time the highest grossing Sports comedy of all time the water boy okay oh gosh I
forgot all about water boy what a good football movie I mean I was just
thinking about it the other day that halftime when they’re in the he goes how about when Bobby showed up at halftime
and the mud dogs won the whatever bowl and it’s like oh man he comes out of the
comes out of the tunnel every season when Notre Dame
inevitably loses I go play the clip of Rob Schneider going oh no we suck
again so funny yeah those movies you may think about there’s been numerous back
in my day where it would be so cheesy the public address announcer would also
be the play-by-play announcer so the people the stands would be hearing and he goes to the 10 the five touchdown I
think there’s some movie where Rob Schneider is the maybe it’s the water boy he’s the what no Rob Schneider is
just a crazy local oh yeah yeah yeah he’s you can do it you can do it yeah there’s some movie where Rob Schneider
is the play byplay announcer and the PA announcer so everybody in the stands is getting the play byplay oh you know
there’s another baseball movie speaking of Benchwarmers that was really good people a lot of people like the
the one about Jesus or you know the bench is actually a metaphor for
Purgatory you about the guys that did South Park oh basball oh yeah I’m
getting that mixed up Benchwarmers is Rob Schneider uh John heer and uh oh you
were talking about the Remake oh was it no I’m thinking of Bad News Bears yeah I think this you want to wrap this up
sure aon’s done I’m out of it bad news that’s one we actually we we we didn’t
even mention but Bad News Bears the original was great and I think the Remake was good too oh what about hockey
movies come on come on a we’ll just do it miracle I like I mean Mighty Ducks was
really good there was also one about a Russian team um can you Miracle is that
what it was well Miracle about the USA versus Russia in the Olympics did
America was cccp yeah was it yeah yeah I think it’s the Soviet Union Kurt Russell
who were they who were the good guys I don’t think Kurt Russell was in it who the good guys I think the Russians were the good good guys you’re watching those
kind of movies huh yeah that’s a different movie I I just saw it when I was a kid I thought it was really good
uh uh obviously Mighty Ducks is great but I feel like there’s a think a good sport movie goon goon was that goon is
very underrated the guy from American pine don’t you think a good sports movie has to have like a moment where you get
chills dud yeah I don’t yeah yeah I do okay good when Russia he he liked
it yeah you get chills from mighty from the Mighty Ducks for sure oh get out of
town I mean I’ve not watched it recently but you were a kid when it came out right yeah so it’s probably Emilio estas
I’m a big fan I mean if it’s not a Disney movie you just dismiss it I think Mighty duts is Disney yeah but it’s got
to be on Disney Channel yeah can’t be a mainstream hit yeah um let’s see there there’s got to be
another hockey movie though that I’m that I’m forgetting about well slapshot I haven’t seen but that’s one that
people often mention okay I don’t know that one Paul Newman uh I don’t about pool movies how
always saying that sport well you said no but now you brought it up the Hustler and The Color of Money yeah the Hustler
I’ve seen Color of Money is Tom Cruz and Paul Newman
um Aaron has checked out I just what what are we doing we I we’re talk I mean I pingpong that’s what any what’s your
favorite ping pong baby for I mean come
on well there’s just so many I I don’t know I just want League of the rones another good baseball movie whoa what a
great one yeah yeah that’s a really great baseball I just watched it recently it is so good it holds up it’s
so many sports movies there are I’m trying to go through the list
here yeah all right well we did it uh anything else Dusty anymore I don’t
think so Chariots of Fire Fire I mean most iconic soundtrack
of a sports movie maybe ever outside outside of Rocky yeah but you
know but you know the Chariots of Fire I don’t even know what that movie
is they’re just white dudes running on the beach you would know the movie
no you heard you know you would know that song what about a soccer movie is there a soccer movie soccer dude
ladybugs oh we did see we’re already dust’s into it man love I love
sports movies I do too I do too me too all right Gladiator yeah uh is there
anything else I don’t think so I’d like to uh I’m I’m gonna be in Columbus Ohio
this weekend at the Columbus Funny Bone I go there every year people do come to those shows and uh I hope they come
again it’s going to be very exciting if you if you’re a listener from Columbus and you came last year I got a whole new
I got a whole new act from last year so you know I I mean I’ve been able to pump
out now the hour is not where I want it to be but I’ve been able to pump out a new hour uh pretty fast and it feels
good yeah if you’re listening it’s not it’s not where Dusty wants it to be or even where you’ll want it to
be it is good though people have been like loving it that’s great yeah well I
was just in outside Columbus and a lot of Buckeye fans said to tell you hello and did they oh after the loss yeah
that’s fun uh um October 27 28th I’ll be in Dallas and Fort Worth at Hyena’s
Comedy Club awes to that November 8th I’m headlining Zanies here in Nashville all right now I’m here at zany all the
time for like new material Monday or opening for you guys but zany finally gave in and let me headl out of show so
are you gonna put us on the show I don’t know I guess I should right I’d like to be on it yeah I would like to do too
really you kind of put me on the spot here if you’ll have no no we can talk about it later I’m just saying but know that if we don’t end up being on the
show people know that we did ask to do it yeah well I guess folks let us know if y’all want Aaron and Dusty on the
show and we’ll decide then so anyway please come to those shows uh
oh Dusty tell us when you know this song I I mean this feels like Ric Flair’s
intro music that’s best wrestling movie I think that might get a de demonetized on
YouTube though if you uh play that song oh yeah you recognize that yeah okay
they’ll probably have take it out though no no no no that was less than 15 seconds right I don’t know Lauren said I
don’t know we’ll see or we’ll remove it later best wrestling movie best wrestling movie oh no um um
no holds Bard with Hulk Hogan and Tiny Lester I’ve never heard I like it I like
it I you never heard of no ho what about arm wrestling movie Over the Top yeah
over the top what’s your second favorite arm wrestling
movie can he dates coming up here November 3D and 4th I’m in Albany New
York at the Albany Funny Bone all right I love that club yeah yeah it’s going to be a lot of fun to that yeah come to
that if you’re in the Albany area or anywhere around anywhere fly to it if you’re in California you’ve been looking
for an excuse to come to Aly I know you have so come on out there and then the next week I’m in Bridgeport
Connecticut all right hey I like the stress I don’t got
a lot to say about Bridgeport but the stress Factory they’ve been they’ve been very good to me so come if you’re in
Bridgeport Connecticut I’ll be back there and be careful yeah I will
be yeah all right all right that’s that’s it thank you thank you to
everybody yeah thank you as always not lost on yeah we love you we’re having a good time we love you I I feel B I’ve
said some mean things about Nate today I’m sorry about that it’s all a joke just kind of recap real fast what you
said you looking for a clip looking for a social media I just want to go to the very end we joke
around a lot I I joke that Dusty was fired from the podcast and a lot of people thought that was real the four of
us are still it was just it’s just schedules hav it matched up yeah at some point the four of us will be back and
some of you might not want the four of us to be back but at some point it will happen unfortunately
yeah all right well that’s it we love you thank you we’re having a good time
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